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Undergraduate admissions 2020

  • 16 August 2020

We recognise that this has been an unusual and difficult year for many, with significant disruption to study.

As with previous years, the College examines every application very closely, taking into account all available information, both academic and contextual, at all stages of the admissions process. We prioritise fairness; in addition to our usual participation in University-wide moderation processes at every stage of the admissions process and following the public examination system in every jurisdiction, this year, we have looked hard at individual cases and have been as flexible as we can in making adjustments to offers where we felt it was appropriate to do so given all the information we had. This careful assessment has allowed us to confirm places for some students with A-level grades below our original offers.

In the unusual circumstances of the current year and the coronavirus pandemic, any offer holder who sits their exams in the Autumn sitting, and who then achieves the conditions of their offer, will be given a place in Cambridge in 2021. We will accept any offer holder who following an appeal meets their offer. We are offering support and advice to our unsuccessful offer holders this year and we very much hope that many of them are able to join us at Caius either this year or next.


This University message for 2020 offer holders explains the process that the University and Colleges are following.

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