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Ashwiny Kistnareddy


Licence avec Mention (Paris IV Sorbonne), BA Joint Honours English and French, First Class with Oral distinction (University of Warwick), Mphil in French Studies (University of Nottingham), PGCE in Modern Languages with Distinction(University of Nottingham), PhD French - currently (University of Cambridge)


Research Interests

My research interests lie in the field of Francophone postcolonial studies, with particular emphasis on African (North and Sub-Saharan) and Asian migrant women writing in France and Canada. My MPhil thesis focused on the works of Ananda Devi. I have examined postcolonial identity politics, gender politics, linguistics, diaspora studies, psychology as well as philosophy and ethics in my MPhil thesis. My main publications have focused on comparative analyses of Devi’s writing with Caribbean and Franco-Canadian writers. My current research project for my PhD focuses on Masculinities in a range of postcolonial Francophone (North African, Sub-Saharan African, Mauritian, Chinese and Vietnamese) women’s writing in France and Canada.


Teaching Interests

I have taught at various levels for the last 11 years. I was a lectrice  at the University of Nottingham for 4 years. I taught French and Spanish in a secondary school for 5 years, and was responsible for GCSE and A-level classes. I also taught Advanced French for Adults in a local language school.
I taught for the University of Cambridge Language Centre for 2 years, delivering Intermediate Medics’ French courses, as well as  Basic and Intermediate classes. I have also  also been a dissertation supervisor (FR12) and translation tutor (FrC1)at the Medieval and Modern Languages Faculty, and a language tutor at St John's College. As a lectrice, I teach Fr1a, Fr1B, FrAV, Fr1C1 and FrC2.


Awards and Prizes 

Contemporary Women’s Writing Essay Prize (2019)

Evelyn Povey Award for French, at Lucy Cavendish College, Cambridge (2017-2020). 

Odette de Mourgues Award by the French department in 2018 and 2019. In June 2018 I was awarded the Charlie Bayne Award.

The School of Modern Languages Award at the University of Nottingham. I simultaneously won the Responding to Excellence in the Arts award from the University of Nottingham’s International Office.

Warwick University/British Council  Award (2002-2006)

Ruth Tomlinson Award by the Business and Professional Women’s Association (2018-2019)




(2015) Locating Hybridity: Creole, Identities and Body Politics in the novels of Ananda Devi . Peter Lang, Oxford.


Chapters in Edited Volumes/ Journal Articles

(Forthcoming 2020) ‘ “Against the Flow”: Exile and “Willful Subjects” in Malika Mokeddem’s Mes Hommes and Kim Thúy’s Vi' in Journal of Contemporary Women’s Writing, Oxford University Press.

(Forthcoming 2020) ‘In/Out of place: Migrant Women Writers reshaping Asian Masculinities in Ying Chen’s Lettres chinoises and Kim Thúy’s Vi’ in Québec Studies, Liverpool University Press.

(Forthcoming 2020) ‘Post-migratory identities: Changing Masculinities in Kim Thúy’s Vi’ in Reading Kim Thúy:  A Critical Anthology Devoted to Canada’s Most Celebrated Vietnamese Francophone Author, Eds Miléna Santoro and Jack Yaegar.

(Forthcoming 2020) ‘Disrupting homogeneous nation-space: The Black male body and the migrant woman writer’s gaze (Léonora Miano and Fatou Diome)’ in L’Esprit Créateur, Special issue edited by Polly Gallis, Antonia Wimbush and Maria Tomlinson.

(Forthcoming 2019) ‘Le pays, c’était comme la femme d’un autre’: Reconceptualising African Migrant Masculinity in Fatou Diome’s Le Ventre de l’Atlantique  and Léonora Miano’s Tels des astres éteints’, Special Issue of Itinéraires on La renaissance littéraire africaine en débat.

(Forthcoming 2019) ‘Crossing Borders: Postcolonial Masculinities in peril?(Ananda Devi and Ying Chen)’ in Border Masculinities, Cross-disciplinary Dialogues and New Directions, edited by Amit Thakkar, Chris Harris and Brian Baker, Palgrave Macmillan.

(2016) ‘Victimes ou bourreaux ?: Ecrire les hommes dans  Le Sari vert, Blue Bay Palace et  Les Hommes qui me parlent ‘ Interculturel Francophonie, Italy.

(2015) ‘The Twice-displaced: Mapping Alternative Diasporic Identities in Works by Ananda Devi and Nathacha Appanah’. Journal of South Asian Diaspora Studies, Taylor and Francis, Oxford.

(2014) ‘Les Voix de la Coolitude: Entre harmonie et dissonances (Maryse Condé, Shiva Naipaul et Ananda Devi)’, Les Cahiers du GRELCEF, UWO, Canada.

(2013) ‘Rebelles, prostituées et meurtrières dans les romans d’Ananda Devi’, in Rebelles et criminelles chez les écrivaines d’expression française, edited by Colette Trout and Frédérique Chevillot, Rodopi. Boston.

(2013) ‘The Human-Animal in Ananda Devi’s Texts: Towards an Ethics of Hybridity?’ in Women’s Writing in Twentieth Century France, edited by Gill Rye and Amaleena Damlé, University of Wales Press.

(2012) ‘Almost White but not Quite: A Comparative Reading of Ferblanc's Hybridity in Ananda Devi's Soupir’ Comparative Critical Studies. Volume 9, pp 319-332, Edinburgh University Press.

(2011) ‘Interrogating Identity: Psychological Dislocations in the Novels of Ananda Devi’, Dalhousie French Studies, 94, Halifax, Canada.

(2011) ‘Représenter l’altérité: le corps grotesque dans l’oeuvre Romanesque d’Ananda Devi’ in Ecrivaines mauriciennes au féminin: Penser l’altérité, edited by Srilata Ravi and Véronique Bragard, L’Harmattan, Paris..

(2010) ‘L’ex-il/île ou l’île intérieure: l’île Maurice dans l’oeuvre romanesque d’Ananda Devi’, Palabres: Revue d’études francophones, edited by Eileen Lohka and Selom Gbanou, XI, 2.


Book Reviews

(2017) ‘Intimate Empires : Bodies, Race and Gender in the Modern World’ Modern & Contemporary France, 25(2), pp. 244–245