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College Officers

The senior academic and administrative officers of the College are as follows:


Dr Pippa Rogerson is the Master of Caius. The Master is the College's elected head of house with overall responsibility for all College affairs.


Professor John Mollon FRS is the President of Caius. The President is the elected senior representative of the College's Fellows and deputises for the Master where necessary.

Academic Dean

Dr Paul Wingfield is the Academic Dean of Caius. He has overall responsibility for the education and welfare of Caius students.

Senior Bursar

Mr Robert Gardiner is the Senior Bursar of Caius. The Senior Bursar is the senior financial and administrative officer of the College.

Director of Development

Mrs Victoria Thompson is the Acting Director of Development at Caius. The Director of Development is responsible for relations with alumni and the wider community of Caians together with fund-raising to support the College's core activities.

Admissions Tutors

Dr Sarah Houghton-Walker and Dr Andrew Bond are the Admissions Tutors of Caius, covering humanities and sciences respectively. The Admissions Tutors have overall responsibility for undergraduate admissions and schools liaison.

Graduate Tutors

Dr Jonathan Evans, Dr Ruth Scurr and Dr Deborah Bowman are the Graduate Tutors of Caius. The Graduate Tutors have overall responsibility for graduate admissions and graduate development and welfare.

The Fellow Librarian

Professor David Abulafia is the Fellow Librarian of Caius. The Fellow Librarian responsible for the College Library, and is assisted in its day-to-day running by the College Librarian.

The Registrary 

Dr Gareth Conduit is the Registrary of Caius. The Registrary is responsible for coordinating the business of the College Council. Email:

The Praelector

Dr John Latimer is the Praelector of Caius. The Praelector represents the College at University ceremonies, and formally presents its members for matriculation and for degrees.

The Dean

The Revd Dr Cally Hammond is the Dean of Caius. The Dean is responsible for the services in the Chapel. She is also willing to give help and advice to all members of the College, whatever their religious beliefs.