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MCR/SCR talks

Michaelmas 2016

All talks start at 8.30pm in the Senior Parlour

25 October

Bruno Loureiro Vermandel

"Can black holes help reducing your commuting time?"

Probably not. However, in this talk, I would venture to convince you that these two concepts have more in common that you might expect. I will introduce the concept of quasi-particles and explain how it provides a framework for understanding many interesting phenomena in physics, but fails to describe others. Next, I will introduce a “recent” development called AdS/CFT or Holographic duality, and dare to claim this might be exactly the right tool to understand systems for which a quasi-particle picture breakdown. The aim will be to introduce the concept and explain, without fancy maths, what black holes might have to do with electrons.

Marta Baldrighi

“Centrosome Biology” [provisional]

8 November

Ryan MacDonald

'Living on Mars: A Beginner's Guide'?

Michelle Ellefson

“Is the East-West Education Stereotype True? An Inter-generational Study of Cognitive Skills in the UK and Hong Kong”

22 November

Jack Parlett

'Walking with Frank O'Hara'

Manuel Will

"The evolution of Homo sapiens: Bio-cultural perspectives on the origins of our species"