The Chapel was built for the worship of God, in a time when Christianity was the norm in the city and university.  This religious tradition remains part of the College’s historical identity. In today’s multi-faith, multi-cultural society, all members of the College, whatever their religious beliefs, are welcome to use the Chapel for quiet and reflection, or to attend Chapel services and events.  No-one should feel excluded. It is not necessary to be a committed member of any branch of Christianity, or any other religion, to attend Chapel — and enjoy the music or the silence — with integrity. It is always open during the daytime and evening. There are usually ten services a week in term time, three of which are enriched by our renowned College Choir. The current music list is available here. The College Dean, the Revd Dr Cally Hammond, normally officiates at services but the College welcomes several visiting preachers per term. 

There are many other Chaplains in the University.  You can find more details on the University website of Chaplains of many faiths, including Judaism, Islam and different denominations of Christianity.

Lent Term Card 2024

Chapel Music List Lent Term 2024 Part II