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Stephen Hawking Condolence Messages

This new page has been created to display online messages of condolence following the death of Professor Stephen Hawking, Fellow of Caius for over 50 years. 

You are now free to roam this dimension with friends. All the best Merlin Jones

Dear Professor Hawking, You are such an inspiration rising above your illness and never giving up on life!  I love your sense of humor which will live on.  One of my favorite running over Jim Carrey's foot.  It makes me laugh every time!  Your jousts with Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory...priceless!  You telling that young girl about her being married to One Direction singer in the alternate universe...beyond hysterical!  Thank you for raising the bar on intelligence and showing humanity that geniuses can be funny and human.  I know that you are running free in Heaven, causing havoc amongst all of the stars and scientists who were there waiting for your arrival.  You'll always have a special place in my heart!  Sent through the Universe with great admiration... Deborah Brooks Miller

It was a great privilege to dine with Stephen at the Hawking Circle some years ago. To acknowledge his frailty, met with his great emotional drive and intellect. which surely sustained him through his difficult illness, and the similar period we shared at Caius have framed my life. Philip Marriott

Mr Hawking had a great appreciation for the wonders of the great universe. The One who created that universe Psalms 83:18, promises something more spectacular, the resurrection of our loved ones asleep in death Acts 24:15, John 5:28,29 and John 11:25. G Morgan

A timeless contribution. Professor Mike Young

Thank you, Prof. Hawking. Your work and superhuman resilience will continue to be an inspiration to me and millions more of us for generations to come. You were one of the main reasons I became a scientist. Thank you. Tashfina Mirza, Newnham College

I was very sad to hear that Professor Hawking passed. Part of the reason I applied to Caius was to be able to see him at Formals, or on the Caius grounds. Unfortunately as I'm only due to start my course in 2018/2019, his passing means I never had the chance to meet him, which was something I was really looking forward to. I can only imagine what those who knew him personally must feel.
Though not an aspiring Physicist myself (perhaps in another life, but not this one), I have always found the subject deeply fascinating, and recall having my mind blown by 'A Brief History of Time', and intend to read the rest of his books. Physics isn't just for Physicists, it's a fundamentally human pursuit, for everyone who wants to understand the universe, and for everyone who has ever pondered the mystery of life.
Professor Hawking, thank you for furthering my curiosity, for your scientific contributions to the world, and for showing us all that mind matters more than matter does. Your constant striving to accomplish so much, to live life to the fullest, and to make the most of whatever you had in life, are incredibly inspiring. I know you didn't believe in an afterlife, and I don't either, but nonetheless, rest in peace, and thank you again for everything. Shiv

"And now we rise, and we are everywhere." You showed us the beauty of the universe. Victoria R. 

Stephen is an amazing man. A person who defied his health issues to achieve what he wanted from life. A brain the size of a planet, a soul so inspirational and full of wisdom, a spirit who is now flying! Having been fortunate to meet Stephen I was taken aback by his sense of humour, bravery and inspiration. Stephen helped me to beat depression and gave me back a purpose to live, to do what I wanted and to achieve and be who I wanted to be. It is possible to live your dream. Aim for it and it is yours for the taking. Thank you for your life and all that you have taught us. Be at peace now. You will never be forgotten. Patricia Flanagan

Thank you, Stephen Hawking, for bringing so much joy into my life. Even to think of you makes me smile. Have fun, wherever you are. Katharine O'Carroll

My condolences to the family of Professor Hawking. He was a remarkable man, and his intellect and determination are a example for mankind. He blessed us all by his presence. Julia Lake

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and make all of us understand how everything is working through the Universe! Thank you for showing us that there is always something above..up to the sky.. May your soul rest in peace! Marie-Alice Ghitescu 

I would love to have known what you thought about being giving the tag line "The Cleverest Man in the World" - You were brilliant an inspiration to our family and others. Thomas, Jennifer Fox & Family

Thank you Stephen for your life and what you taught us by your example. We will miss you. May you rest in peace at last. Leigh Ann Harris

Thank you Professor Hawking for your knowledge and inspiration. I was fortunate to have the chance to attend your lecture on “Life in the Universe” in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia twenty-four years ago during my 6th form, thereafter inspire me to pursue a degree in physics. I am currently a lecturer teaching physics for foundation students. Thank you for being the biggest inspiration in my life. Endless respect and rest in peace. Pei Ling Cheang from Malaysia

The members of the Cambridge Society of Australia (Victoria) who were associated with Prof Hawking over many years express their profound sorrow at his death. A brilliant mind, sadly missed. Anneliese Rosenmayer

I never understood the magnitude or depth of your wisdom or influence before coming to Cambridge myself. I am humbled to be able to associate myself with one of the last living geniuses of the modern world. Thank you for inspiring us all alike. Trisha Mittal

会想你的. 郭姝妤

My thoughts and condolences to family and friends. Thank you Professor Hawking for expanding and explaining our knowledge of a the universe. David McKenna 

Humanity is better for having had you with us, thank you for all you have contributed to us all, your knowledge and understanding of our world, universe and multiverse has been incredible, the knowledge you've shared with us has been truly amazing but also your personality which always came across as a inquisitive explorer with a good sense of humour and a truly lovely, humble, caring man. 
We feel so lucky and special for having been alive during your lifetime and thank you from the bottom of our hearts and brains for teaching me and us all with fantastic facts and introducing mind blowing theories to many like myself who have previously found physics and cosmology otherwise hard to grasp, you always explained so well and gave us the thirst for more.
Thank you so very much.
Keep exploring.
Much love and endless respect, Suzan, John and James Campbell

I would like to send my respect and warm wishes to Professor Hawking's family and friends. I came to Cambridge yesterday as a day trip from Surrey and found it to be such a beautiful and inspiring place, I re-read some of his book 'A Brief History of Time' on the banks of the River Cam outside Trinity and I walked round Gonville & Caius and appreciate now why he loved it so much.
I've previously studied Astronomy and Planetary Science with the Open University which re-acquainted my fascination with Space I had since a child, but I have to admit it wasn't easy. Following the news of Professor Hawking's passing, I read 'A Brief History of Time' and couldn't put it down, it was fascinating and I believe I will reread it again and again - I think I understand now why people call some books old friends. I will stay curious!
I aspire to become a Maths Teacher and working hard towards my goal, Professor Hawking inspires me because of his determination and perseverance supported of course by his amazing family and friends. I bought myself a Cambridge University hoodie yesterday to remind myself when I'm studying and finding it difficult to put on courage. And one day when I make it, in my classroom I will have the quote "Look up at the stars, not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see, and wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be Curious! And however difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and and succeed at. It matters that you don't just give up."  I also will revisit my Astronomy course books and see how I could link this with teaching maths to inspire students - especially those who struggle with it.
I know I've talked a lot about how Professor Hawking inspired me, but I hope that brings comfort.
Thank you so much. Julia Monro

Humanity is better for having had you with us, thank you for all you have contributed to us all, your knowledge and understanding of our world, universe and multiverse has been incredible, the knowledge you've shared with us has been truly amazing but also your personality which always came across as a inquisitive explorer with a good sense of humour and a truly lovely, humble, caring man. 
We feel so lucky and special for having been alive during your lifetime and thank you from the bottom of our hearts and brains for teaching me and us all with fantastic facts and introducing mind blowing theories to many like myself who have previously found physics and cosmology otherwise hard to grasp, you always explained so well and gave us the thirst for more.
Thank you so very much. Keep exploring.
Much love and endless respect. Suzan, John and James Campbell

Thank you Stephen Hawking for helping me expand my knowledge on our universe. Reading your theories on black holes and time in ‘A Brief History Of Time’ was absolutely extraordinary and intriguing. My outlook on our universe and life changed! You are one of the brightest stars. Your humour, hope, and mind was an inspiration to me, and many others. Rest in peace, Professor Hawking. You will be dearly missed.  Melissa Jermey

