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Graduate life at Caius

One of the big advantages for graduate students at Cambridge is that they are both members of the University and also members of a College. The collegiate nature of the University provides an environment in which everyone can meet people from other disciplines and participate in a wide variety of cultural, sporting and social activities.

Formal and informal contact with college staff and fellow students provides an excellent opportunity for broadening interests, getting involved in University life, and making new friends. It also increases the opportunities for multidisciplinary interaction with research students and members of staff in other departments.

There is a very active Caius MCR (Middle Combination Room - the Graduate students' union) which looks to the interests of the graduate community in College and organises regular social events. There are special dinners for graduate students and their guests. Also, the College holds regular informal speaker meetings at which Fellows and graduate students present aspects of their work. All of this and more makes for a very inclusive and stimulating academic community.