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Investing in our Students

We seek to admit the brightest students without regard to their social or economic backgrounds. Outstanding exam results are an encouraging first sign of promise, but places at Caius are highly prized and the competition is fierce. All qualified applicants are interviewed by at least two or three Fellows, including experts in their chosen subject. Interviewers are looking not only for achievements but also for potential. Every offer of a place represents an investment by Caius in the student’s future: it means we believe he or she is capable of completing the course with distinction. Once at the College, the successful candidates are given the strongest possible individual attention, through the supervision system and pastoral support.

We are dedicated to helping our students develop all their talents and extend their cultural horizons. We value all extracurricular contributions to College and University life, whether they be sporting, musical, dramatic, artistic, political or social. Our key concern is that our students should be educated to thrive in the 21st century and to contribute successfully to the world in which they live.We actively seek funding for College sports and music to enhance our students’ educational experience and to maintain the College’s reputation for allround excellence.

Underpinning our commitment to academic achievements and personal development is the firm belief that Caius should attract the best undergraduate and graduate applicants from all social strata and all parts of the world.We must therefore be able to offer bursaries to students who might otherwise be deterred from applying to the College and we must reach out to schools with no tradition of sending pupils to Cambridge.

Student Finances and Bursaries

Students at Caius have a responsibility to make the most of the opportunity they have been given, by realising their academic potential to the full.We believe the College has an equally binding duty to ensure that the students can approach this task without the worries and distractions of financial difficulties.

A student from a relatively modest background, who receives the full award from the existing Newton Trust Bursary scheme will, when taken together with the grant that such a student would necessarily receive from the Student Loans Company, have enough money to live and study at Cambridge. In the past, these awards have been funded jointly by the Newton Trust and the colleges, but the Trust has signified its intention to limit its support in future to postgraduate bursaries, thereby transferring the financial burden of funding undergraduate bursaries to the colleges.

In round figures, the current expenditure on bursaries for Caius undergraduates is £600,000 per annum. One-third is funded by existing, endowed scholarship funds held by the College, one-third currently comes from the Newton Trust and one-third is drawn from the College’s General Funds. To cover the anticipated shortfall as the Newton Trust withdraws support, we hope to raise sufficient funds to endow the outstanding £400,000pa in perpetuity.

Indeed, we hope to do much more than that, to enable us to meet the bursary needs of students who are currently disadvantaged. The College is therefore actively seeking to increase the Endowment by £20 million to support undergraduate bursaries.


We promise to provide financial assistance to any student who is in genuine need and to ensure that nobody is prevented from coming to Caius because of financial hardship.Where necessary, we are prepared to draw on our Endowment to make good that pledge, but we have to strengthen the Endowment, so that it will be able to extend similar support to future generations.

College Music

The Caius Choir is one of the leading British adult choirs, often recording, performing on radio and TV and touring, both in Britain and overseas. Its high artistic standards require great dedication on the part of our young musicians and singers, and they richly deserve the financial support they receive from the College, to help cover additional expenses, such as music lessons and travel.

Outstanding individuals receive special awards, such as the Wilfrid Holland Organ Scholarship, the Peter Walker Organ Scholarship and the Choral Scholarships endowed and named by Sir Keith Stuart, John Chumrow, James Pitman and Patrick Burgess. These are wonderful awards, which mean a great deal to the recipients, but we would like to extend such recognition to many more of our choristers.

To secure College music, we need to endow the services of the Precentor, the second Organ Scholarship and 20 of the 24 Choral Scholarships.


College Chapel

The Chapel stands at the heart of the College. Centuries-old forms of worship continue there: but Chapel is also a centre where students, Fellows and staff can meet together informally. There is a strong emphasis on welcoming everyone connected with the College, from whatever religious tradition or denomination. Distinguished visiting preachers regularly enhance the worship and encourage reasoned and intelligent debate on matters religious, ethical and moral. The cost of maintaining these services and caring for the historic fabric of the Chapel is significant: gifts to the Chapel are very much appreciated. By long tradition, two student Chapel Clerks are appointed annually by the College Council to assist the Dean.

College Sports

Facilities for many College sports, rugby, rowing, hockey, cricket, athletics, tennis, football, squash, netball and others all need support from our limited funds if Caius sportsmen and women are to achieve their true potential.

An endowment of £4 million is required to cover the costs of all College sport.