An intellectual vacuum has been left by the passing of Professor Stephen Hawking. His knowledge was, and remains, a unique gift to our universe. Thank you for showing me that my circumstance in no way limits what I can achieve. Thank you for being the biggest inspiration in my life. Daniella Louise Bradley

I decided to study Physics when I read "A Brief History of Time". Amparo Caparrós Morente-Sevilla

Well done Stephen! Kevin Stanton McClintock MA

Sorry to hear of the death of Pr. Stephen Hawking. Very inspirational. I was bought one of his books by my inlaws to be while engaged. Quite readable for such a subject. The highest qualification I have is a BSc in Computing and am also trained in engineering. Pr. Stehen Hawking died of the same thing as my late dad. MND. A horrible disease. My dad was also a science lecturer and lasted about 4 yrs with it. Ray Hart

Thank you Stephen Hawking for helping me expand my knowledge on our universe. Reading your theories on black holes and time in ‘A Brief History Of Time’ was absolutely extraordinary and intriguing. You are one of the brightest stars in the universe. Your humour, hope, and mind was an inspiration to me, and many others. Rest in peace, professor. Love always! Melissa Jermey

May you rest in peace though none know where
But perhaps you’ll find her God waiting for you there
And if you do what joy that may bring
As he whispers in your ear and tells you the ‘Theory of Everything’. Christopher Marcus Warnes

Thank you for your dedication to making science exciting and beautiful to children. Your work would normally have been thought to be out of adult understand and of no interest to kids. You made it reachable to both. From your funny and not condesending children's books (which is where my son became interested in you as a hero) to your TV shows. Love and gratitude to you and your family! Hollie Bethany 

Nila Mariflo

Professor Hawking was the trailblazer of all trailblazers - as a man of science, a great educator, a father, an exemplary beacon of the twin triumphs of independent living and assistive technology. An activist.
I never was lucky enough to meet him but he bettered my world all the same. He left no room for doubt that a severely disabled person could be all those things.
In gratitude and respect, Rafael Alberman Young, The Open University 


Thank you for your inspiration, imagination, resilience, hard work, humour and good example to us all of how tenacity can meet the greatest of challenges that we all face in life - intellectual or otherwise. Rest in peace and I hope the answers to all the questions you had are now known to you. AL Antony Loizou

I once said that Stephen Hawking was the Seven Nation Army of science. Something everybody knows without really knowing, a last figure of greatness. I hope it makes sense. I don't know if more can be said, but thank you. So much. Johanna

The world has lost not only a scientist of great intellect but also a great human being. Nasim Ali

I worked at Trinity College for sixteen years. It was my privilege, (on several occasions), to be asked to assist in some small way, on occasions when Prof: Hawkins was either visiting the college or giving a lecture in the Masters Lodge for a small privileged group. The last time I saw him: was a few weeks before he left us! when he was hurtling down Fitzroy Street. I smiled to him, as he passed by in respect. Not knowing that it would be the last time I would see him again! He was a wonderful person. Someone that will be missed by every social spectrum of society. Douglas C Whyte

My family thanks Prof Hawkings’ family for sharing him with us, and the world. Lesley Emanuel 

Professor Hawking was one of the greatest minds of the XXth century. He was right in saying that the Universe has no cause and purpose. Only man can and must give the Universe a goal. According to the idea of the Russian thinker Nicholas Fedorov, the task of humanity should be to make the Universe wise and to restore all the dead ancestors to life (in any form). If this happens in the distant future, it will be thanks to, inter alia, Professor Hawking. So: see you Professor Hawking! Cezary Zekanowski

Thank you for giving us the universe. Jon Kreisler 

Thank you for showing us what is possible even when you only can move one small muscle but still communicate with the whole world. An inspiration to us all. Joséphine Doherty

Professor Hawking, you will be missed. I hope you rest among the stars. Thank you for inspiring generations of human beings to gaze upon the wonders of the sky. Emily Li

Thank you Dr. Stephen Hawking, for truly inspiring me to follow the path of science and mathematics and discover its true beauty. You taught us to always keep our mind open, to all the possibilities in the universe, but also to be brave in the unknown and to never stop in the pursuit of new discoveries. Aditya

Last December I was invited to a divulgative event, "Desgranando Ciencia". I shared my short talk where I explained how Stephen Hawking opened my eyes; how I decided to homage him learning science and my life changed.
I can only say that the fact to write, to consider what he would have said to me helped me a lot. I faced a stormy moment, an emotional black hole, and after have seen that film and have researched about Hawking I felt that he would have understood me; that he would not have allowed my eternal sadness and time waste: Time, our more pretious gift! You will call me mad: After have written that long letter with a very improbable true addressee I felt myself protected; under Hawking's umbrella. :-) At last I have found someone to understand me, was my thought. By writing and expressing so many things, with Hawking as hipothetical reader, I got out my depression and I started to forgive myself. It was so important, that from that moment in forward I considered him as a friend; a dear friend able to save me and make me discover the wonders of my own life in this universe. When I heard his speech at the Paralimpics 2012, it was as he were talking directly to me, looking in my eyes; in my brain! Never give up, despite troubles and difficulties... There is always something we can do! My goodness, how I cried! That day I wished to go inmediately to Cambridge to thank him in person! :-) And so wwas my crisis over.
Now I have lost a friend who helped me without knowing it; a colleague in disability, although blindness is very different from MND. We two overcome barriers, obstacles and mental blindness of so many people. Both us must compensate our lost. He did it much better: Ha, ha, ha! In any case I have felt very near from him; only during less than two years, unfortunately. Before that I knew about him, but I had not been introduced; we had no friendship. :-) On March 14th I recived more than 20 condolence messages. My friends could easily imagine what I felt. Oh, dear Prof. Hawking: You are not here to ask me again not to give up! No more [crying]...! But... do not worry: I will follow your pieces of advice; I promise! And I will learn and learn, although you cannot solve my doubts with your intelligence and humor. I thought I was silly and you came to say that ignorance is relative! :-) Not with those words: I understood the message that made me leave for ever and ever lots of inferiority and stupidity complexes. It was the beginning of free and joyful learning. Many thanks! I won't find another person like you! Many thanks, family, friends and colleagues to have helped, supported and loved him! I share your pain and a little your luck to have met him. :-) Best wishes! Rocío Sánchez, Granada - Spain

How does on sum up the impact pf the death of one of the greatest minds ever to live on this planet? The loss is felt greatly, and also,how lucky we all were to have this wonderful human being bless us for 76 years instead of 23. We miss you, and we are happy you are free. I have no more words... E. Wood

Because of you, I " Look up at the stars, instead of down at my feet"! Your brilliant mind will live on forever for all of humanity to remember.You will always be embedded in history.Very well deserved. Your genius will be greatly missed. Thank you for all your contributions for mankind. Rest in peace and soar through the Universe(s). Respectfully, Laurie Czarzasty, CT.-United States 

Professor Stephen you have a special role in my learning of very big picture. Thank you!!! Steve Busteed

As a research scientist, I worked under Stephen Hawking for 2 years (1991-1993) at the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, Cambridge, UK. He was giant. For over 50 years, he was the leader of his field: gravity and cosmology. In 1992, I witnessed the birth of a new field of science: Observational Tests of Inflationary Cosmology. At that time, future Nobel Prize winner, G Smoot, visited Cambridge to present his group's discovery of the Cosmic Microwave Background Anisotropy using the COBE satellite. In a short discussion between Hawking and Smoot with myself acting as intermediary, it was suggested that gravitational waves could be important in discriminating the numerous inflationary models of cosmology. To this day in 2018, this subject remains an active area of scientific inquiry. Final thoughts: Few will ever attain the great scientific heights achieved by Stephen Hawking, but if we could be just bit like him, the world would be a better place. David Salopek, Ph.D.

