Caius is one of the largest of the Cambridge Colleges, with around 160 new undergraduates admitted every year. This means that there are about 550 undergraduates here at any one time, across a whole range of subjects. Our size means there’s plenty of room for you to find your own niche within a highly supportive community. We offer our students a great deal of educational and pastoral support and we want everyone to get as much as possible out of their time at Caius, academically and personally. We also place a particularly strong emphasis on eating together, as we think meeting to eat and talk at the end of the day is a unique and valuable part of College life. 

​Caius welcomes applications for every undergraduate course offered by the University. We look to admit students of the greatest intellectual and academic potential, irrespective of social, ethnic, religious and financial considerations. We’re interested in your academic results, your commitment to your subject and your aptitude for high-level study.

The Caius Student Union website contains lots of useful information for current and prospective students. Caius students have also produced a great Alternative Prospectus, so you can find out what they think about what it's like to live and study here. You can also chat to our students directly.