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Research Fellowship Competition

Research Fellowships are awarded to individuals judged to be the most able with an exceptionally strong academic record who have demonstrated outstanding capacity to conduct original and innovative doctoral research.

The application process for both competitions is now closed.
The College has an additional competition this year, in the study of Race and Anti-Racism. The deadline for applications was on 22 January 2021.
There are 31 colleges within the collegiate University of Cambridge. Each College is an independent institution and appoints its own staff.

Previous winners


Dr Emily Sandford (Physics)

Dr Christina Faraday (History of Art)

Vedran Sulovsky (History)


Dr Ted Tregear (English)

Dr Francesca De Domenico (Engineering)

Dr Lisa Kattenberg (History)

James Briggs (Developmental biology) - due to arrive in 2021


Dr Rebecca Sugden (Modern and Medieval Languages)

Dr Guy Emerson (Computer Science)

Dr  Lewis Owen (Material Sciences)

Dr Joseph Ashmore (English)


Dr Carl Turner (Mathematics)

Dr Tamsin Blaxter (Linguistics)

Dr Timothy Nicholas-Twining (History)

Dr Tom Arnold-Forster (History)


Dr Ruadhaí Dervan (Mathematics)

Dr Anna Judson (Classics)

Dr Will Handley (Natural Sciences)

Dr Manuel Will (Archaeology)


Dr John Gallagher (History)

Dr Johannes Hofmann (Mathematics)

Dr Giorgia Longobardi (Engineering)

Dr Simon Wolfgang Fuchs (Theology and Religious Studies)