Thank you for your inspiration and making science accessible. Thank you for defying the doctors and showing others it can be done too. Thank you for your sense of humour. Thank you for your gift of knowledge, that's changed how we see the universe forever. Debbie Crompton

I am a Caian. Though I never knew Stephen Hawking, I have long been a strong admirer of him as a scientist, and especially as a wonderful person who overcame the handicaps of his illness and shared his great humanity with the world. The world is a poorer place for his passing. Donald William McMorland

Stephen, Thank you for all that you have done. The world will be a little colder with you not here but our universe will surely be a great deal brighter with you in it. Thank you for showing us all that if we put our head to it, we can reach the stars and walk in the cosmos. Avraham Meir

Rest in peace the great professor Stephen Hawking! One of the most amazing brains and who defied medical predictions living a long life and lived with a happy outlook! Overcome more difficulties and inspiring lots of people from all walks of life! The universe will miss you! Sending our condolences for his close family and friends ! Maria Pires

The world thanks you for your knowledge courage and inspiration. Marie-jehanne Angell

You were an inspiration to all, and so glad I got to see you around Cambridge. You are with the stars now. Rest In Peace. Melissa Pitts-Greenfield

Honored to know you in my time sir. I for one was excited to hear news from you, but this was not what I expected. Thanks. Marziyeh Shariati

Professor your now free to fly to your beloved universe ! Ms Janet Weismantel 

Hello, I am 16 years old and I live in Hawaii. I grew up hearing stories about Stephen Hawking and have always admired his intelligence and moral reasoning. My dad actually used to read passages out of his books when I was just a child. I loved the way that he was able to push through his circumstances and to truly invent the world around him. He truly was an idol for me growing up and learning about science and physics and the way the world works. A lot of people describe him as just a cosmologist but he was so much more to so many people. He inspired millions and pushed people to preserve and to strive to challenge the world around them instead of just accepting it. His scientific works and contributions to the academic community are incomparable. I was deeply saddened by the news of his passing. He truly was an inspiration for many of my scientific pursuits as well as my humanitarian beliefs as I’m sure he was for many others. Thank you Stephen Hawking for all that you've done. You will be dearly missed. Sarah Mann

Stephen Hawking.
An inspiration to all mankind. To stand on the shoulders of giants is no small feat for anyone, although Stephen demonstrated to all, that standing is not required on the physical to achieve a level of greatness and respect that only a few people in history have ever done. Newton, Einstein, Hawking. Names that will live forever in the the annuls of our history. Our universe is so large, however, Hawking's mind has made gigantic steps towards the understanding of our very existence, and sub-atomic awareness, and although he has passed, he will remain immortal. RIP Stephen Hawking. Adrian D'Arcy

A truly amazing human being who will be remembered in history for his outstanding intellect, bravery and sense of humour. In death I hope he now knows all the answers he has been searching for all his life. My condolences to his family and friends. Pamela Loughrey

Dear Hawking Family,
Please accept my sincere condolences on the passing of your loved one. His brilliance will be missed by us all. Kathryn Muir

I do not pretend to know have known you - Professor Stephen Hawking - however there is no doubt in my mind that you will be greatly missed by all that have known you and all that respectfully knew of you. My heartfelt condolences to your immediate family and close friends. I am certain their loss will be a great burden to bare. I hope they can take comfort in the knowledge that their loss has been felt in the most unlikely of places, near and far. This heart ache transcends language barriers, political barriers, educational barriers, racial barriers and even AGE barriers. I am certain he would not want us to wither away in sadness but continue down the path he cleared for us. Professor Hawking, Thank you for the brilliant gift of knowledge that you freely shared with others to further the worlds understanding of the universe. We are forever changed by your brilliance and ability to light a spark in others. Rest in Peace. Brandy Higgins

My sincere condolences to Professor Hawking's family and friends. I continue to read my copy of his book in the hope that one day I will understand the full value of Stephen Hawking's contribution to Science. Steven Lockwood 

I wish to offer my deepest condolences to Professor Stephen Hawking's family for your great loss.  I extend my condolences to his colleagues and friends.  Professor Hawking was a brilliant man who enriched all our lives, not only with his intellect but with his great courage facing a disabling illness with grace, humour and such zest for life.  He was and will remain my true life hero and inspiration throughout my life's ups and downs. I especially wish to thank his family members,  his caregivers, all the scientists and research colleagues and staff at the University of Cambridge, and all persons who loved and cared for Professor Hawking during his life's journey.  You all made possible his connection with the world.  He reached us, taught us and inspired us all through you.  Thank you. Seeing the film The Theory of Everything filled my heart with immense admiration, respect and gratitude for this man and his extraordinary and loving family. Professor Hawking could turn a complex subject into an easy comprehensive one:  it was one of his many gifts to us all.  He inspired curiosity and search for truth and knowledge within us.  To always ask questions about all that surrounds us. He also opened our hearts to compassion, hope, courage and joy of life no matter how difficult it can be at times.  He showed us how to smile and to embrace life and live it to the fullest each day.  Thank you Professor Hawking!  You will be missed.  May you rest in peace. Chantal Patenaude, Canada

We were lucky to have you with all of us as long as we had. Thank you for sharing your love of science with us. Rest in peace, Professor Hawking. We will miss you dearly. Donna Wong and Nicholas Torman

In memory and admiration of a true physicist and Caian, who inspired me personally and academically and remains a role model to countless people around the world. James P. Edwards

Thank you Dr Hawking for your brilliance in life and inspiration. May your beautiful soul rest in peace amongst the stars and universe. Dianna Lee

The contributions of Professor Stephen Hawking over fifty years of research have formed a essential precursor to progress in general relativity and quantum gravity. The solutions to the fundamental problems in this field today require an understanding of the singularity theorems, quantum effects on black hole space-times and the quantum cosmological wavefunction at early times in the expansion of the Universe. I will remember him for his constant efforts to transcend the intricacies of a theory unifying quantum mechanics and gravity, the continuation of research at the forefront of knowledge under exceptional conditions and his dedication to the advancement of science throughout the world. Simon Davis    

Unfortunately one thing will not be scratched out from the To-do list, and that's meeting you professor. The world's not only lost one of the greatest minds of all time, but one of the strongests wills too. You will to keep going and your joy for life will be remembered.  Greatest condolences to your family. You will be missed. Niccolò Aggelis 

Professor Hawking has made a huge difference in the world with his ability to both further our understanding of the universe and has enabled cosmology to be more understandable to everyone. I was fortunate to be a member of the Radio Astronomy Group, at the Cavendish Laboratory, under the direction of Professor, Sir Martin Ryle from 1962 to 1969. Consequently, I was witness to the early formation of the Big Bang Theory and the observational data being gathered at that time. I did not realize until much later, that I would see Professor Hawking around Cambridge in the early days of his illustrious journey. My condolences to his family and friends, his memory will last for all time. Leonard Lea

What an amazing human being. We were all so blessed to have access to such a great mind in our lifetime. Thank you for sharing your knowledge so generously Prof Hawking. Effie Browne

Knowledge is truth. It is singular. Before truth, it is in the form of belief, faith, hypothesis, and observation. Belief is faith, not certitude. Faith is based on forces unknown (omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent). Hypothesis is built upon conjecture, which can be challenged. Observation is derived from experience, which might be biased. Experiment and model might not be absolute, but can be refined. Can science transform belief? Can technology transform culture? Flora Fu

The moment of Big Bang not just one but a few universes was born, from Higgs boson, quarks, atoms, matter, planets to galaxies, bounded by GUT.  How grant the theories, how belittled the human, how beheld the universe! Raymond Fu

Time measures the expansion of the universe, the rotation of planets, and the creation of God from believers’ points of view. May he carry a grain of universe from now to eternity. David A Fu

Farewell Professor Hawking, you gave us the cosmos. Your work and your name will be cherished throughout infinity. Thank you  for your inspiration and your work. Carol Brown

Thank you so much for opening the Universe to me. Your brilliance was matched only by your ability to communicate the wonders you delved. You launched millions of minds and generations of the curious. Megan Orr

