How to apply

Applying for postgraduate study at Cambridge and Caius is a straightforward process. Decisions on admission to the University are made purely on academic merit, the availability of space on a course, and/ or the availability of an appropriate supervisor.

As a candidate for postgraduate study at Cambridge, you can apply for as many different graduate courses as you wish. In the first instance, your application will be considered by the department or departments to which you have applied. Only when an applicant has been accepted by a department is his or her application passed to the Colleges for consideration.

As an applicant for graduate study, you can name up to two Colleges, in order of preference, at which you wish to be considered for admission. So, if Caius is your preferred college you should name us as your first choice in your application to the University (please note that we give preference to candidates naming Caius as their first choice when awarding graduate scholarships and bursaries). If you state no preference, a College will be allocated to you. It is possible that the Colleges you choose will not offer you admission. In that case, your application will be circulated to other Colleges. If you make parallel applications and nominate different Colleges on each application, we will only use the College choices stated on the first of your applications to receive an offer from a University department. Please note that it is not possible to change your College choices once you have submitted your application.

Much more information can be found in the University's Graduate Admissions website.