Running around Cambridge praised

  • 26 May 2023

Being able to hot-foot it out of Cambridge might not be in the admissions prospectus, but it is definitely an advantage for Gonville & Caius student Milly Dickinson (Natural Sciences (Biological) 2021).

Milly is captain of Cambridge University Hare and Hounds and a member of the Athletics Club. As a cross-country and middle distance runner, being able to find running routes from her door into quiet countryside has been advantageous while managing the demands of her degree.

“My favourite thing about running in Cambridge is how quickly you can get out of it! Within a mile and a half in pretty much any direction it feels like you’re out of it,” Milly says.

“Coming from Brighton with the South Downs I’m very lucky; I don’t take it for granted how lovely it is to run in the countryside.”

As a result, Milly has seen more of Cambridge than many of her contemporaries. Her favourite routes are along the river, often timing them to coincide with friends’ rowing outings on the river.

Milly is a Bell-Wade scholar, receiving support from Caius for her athletic pursuits, and enjoys exploring north west of the city along the river, and south west towards the only notable hill, in Coton nature reserve, and so has earned the name ‘The Hill’.

She enjoys the social side of running, as well as the competition.

“I never shut up and run – I’m always talking. Whatever pace I’m running at I still seem to be able to hold a conversation,” she says.

“Most of my best friends at uni are runners. I’ve got friends from different year groups and subjects. You do get talking quite a lot on a run, when you’re side to side, not looking at each other.

“We talk about anything and everything: our work, our plans, races, runners, nights’ out…”

Hare and Hounds is an inclusive running club, with Varsity open to everyone. She also enjoys the 800 metres training group, a Hare and Hounds group which competes as Cambridge University Athletics Club in the summer and includes an Olympian and a British University champion.

“It’s a very special environment at the moment,” she says.

The Hare and Hounds is where her heart lies, though.

“My aim is to stay at Cambridge for as long as possible so I don’t have to leave the Hare and Hounds,” she says.

“I love Cambridge, I love my degree and I love the running here!”

Learn more about joining the Hare and Hounds on their website: Prospective Students | CUHH

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