The name of Stephen Hawking (physicist) will cascade down the centuries, but for those of us privileged to grow to maturity and live through this era of your life and acclaim has been to have our hearts touched in the most wonderful way by your courage, fortitude and love of life. The vitality of your mind while enduring such trial has been an example to us all, to embrace this precious life and live it to the full. Thank you, Stephen. Neil C. Gould

Gracias por acercarnos al Universo. Thanks for approaching the universe. Francisco Moreno

I am but mortal, so were you Stephen, but in reality we were light years apart, you had dreams and visions that were beyond comprehension to the average person, yet in your way you let the average person share in your beliefs and in simple terms let us into your complex world. Richard Whittington

I saw Professor Stephen Hawking in 2010 at The Royal Albert Hall, to this day I still get goosebumps to think I was in the same room as him let alone listen to his lecture! He was a great man who accomplished so much and will be sorely missed by so many people around the world and maybe beyond. My condolences to his family and many friends. Lena Harris

I strongly believe that Mr Hawking was the world best living scientist of our time. He will definitely stay as one of the few like Newton and Einstein that helped the mankind to understand our universe moreover he also managed to get thousands of non scientist people like me to understand the baseline of our universe without equations. May his soul have a journey on what he has studied for so long the origin of time. Peres Morvan

There will never be another like Mr. Hawking. Yasmine 

My sincere condolences to Stephen Hawking's family. A truly unique human being. His contribution to our understanding of the universe, immeasurable. We came from star dust, we return to star dust. RIP. John Bown

Rest in peace and light. You will remain an inspiration for generations to come. With grateful thanks. Jameela 

Thank you for your contribution to expand human knowledge! Raymond Opdenakker

Ms Janet Weismantel 

Thank you for all that you did! David Horan

Thanks for your contribution to the world and science. Annette Davila

We lost one of the greatest scientists of our era. His work will be remembered for hundreds of years to come. It has been a real pride to be alive at the same time as You were. Your work has inspired many other people and me. For me personally, you were an icon, an inspiration and more. I unfortunately never got the chance to meet you but it was one of my greatest goals. I hope you found all of your answers up there. Rest In Peace. Urban M

Professor Hawking, thank you for all your wisdom, knowledge, humour and persistence that you have shared with the human race. Reading your intriguing book “A brief history of time” and watching the documentary 28 years ago was the turning point in my life, thank you for what you have given to the world. Thank you to the family for sharing your husband and father with the world, what extraordinary man he was and will be for generations to come. R.I.P. professor, may you peacefully travel along the stars. Carlo Wisse


To the family and Stephen Hawking; a great loss to the world along with the town of Cambridge; his knowledge and mind will leave an impression on the town and knowledge of physics forever; recently I had the pleasure to visit Cambridge University from the US where I have almost 400 years of history in England; my father's father graduated in the 1880's with a Dr in Science (physics) and I was fortunate to visit St John's College to see his lectures and books he wrote ; my uncle also graduated in 1952 in chemistry; although I am educated in the US I feel that Cambridge University has a wonderful environment and social fabric that is conducive to curiosity and attaining knowledge of any subject matter;   Rest in peace and mind. Geoffrey Hewitt

Sincere condolences to the family, friends and fellow college members of the late Professor Hawking. I am very thankful that student grants enabled me to study at Cambridge University in the early 70s and that the National Health Service took such great care of Professor Hawking for so many years. Student Grant's are a thing of the past. I hope to God that the National Health Service will still be extant in the future despite all the efforts of those who seek to eliminate 'Socialised Medicine'. Malcolm Saunders

Thank you for teaching the world to never give up, to remind us to "look up at the stars and not down at your feet". You are a Super Star and may you now fly like Superman. RIP to, by far, the greatest man who ever lived. My thoughts and prayers to the family. Myra W

It is an honour to be able to say that we have lived in the same time as Prof Stephen Hawking. May you rest in peace. Linda & Emanuel Dag, together with Lukas & Lucia

Professor Hawking, you were the principle instigator for what has been my lifelong fascination with science, space and the utter mystery of the universe. I never had the abilities to go beyond a lay understanding of physics, but the way you fostered interest and excitement across the world for science as a whole, through your writings, wit, ability to communicate at all levels and huge personality is a gift to all of us and to so many future generations. Thank you for all you have given the world. Emma Jamieson

Dear Great Professor,
You passed away with a fundamental curiosity about our universe, shared my many,  which will never pass away! Lights of knowledge and wisdom  will shine our minds. Rest in peace!! Dr. Moshahid ur Rahman

I will see you in Heaven .... Margaret López 

We are all stardust! You have gone back to the stars! RIP. Cllr Paul Henshaw

You will forever remain in our hearts Professor Hawking for sharing your passion for knowledge that have enlightened our souls to continue the human journey of discovery and understanding.  May God bless your soul and bring solace to your loved ones in the knowledge that your memory will remain forever a shining light that guides our humanity. George MICKHAIL, PhD

What a man, what a life. R.I.P. Rob Stewart

A real inspiration for future generations to stand on his shoulders. Nanda Raote

My deepest sympathy to the family. I have long admired the quotes from Professor Hawking, he seemed to be the one voice of reason in this day and age. I wish I could have known him. Sonia Reddie

Rest in peace Stephen. Bev

Inspiring RIP. Catherine RankinIn

You were a true shining star in a world of full of darkness, you inspired millions and you stay in our hearts and mind for ever. Mahmoud Karrubee 

Deepest condolences to the family of Professor Stephen Hawking. The greatest man the world has known. Rest in peace Stephen Hawking. Michael Mihajlovic

Another Giant has now gone! Another Giant Shoulders! Another Lucasian Professor, like Isaac Newton, himself! The whole world congratulates Cambridge University for having supported this wonderful, brave man, this once in a century intellect, for half a century, Stephen Hawking! John Aloysius Henderson, Geelong, Australia

Thank you, Professor. The world goes on shoulders of giants like you. Santi Medina

Thank you so much for your legacy. Sònia Rodríguez

Thank you Mr Hawking for explaining, everything. Alan Longbottom

Farewell to an amazing man who brought so much to our world. A courageous man who never let his disability hold him back. RIP. Lorraine Hoddinott, Australia

May you rest in peace Professor. You are the brightest star of the universe. You'll live forever. Mervi Lampinen

Thank you for everything you gave the world. But most of all, thank you for showing such humor and kindness alongside your genius. You will be missed. Much love from Australia. Lucinda Cantrell

Professor Hawking, it was an honour to meet you when you unveiled the plaque outside The John Farman ICU at Addenbrooke's Hospital in commemoration of my father Consultant Anaesthetist Dr John Farman, who died prematurely aged 58 years. You showed your gratitude for the incredible care you received from Dad and his team, as we show gratitude to you for your incredible contribution to science. Rest In Peace Stephen Hawking. Charlotte Farman

Thank you for sharing your brilliant thoughts and discoveries with all of us and explaining it all so beautifully. For taking life by the horns, no matter what life threw at you. I'm sure even the unfathomable in the laws of physics; paused, perhaps even halted when news began to cross the cosmos. Thank you for everything, rest well and easy in comfort. Condolences and love to the Hawking family, friends and associates. Bronwyn Evans 

Always look up at the stars. Shane Wylie

The world was better having you and your brilliant mind in it. The world has truly lost one of its greats. Thanks for making science clearer. Ben Wootton 

A great loss to mankind. He was one of the greatest thinkers of all time, whose mind rose and flew, high above the physical constraints fate had meted out to him. Vale. Peter E Bradley

Adieu Professor, You where one of a kind, You inspired and affected peoples life positively. Ernest Eichie

Dear Stephen
Thank you for your mind and humanity. You give all of us across the world hope and determination in this universe and the rest. Dimah Habash

As someone with a disability, and mindful of the parameters any disability imposes, my admiration for the way you lived your life is boundless.. The world has lost a great scientist, your family have lost a beloved father and husband, and the world will be a much darker place without your intellect, your insight - and your humour. Lin Reeve

