The Revd Dr Carolyn Hammond


MA, DPhil (Oxon.) Literae Humaniores. MA (Cantab) Theology and Religious Studies.

Research interests

Augustine; liturgical praxis; characterization and causation in early Christian historiography; Mariology; words.

Teaching interests

Early Christian history and doctrinal development; Greek and Latin languages; Cicero, Caesar, Virgil, Augustine.


  • Augustine: The Teacher; Teaching Christianity (Harvard: Loeb Classical Library forthcoming 2024)
  • Augustine’s life of prayer, learning and love: lessons for Christian living (2019)
  • Caesar: the Gallic War (Oxford World’s Classics 1995)
  • Passionate Christianity: a journey to the Cross (SPCK 2007)
  • Joyful Christianity: finding Jesus in the world (SPCK 2009)
  • Glorious Christianity: walking by faith in the life to come (SPCK 2011)
  • Augustine: Confessions
    vol. 1, 1-8 (Harvard: Loeb Classical Library 2014)
        vol.2, 9-13 (2015)                 
  • The Sound of the Liturgy: how words work in worship (SPCK: 2015)

Other interests

Tropical orchids (species and hybrids); the Arsenal; liturgy; choral music; occasionally writing Latin for Viz magazine.