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Fellows' talks and lectures

A collection of talks and lectures delivered by our current and previous Fellows, which might be of interest to prospective applicants looking to develop their interest in their subject(s).

Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

Sir Christopher Hum

The 21st Century Does Not Belong To China (2013)


Computer Science

Prof. Peter Robinson 

Royal Society Summer Science exhibition (2006) 

Tabletop interfaces for remote collaboration (2009) 

Interactive control of music using emotional body expressions (2008)

The emotional computer (2010) 

Forty-two Evolution (2015) 

Computing with feelings (2016) 

Eye gaze technology and deep learning (2016) 

The rise of AI: Are we different from machines? (2019) 



Dr Victoria Bateman

The Role of Cities in the History of Capitalism (2016)

On Milton Friedman, markets and freedom (2018)



Dr Francesca De Domenico

Women in Combustion (2018)

Dr Giorgia Longobardi

GaN Power devices - Summary and Introduction (2016)

GaN Power devices - Physics of GaN devices (2016)

GaN Power devices - the HEMT (2016)

GaN Power devices - Failure mechanisms (2016)

GaN Power devices - Normally OFF devices (2016)

GaN Power devices - Commerciallly available devices in 2015, comparison with other WBG devices (2016)



Mr Jeremy Prynne

Poetry Lecture at the University of Chicago (2009)



Prof. David Abulafia

A Global Transition: From the Mediterranean to the Atlantic (2014)

Global Trade: The Beginnings (2015)

Lubeck and the Hanseatic League: The Birthplace of the Common Market (2016)

The Role of Cities in the History of Capitalism (2016)

Dr Melissa Calaresu

The “New Materiality” in Social Studies (2015)

Dr Bronwen Everill

The Age of Plunder: How We Traded Africa (2015)

Prof. Peter Mandler

The Crisis of the Meritocracy: How Popular Demand (not Politicians) Made Britain a Mass Education Society (2019)

Prof. Sujit Sivasundaram

Colonising Knowledge in the Kingdom of Kandy (2010)

In the Bay of Bengal: Modelling Empire, Globe and Self (2020)


History of Art

Prof. Paul Binski

Introduction to Wall Paintings (2015)

Rome and England in the Gothic Age: thoughts on the Heroic mode (2016)

Gothic Sculpture: Idols Old and New (2018)

Marginalia: Images on the edge (2020)



Prof. Louise Gullifer

III Oxford Symposium on Comparative International Commercial Arbitration (2018)



Prof. Fernando Quevedo

The Search for the Fundamental Theory of the Universe (2018)

String Theory Cosmology Before, During and After Inflation (2020)

Prof. Ivan Smith

A symplectic Khovanov Puzzlebook (2015)

Stability conditions in symplectic topology (2018)



Prof. Patrick Chinnery

Rare Disease Day (2019)

Genomic Seminar (2019)

Prof. Joe Herbert

The power and influence of testosterone (2015)

Prof. Kay-Tee Khaw

Can we slow ageing? Lessons from an EPIC cohort (2018)

Dr KJ Patel

The genetic basis of protection against genotoxic metabolites (2014)


Natural Sciences

Prof. Christine Holt

Wiring up the brain: How axons navigate (2017)

Dr Ulrich Keyser

DNA nanotechnology for designing ion channels and porins (2016)

Dr Emilie Ringe

Seeing our world, one atom at a time (2015)



Dr Arif Ahmed

Is religion a force for good or evil? (2013)