I'm Enrique Armenta, an 18 years old mexican student. When I knew the Professor Hawking died, I cried, Stephen was a very inspiring person to me, he was one of those people who are awesome, he was the man that helped me to decide that I was going to be a physicist, he was one of my principal inspirations. One of my major desires was meeting him in person, but now I know it won't happen. The science and the world will remember him forever, he was one of the greatest scientists of history. He is not dead at all, he is just returning to the Universe, the place he came from, he is becoming a new star in the sky, a star, that will be seen for many years. Enrique Armenta

Rest in Peace.... Nataniel Banaszewski

Thank you for all mr. profesor. Tomas Seffer

A body in motion tends to stay in motion unless acted on by an outside force Newton taught us. Hawking proved that the desire to excel will keep one in motion beyond what was held to be his limited time. Rest well... your task is done and ready for others to take the mantle and push their limits to beyond what they have been told too. Star dust you are & back to star dust you will return! Gabe Lopez

In Memory of Professor Stephen Hawking,
We pray for your soul and eternal peace in the Kingdom of God. The whole world has been saddened by your departure, but enriched by your unique brilliancy as a cosmologist and a physicist. You have been a great example to the world, never to be forgotten. Thank you for your devotion to mankind. You will be greatly miss, but your legacy will live on. May you Rest in Peace Professor Hawking. Your Star will forever shine in the Universe. Respectfully, Maria, Raul & Helena Camejo, Sydney, Australia    

The world is a better place to have known and loved Professor Stephen Hawking. A truly courageous man with a brilliant mind. My heart goes out to his family during this difficult time. God Bless. Bronwen Thomas

Thank you for inspiring my wonder and curiosity since I first read A Brief History when I was ten years old. AMDG. Larry Robey, Jr., Houston, TX

Thank you for everything. Catherine Moes

The most brilliant mind of my time. The Professor will be missed. David L Emert

Goodbye, friend. Thank you. Aidan Hegarty

I will miss a great scientist and find solace in his writings...... A.Manohaan

Stephen Hawking, so clever, so witty, so admired, so sorely missed by all humanity. Barbara Reed

Thank you, Professor Hawking for your contributions which will continue to be built on by future generations of scientists. George Smith - Dallas Tx

I lived during your time! RIP Professor Stephen Hawking. Lyn Gill, Adelaide, South Australia

To paraphrase Matthew 9:24 - Stephen is not dead, but sleepeth. And that idea will be laughed to scorn.
Let's put together words by Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking himself, and Elon Musk (associated with PayPal, Tesla electric cars, SpaceX, etc.) Elon Musk believes we’re living inside a computer simulation. If we're willing to believe, in the words of William Shakespeare, there are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in our philosophy – then Stephen Hawking will literally never die and has been alive forever.
When his engineer friend Michele Angelo Besso died, Albert Einstein wrote a letter of condolence to the Besso family, including his now famous quote: 'Now he has departed from this strange world a little ahead of me. That means nothing. People like us, who believe in physics, know that the distinction between past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.' This suggests the following interpretation of his statement - if someone is alive in what we call the present, they must continue to be alive at any point in the future, all points of which have no actual separation from the present (though that future life would not be in the form we know). So there would be life after death. 
Hawking says boundaries and singularities exist in what we call real time but don't exist in "imaginary" time. (Stephen Hawking, 1988, 'A Brief History of Time', page 139. Bantam Press). Einstein postulated that Max Planck's quanta were real physical particles, not just a mathematical fiction. From there, Einstein developed his explanation of the photoelectric effect. So it appears entirely possible that another supposed mathematical trickery (imaginary time) will find practical application in the future. One can think of ordinary, real, time as a horizontal line. On the left, there's the past - and on the right, the future. But there's another kind of time (so-called imaginary) in the vertical direction. Like the surface of the Earth, imaginary time has no boundaries (you can go around the world without falling over any edge) but, also like Earth, it is finite unless pi or another infinite number is incorporated into each and every part - numbers could be encoded into parts using the BITS (BInary digiTS, 1's and 0's) of electronics, which would give the universe Artificial Intelligence. When so-called imaginary time also exists, boundaries simply aren't there. And since infinity is introduced into everything, the universe has no end or start (neither in space nor in time). 
If the universe is infinite and eternal, it may be plausible to add a sentence to the concept of life after death: If all times in the past have no actual separation from the present, there must also be life before conception (different from our familiar human form, and possibly the same as the life-after-death form). That "superhuman" life is like quantum mechanics and gravitation, and includes all space and all time (it would definitely NOT be religion's "soul" or "spirit", which is limited to an individual body). Rodney Bartlett

Professor Hawking was a man of humility and intellect. He will not be forgotten as long as humanity seeks to comprehend the universe and itself. John Delforno

We will miss you deeply, Stephen; a man we grew to know as a friend, and a friend who made us laugh, and made us think. No better friend can be. Your contributions are limitless. It's just like you to be Thank you. Daniel and Cathy Wesley

I thank Professor Stephen Hawking with all my heart for writing his book, 'A Brief History of Time'. I couldn't put it down. Gone were memories of dull physics lessons about electrical circuits, ripple tanks and iron filings. I fell in love with everything about physics and so did my two daughters some years later. I found the book under my eldest's pillow aged 4 when she could barely read. She told me she just had to  know about what was inside. Had a slow start at school but excelled at art but worked so hard at maths and we bought her a small telescope so she could look at the 'consternations' as she called them. Fourteen years later she is predicted top 'A' Level grades in maths, further maths and physics and is going to Durham Uni to study a Masters in General Physics. My youngest is choosing those same subjects with chemistry for 'A' Level. We have always followed what the Great Man did and what he thought with great interest. We adore considering and debating all things to do with physics and the universe. Thanks to him for engendering that. There were tears in our house the day he passed. Josianne Marshall

Hail the stalwart of a genius. You devoted your whole life in searching for the truth and meaning of this cosmos where we humans are only a tiny bit of a spec. Your legacy will let mathematicians and scientists to tread the difficult and steep path you labourously constructed. Now that you have gone your spirit will encourage and inspire us all. May you rest in peace. Prith Chakravarti, Santiniketan, India

Nuestros sentido pésame desde Chile. Desde este lejano país enviamos nuestras oraciones. Alejandra Prieto

I am one of the countless physicists who owe Stephen Hawking the highest gratitude and praise. He turned back the vail to help us see the next steps down the road. There is no greater service, no greater glory. John Dell

The planet is a poorer place now, but the Cosmos is now a much richer place!!! Safe Journey Mr. Hawking and thank you for the inspiration and the courage you showed to our world. An amazing human being and never to be forgotten. Love to his family and colleagues. Kate Syer from Ballarat, Victoria in Australia

A life that leaves a path for others to follow or keep trying to find new courses is an exemplary one; I hereby offer my true sympathy for a mind that hopefully changed abd will change many others in thevsearch for the truth and the better. J. Jesús Sosa S.

