Caius Explore

Welcome to Caius Explore!

Caius Explore 2024 will open in March.

In the below video our Tutor for Admissions and Outreach, Dr Chris Scott, introduces our annual outreach programme aimed at helping students develop their super-curricular interests. Scroll down for more information!

For Caius Explore, academics at Gonville & Caius will design tasks in many different subjects that are aimed at helping you to develop your academic interests beyond your school curriculum. Not only is developing your academic interests one of the best things you can be doing to make yourself as competitive as possible as an applicant to Cambridge, but we also think it's a very good thing to do for its own sake!

That is the spirit in which all of these explorations will be set: we hope that they will be genuinely engaging, that they will encourage and help you to explore your academic interests, and most of all that they will be enjoyable.

We would love to see what you come up with! You can enter for as many subjects as you like and entries will be open until July. We will pick our favourite entries and invite their authors to come to Caius to meet our Directors of Studies, students, have a tour, and more.

Please note that we can only consider submissions from students currently studying at UK state schools or colleges. The explorations have been designed for students in year 12 / S5 / year 13 NI, but you are welcome to take part if you are in a younger year and we are happy to consider any such submissions. Collaborative submissions will also be considered in groups of no more than four. If you are submitting a collaborative project, please tick the "collaborative" box on the submission form and have each member of your group submit the form individually. This is so we have all the information we need about each of you. Members of the group do not need to attend the same school or college, but they do all need to attend a UK state school or college.

If you have any questions about the scheme, please feel free to email

While you wait for the tasks to be announced, have a look at our video about the scheme and hear from some of 2021's participants: