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International Women’s Day at Caius

  • 08 March 2021

Students have been celebrating women of Caius with a display and talks on International Women’s Day.

GCSU Women and Non-binary Officer Ciara Mayers has created a display of Caius students in the JCR, or Green Room, to bring the community together during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Ciara says: “The display is a collection of female students in and around College and Cambridge, and also their workplaces at home, along with a selection of recommendations.

“There are book recommendations, films, music, poetry, art, that either carry feminist themes, or are just produced by women and seem to be quite interesting.

“I wanted to do it because usually so much more would be happening in College for International Women’s Day and people would be coming together. It felt like, although people are physically far apart, to put people together on the display board gives a snapshot of the community. It’s a reminder people are part of that. It’s reassuring in difficult times.”

The MCR, led by MCR Women’s Welfare officer Liana Hardy, has arranged a series of talks on Mondays in March, beginning on International Women’s Day. The series is titled Empowered Women, Empower Women! More details are on The Venn, the College intranet.


Ciara Mayers

Ciara Mayers, the GCSU Women and Non-binary Officer 



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