I didn't study his work. I'm good at science but his maths were beyond me. He inspired me because of his resilience and that he communicated and worked and lived in face of his obstacles. I had tremendous affection for your father because of his example. I don't know your faith beliefs. "May God bless your family" is a benediction. Please recieve it a such. Veronica

RIP to one of the greatest minds this generation will ever witness. Asher Calwell-Browne  

Thank-you for your positive contribution to the advancement of life. Brian Enders

Prof. Hawking you were an inspiration to me since I was a little boy you will be for ever remembered as a kind soul, rest in peace my friend. Lionel Miranda

Farewell Professor Hawking - few people have touched so many, with both your spirit and your intellect. Kaye Greenleaf

To Stephen Hawking - Your star will shine in the heavens for eternity - From Oliver Brooks. Oliver Brooks

Thank-you Mr Hawking for bringing to a me ( someone so ignorant about mathematics and physics) all the Stars and Blackholes... an allegory for any life!!! Whatever happens now, you will still be travelling towards understanding of the Cosmos!! Thank-you for you extraordinary Life!! France Karrubee

A truly great man who will be forever missed and remembered as one of the greatest intellectual minds of all time. James Younger 


There is time for everything but there is no time enough to understand what you achieved. I give you all my respect. Condolence from Belgium. Commeine luc

I do not think I will see another like him in my lifetime, so we should feel privileged that we had the honor of being on this Earth with him. Shannon Bonnes

Dear professor Hawking
You were a great and inspirational man that taught the world many things. I always loved seeing you on tv and found your scence of humour funny. Rip Stephen Hawking. BJ 

Reborn for mankind. KB Leong

Professor Hawking, thank you very much for inspiring me to become an astrophysicist. I still remember watching your tv series in the mid-90's, as a child, on VHS and being in awe of the wonders and mysteries of our evolving universe. The decisions i have made towards advancing my career in astronomy can be traced all the way back to that moment. You always questioned the status quo, asked the big questions about our universe, pushed the envelope when it came to understanding the inner workings of our cosmos; and you could explain the most complicated astrophysical phenomena with crystal clear clarity. Your legacy will not be forgotten. The world has lost a truly great physicist. John Alexander Pena Lopez (Astronomy PhD student, UNSW Sydney / CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science)

my most deep condolences to him family. dear prof, like a science girl, thanks for ever been a generous person with the knowledge and inspiration to millions of people to want find the best part of the world... From México. Venus Mejía

My heart aches. You were a legend. May your soul rest in eternal peace. Amen. Aniz Charania

Sheer genius. Morris Saad

Bravo bravo mr hawking. Debra Saad

For a man to have asked so many questions throughout his life. In his passing, I pray he can gets all the answers now. I was privileged enough just to share the same time on this planet as him. what a Honor. My thoughts for his Family and friends thought this period. Stephen Russell Bond,18/08/1965

Now off to touch the face of God. Thank You for bringing light to an otherwise dark and empty Universe. Rest in peace Professor Hawking. Malcolm Boardman 

Dear family and friends, the world has lost a precious rare gem for which very many feel the pain. But let us all celebrate and remember his magnificence. Mike Hewson

Professor Hawking was one of the greatest minds of the XXth century. He was right in saying that the Universe has no cause and purpose. Only man can and must give the Universe a goal. According to the idea of the Russian thinker Nicholas Feodorov, the task of humanity should be to make the Universe wise and to restore all the dead ancestors to life (in any form). If this happens in the distant future, it will be thanks to, inter alia, Professor Hawking. So: see you Professor Hawking! Cezary Zekanowski

Stephen you know was wonderful. He was very generous to myself and my father by speaking to us. My mother had motor nuerone . He will live on in his work and in the minds of those he touched. I hope , despite his loss , that I can share my admiration and fond thoughts of my brief encounter with Stephen across the world from Australia to you all. Diana Robins

Professor Stephen Hawking is my hero. Through reading his books, he answered so many of my questions and taught me so much. I as a 71yr old, am of his generation. My tears, thoughts and prayers are with his family, friends and colleges. May he Rest in Peace. Mrs Jillian Sand, Melbourne. Australia

I feel so sad that our universe has lost such a wonderful talent like Prof Stephen Hawking. I hope he goes to Heaven if there is any such thing after we leave this planet. Golam Sayeed

Descansé en paz. La humanidad estará siempre en deuda por todo el conocimiento que compartió y ayudó a generar. Wendy Zimbrón Hernández

My deepest condolences to Stephen Hawking's family and loved ones. Gone to the great university in the sky, but he will never be forgotten here on little planet Earth, his life and his legacy will live forever. May he finally find peace and rest. R.I.P. Stephen Hawking. Allan Jackson

Que descanse en paz. Michelle Padilla (Australia)

Professor Hawking, I am going to miss you. You were an amazing man and you inspire me to study more about a topic I love, space and time and I hope to achieve a PHD one day in the field of cosmology and physics just like yourself. To your family, Cambridge community, citizens of the UK, Australia and the world, I would like to express my condolences. We have lost an amazing man and a true genius. Rest in peace Professor Hawking, you will always be in my thoughts and you will always inspire me. Mr Cameron Ikin. Dip IT, BA., BSocSci(Hons)., Grad Dip Ed., MED(Guidance and Counselling)

I am grateful for your cosmic curiosity and contributions to science - thank you for being an inspiration. Miranda de Saint-Rome

I am an American who has had the pleasure of living in Britain for two years of my life. I have acquired a healthy appreciation of British culture and her various peoples.
Like many, my first exposure to you was through your appearance on Star Trek The Next Generation when you were seated at the gambling table with Sir Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein and Lt. Cmdr. Data. I followed that up with purchasing your book “A Brief History of Time” and was instantly pulled by your intellectual and scientific force of gravity.  I saw you as a the second coming of the great popularizer of science, American astronomer Carl Sagan. In recent years I have enjoyed the portrayal of your life depicted in the movie, “A Theory of Everything” as well as documentaries about your scientific discoveries and life. I have admired you as one of humanity’s great individuals who pursued a life of the mind. Over the decades, I have become flabbergasted at your ability to overcome your physical handicap, all the while possessing an incredibly active, productive and intelligent mind. If there are universal constants, you are certainly a universal inspiration.
In due time, I hope humanity names a few spaceships, space stations, colonies, planets and even galaxies after you. You have inspired us all.
I have not been to Britain in a while, but you have given me a reason to visit again and when I do, I intend to come visit you and your fellow scientific and intellectual heavyweights at Westminster Abbey. 
Godspeed, Professor Stephen Hawking and may you continue to guide us with your cosmological insights in the afterlife as we continue to make small steps into our solar system and galaxy in the years and centuries ahead. Henry Kwong

It was my honor to show a brief video of you to my 1st grade astronomy STEM class, this past week. They were in awe of you as was I and the World. The NASA video tribute also showed how important and respected you will always be around the world. Emily M. Burnside

A truly great man lost to the world, rest in peace Professor, you've earned it. Jennifer Quilter

Thank you for inspire us, Rest in peace. Anderson N S Hernandes

In sadness at the loss of one of the finest minds of our time, yet in gratitude for the hope he gave to all those suffering from disease. His work and the memory of him will surely endure for as long as humanity endures. Mark Swinton

The great are not bound by their inabilities... you were a testament to that fact. RIP Professor. Karen Pillay 

Stephen, Thankyou for your curiosity and continuing to remind us that we need to focus on what we can do rather than what we cannot. Louise Evans

Thank you for your inspiration & dedication to science and humanity. Vic Reynolds

Thank you Professor Hawking. Thank you for your humour, your brilliance and most impressive of all, your attitude. Thank you. Peta-anne Clark 

Karen Mackellar 

He was Known and loved by Humanity for his Brilliance Kindness and Wit. He is now free to travel to go where ever in the universe he chooses. A Beautiful Mind. God Bless You Stephen. Peter and Carmel Johnson

My thoughts are with the Hawking family at this time, but thank you Professor Hawking for sharing your brilliant mind and bringing science to the masses. May you rest well among the stars. Rachel Morgan

Farewell Stephen, hopefully the world will one day catch up with your mind, and move ahead towards the stars with peace and humility. Doug Hamment

My deepest condolences are offered to Stephen's family and friends. The world has lost a brilliant mind and in my opinion one of the greatest minds that ever lived. Stephen your physical pain is over and you can now walk free "to infinity and beyond". Brenda Coall 

"Unmöglich ist ein Wort, das Menschen viel zu oft benutzen." (Seven of Nine, Star Trek). Jörg Wunn

Thank you. You made me part of the universe. Cameron

Thank You Stephen Hawking. Thank you to his family for their support in his endurance. You are all remembered. Peter Fleming 

Professor...Thanks for everything. Now you're part of the Universe... I will try to never stop to look up the sky... Farewell genius. Marisol Giraldo 

In honour of Professor Stephen Hawking who is the greatest scientist of the 21st century, our organization Zorpia Robot will continually attempt to solve the worldwide problems caused by the robot and artificial intelligence which will threaten human beings in the future. Even though our team had found the solutions named MPA program that is prepared to be used to maintain robot safety, the healthy relationship between the robot and human beings, we will insist on our initial belief to build a world for human beings who can live in harmony with robot and make the robot to serve for people carried with your entrustment. We wish you will live in the vast universe forever. Zorpia Robot

Dear Prof. Hawking, today March 31st Cambridge, UK and the world are celebrating your life. I would like to be part of this special day thanking you for having left us with a much better understanding of our universe. With your brilliant mind, hard work, perseverance and eagerness to find the truth, we will remember you standing in the shoulders of Einstein as he is standing on the shoulders of Maxwell. I had the pleasure and honor meeting you in company of your daughter Lucy and your youngest son Tim while I was staying in Cambridge, UK researching an Electrophysics problem during the summer of 2015.  My most sincere condolences are with your sons, daughter and your family. I will always remember your great advice: “So, remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see and wonder about what makes the Universe exist. Be curious. And however difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at. It matters that you don't just give up”. Dr. Saul A. Torrico  

Stephen Hawking, you will be truly missed in this world. Your courage and determination will always remain as an inspiration to all. May you Rest In Peace. Belinda Pinkerton

What an honour to have breathed the same air on the same planet at the same time as one of the truly great minds of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Simon Barrow

Dear Stephen I met you only last year. Being very sensitive I could understand you and I hoped that one day you would find peace. But the news of your death broke my heart, my heart shattered, I just wanted to cry and still today. You have been a great fighter and now you deserve a long rest. R.I.P Stephen I will miss you. Rebecca Ferretti 

One of the greatest men of this century. I hope we can achieve the future you imagined. Sammy Martin

To Stephen’s spirit - ‘may you fly with freedom - sing with relish - laugh with abandon- feel ‘space’ with excitement - revel in the release of your body - and most of all - BE HAPPY. Bless you ‘O Great Science Warrior’ and I thank you for a life less ordinary :) Maureen Carolan

Although I was never privileged to meet you, thank you for your life lived in grace and for being a voice of reason and sense in the difficult, but often exciting world in which we live. You will be sorely missed. Jane Merrow

Thank you for inspiring the world, thank you for pushing the limits of the human mind and questioning things others feared of. You had a brilliant mind and spirit that proved anything is possible. I'm grateful to have lived in the same time as you. I hope you've now found the answers to everything you were searching for. Thank you Stephen Hawking, rest in peace. Nichole Lindsey

Infiniti mundi vita. Dave Garnier

Professor Hawking. I am saddened with your passing. I know you you will continue to be a bright star until our sun dies quietly as you have. But perhaps you will continue to live in the minds of humans who will one day inhabit other planets in this vast ever expanding universe. Ré Balmilero Acacio

I did not have the privilege of meeting the great man, but I saw him on several occasions in College and shared the space he inhabited. That he and I, a humble classicist, are members of the same great seat of learning is something that I shall treasure. Requiescat in pace. Geoffrey Williams (1967)

Thank you Stephen Hawking for letting a geeky little girl a long time ago believe that she can reach for the stars and succeed. You will always be a major play in my science career :) Maria Deronjic

To the family and friends Stephen. In your time of grief I am thinking of you. I have no words. We have lost a light in this very dark world. Nikk Smit

God bless you Stephen you were a great man. Robert Boscott, Melbourne

What a brilliant man. A scientist and social conscience in one person. Beverly Lourenco 

As a young ordinand in Cambridge from 1978-80 I would see Professor Hawking propelling himself around Cambridge. He was an inspiration then and has continued to be so. My condolences to all his family at this time and thanks for sharing him with so many. Peter

Thank you so much Professor Hawking, you have long been a shining light in my life, given me reason to look up at the night sky and wonder at all we know and don't know. I too am an atheist but paradoxically you were God to me. John Lewis

Personally I never met Stephen Hawking, and never thought I could meet a great personality like him. Knowledge about stars was always a difficult thing for me to understand. After reading his articles it became an interesting subject. Thank you Stephen Hawking what an inspirational person. You will be missed for ever. RIP.thoughts and prayers with his family and friends. Sheeja Varughese  

Your brilliance will live forever.....Rest In Peace Stephen Hawking. Leslie Perez

RIP Stephen Hawking, about whom I wrote in my 2013 book: "One of the greatest scientists alive has Motor Neurone Disease which has confined him to a wheelchair for almost four (sic) decades yet science would be the poorer except for the great contributions of Dr Stephen Hawking. Why are we so impoverished as human beings that we cannot easily embrace the intelligence, capability and fortitude of people of all backgrounds within our societies and treasure their contributions to making this world a better place!" - THANK YOU for your humanity and great contributions to it! Neville Garnham

An inspiration to many and a great man. Condolences to his family and friends. He will be missed. Ingrid Van Streepen

The world is a little less bright. We will miss you, your wit, your humour and your amazing brain. I hope you are laughing with the other brilliant minds. Suzanne Shearer Parkes

Though Steven Hawking may have died his quotes will live on... Harry McQueen

A great man, a genius, I never met him but always looked up to him, I am a PE teacher but always tell my pupils about him. The most important man since Michelangelo. Mark Towers

Sir, you have changed my life when I read your book. Thank you for everything you said, published and lived for so many blessed years. Angie Wallen-Lundy

Professor Hawking,
I feel immensely privileged that you were alive for some of my lifetime. Your words of encouragement and wisdom are of great comfort and you were here on earth for a long time for a very good reason, to educate us all and to be respected for your great work, as well as be loved greatly by all who knew you. We hope you are at peace and that your journey now is an even more exciting one, that you continue to discover answers to all that you explored throughout all of your human life. You will be sorely missed and never forgotten. We will be looking up. Catherine Chapman 

Rest In Peace. Maclain M. O’Meara

Rest in peace Professor Hawking. You were an inspiration to many in many ways and I'm sure this will continue for years to come. Thank you for opening my mind to the universe around us. Ken Glasson, Australia

You contributed immensely in my intellectual development, my only regret is I never met the person who influenced me so immensely. You will be remembered fondly. Elvince Ochieng Ager

Your passing has left a hole in the fabric of our time. From every citizen of the world, that may not have a chance to thank you, I say thank you. Rest easy our friend. Crystal Loft

The name of Prof Stephen Hawking will live on forever as long as there is a Universe. He made and makes me proud to be an Englishman. Douglas Friedrich

Rest in peace, Professor Hawking. You gave us so much in your lifetime, now go play among the stars... Erin Gomyo

May peace be yours. And heartfelt thanks for all you have taught us of this wonderful universe. Margret & Brian Smith

May you, Stephen - find peace among the stars. Rodney Ferrington

Stephen Hawking, you were such an inspiration to many, including me. You showed people that you can still chase your dreams and make them a reality even with a disease, you showed people that nothing can stop you from doing what you want to do and I admire that so much. You were a great mind Mr. Hawking and it is sad to see you be put to rest but your work will still live on for many more generations, people will still hear of the great theoretical physicist, cosmologists and author known as Stephan Hawking. Maegan Carroll

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your life, Stephen. My thoughts go out to your family and friends. Penelope Ann Corbett.R.N. L.M.P.

Thank you, Mr Hawking. Although I have always as I am sure most will refer to you as Stephen. It was that ability to connect with an audience that I will be forever grateful. You explained the complexities of the Universe in a simple and concise way that few can match. I will always see you as this towering mind that knew no limits. An inspiration and the epitome of a growth mindset. Rest in peace. You have given far more than you will ever know. Clayton Francis

As a Mathematician (originally!) who is only two years younger than Prof. Hawking I feel humbled by his intellect. I am even more humbled by the triumphant fashion with which he fought his disability. He thoroughly deserves his place next to Newton. Brent Wherry

Dearest Stephen. NOW you know there's an afterlife! God bless you, and your family. Thank you. Jane Clapinson

Thank you for sharing your brilliant mind and inspiring character with so many. Simon Wells 

He lived for us. Dr. Claudia Pombo

Thank you for teaching me the value of looking up to the stars Professor Hawking, and for so very much more. The Northern Lights will shine ever brighter now. Dr. Victoria Ingram

You was such an inspiration to so many people and you had the patience of a saint. May you rest in peace for evermore and take the love of the people from around the world who thought so much of you,With You. God Bless. Ian & Michelle Johnson

Steven Hawking's unfathomable insight into the workings of the universe will never die, but will be inspiration for future great minds to carry on his chosen task of explaining the unexplanable. James Roth

May the universe be with you! Tianran JIN

Stephen Hawking was an inspiration to all and will be deeply missed. He taught us so much and proved that knowledge is power and that it doesn’t matter what you’re limited to in body, so long as you have your mind. What an incredible man. I am thankful I lived in an age where he existed and eternally grateful for all he shared with us. My thoughts are with his family and loved ones at this difficult time. He has spent many years gazing at and studying the stars. Now he is among them. Rest peacefully Professor Hawking. Louise Hobson 

You will be greatly missed.
Sincerely, Ruth Soper

A loss of an inquisitive mind in our current and future generation. Professor Hawking has been the beacon of inspiration and determination for humankind. I am certain that we will continue to be inspired by his life. Raj (Prithwiraj) Saha

He was an intelligent,affluent and amazing man. He was never deterred from his goal and was always there to make a joke. He will be missed greatly and has made an impact on many lives, young and old, through science and through his sheer determination. Now he lies with all he discovered. Ella Lily 

In an alternate universe we were best friends. That said, I’ll miss you in this universe too. Gary Holliday

Thank you for all, and for showing us that everything is possible... Always in my heart. Goodbye Professor. Megan Marchi

So saddened to hear of the passing of such a great man. A wonderful, brilliant mind, indomitable spirit and courage, an amazing example of all that is possible. Your theories will have an everlasting effect on mankind. An absolute guiding light and voice of reason that will be utterly missed by all. Rest in peace amongst the stars. With all our sympathy to the Hawking family. Love The Shepherd family

A truly remarkable inspirational man. His courage, determination and discoveries have shown the world that everything is possible. He was highly respected here in Australia, not just by the scientific community but by us ordinary people who learned extraordinary things from Professor Hawking. Ruth Cook, Australia

Dear Dr. Hawking:
As a biologist I have had a long standing interest in your trascendent work on cosmology as well as in Mexican history, especially since ancient cultures of my country also tried to address astronomic questions, albeit from their particular perspectives. Your deep insight has impacted many of us, who will try to further disseminate not only your amazing scientific proposals, but the great value of your honest, direct and courageous stance before life. Certainly you will exist far beyond your lifespan, and our hearts will be forever grateful for your inspiring spirit. Oscar Sanchez Herrera

Your legacy in science will flourish for light years. श्रद्धान्जली !! Bibek Raj Shrestha

I think the loss of Stephen Hawking is a profound loss to all of us. It felt good to share the world with a man of acknowledged academic brilliance, a man of endurance and courage, of such good humour and of such wise political views. We will miss you. Valerie Brown

Thanks for giving us hope, for giving us light. Thanks for lighting our future. David A. Urrea

May the Good God you could be looking forward to find His love in you, in your eternity, dear Stephen. Johnson Edakulathur

Thank you for everything. Saurabh Singh

I was saddened to learn of the passing of Stephen Hawking, he was a great man who didn't let his physical condition stop him from making a difference and such a contribution to science. He will be greatly missed by everyone, my condolences to his friends and family, may he rest in peace. David Rowlands

Thank you for showing us disabilities mean nothing and we can touch the stars. Rest easy Stephen. Emily Orchard

Professor Hawking makes the world a better place to be. Although he taught physics, he gave us all lessons of resilience with a hidden 'Never give up!' message. I just met him once in a garden party in Cambridge in the late eighties, and still remember his bright presence. He was part and parcel of life in Cambridge and am thankful to his family for this Service of Thanksgiving to take part in the place where he spent most of his active working life. Thank you Professor Hawking, you will go on bringing us strength! No doubt! Marie MG Andre-milesi

One of the giants on whose shoulders we shall stand. He will be much missed. A.G.L.B.

"The victim should have the right to end his life, if he wants. But I think it would be a great mistake. However bad life may seem, there is always something you can do, and succeed at. There's life, there is hope.". ~ Stephen Hawking 2006. This is one of the most quotes that has inspired the all the world. May your soul rest in peace prof. Cyuzuzo

Thank you sir for making it all to easy to understand our world and beyond. Ronald R. Wright 

The most amazing man and a true inspiration to so many - RIP. Eileen

Stephen Hawking an inspiration to all he has taught me so many things. RIP Sir Stephen Hawking. Ciaran Taylor  

May memories of Stephen Hawking and the love of family surround you and give you strength in the days ahead. Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this sad time. Forever remembered, forever missed. Natalie Anne Jones

Such a brilliant man and an equally brilliant life! You inspired and touched so many people’s lives. Thank you for your time, wisdom and humanity. My thoughts and prayers are with your family. May your legacy live on and guide us always. Rest in peace Sir. You remain an inspiration to us all. Taliia Pangrazi

Mis condolencias a la familia. Ya Confirmaras la existencia de Dios y quien te recibirá como a todos a futuro. Saludos. Romy

I was fortunate to be at Caius from 1965 to 1969, and doubly fortunate to meet Stephen. I recall his human qualities: friendly, approachable and very, very amusing. We have lost a nice man as well as a great one. John McCrea

I have never met you on this earth but I will see you always when I look up at the stars. Happy journey! Regina Gilliland

Dear Sir, thank you for all you have done for mankind, I've loved watching and learning from you. May God Bless you in Heaven and give you all the answers to our universe you so very much deserve. God Bless all your family and friends.  So proud of you! Dawn Nichols, USA 

An amazing and wonderful, intelligent man has been taken from us, someone who changed the world in so many ways and the lives of millions can finally find peace. Ethan Mason

What are we going to do now? A veritable loss for mankind. A unique voice of wisdom and humour. Not just science smart. What an inspiration! The true definition of a role model. “It matters that you don’t just give up.” Rest in peace Professor Stephen Hawking. Claire Mayne

Thank you Professor Stephen Hawking, you were an extraordinary man who made this extraordinary world more understandable. Angela Williams

Requescat in pace, profesorze. Anielski orszak niech Twą duszę przyjmie. Amen. Sergiusz

To gather. To grieve. To celebrate. To praise. To mourn. To love … To remember. Carmen Daniela Becker

To quote the great man himself... "the quietest people have the loudest minds". Cambridge is an emptier place of late. Stephen

Heartfelt condolences to Professor Hawking’s family. I grew up surrounded by a culture of blind faith and stories of wonderful miracles but all those years ago when I came across your book, it taught me to question not just those beliefs but to open up my mind to the grand scheme of the universe, to admire, understand as well be humbled by our own existence. We have lost a great mind and a wonderful human being but your contributions will live for as long as the humanity survives... Dr. Jatinder Singh

A great man. We will not see such a man for another 500 years. Dave Jones

May my condolences bring you comfort and may my prayers ease the pain of this loss. Juan Morales 

Thank you. For Everything. You have inspired me to love science and discovery, and my children to believe in themselves that they can do anything no matter the barriers that stand in their way. May you rest peacefully. Anita Baker

Mr Hawking you were one of the most brilliant people that has been on this earth.You laughed at things and made others laugh with you.Your mind was amazing and all the knowledge that you knew can never be forgotten and you won't be forgotten .Rest in peace. you will be missed. Lynda Hill

great mind even bigger inspiration. Roger Lewis

The world has lost one of its greatest sons.
Hawking wasn't afraid of dying, although he said not to be looking forward to it. He considered the next 100 years crucial for the survival of our species. Yes, we have already "learned enough" to be able to eradicate mankind out of this so far unique and cozy blue planet. If we do, we are gone for all eternity; if we don't, new scientists like Stephen Hawking will come to help us to survive in a more just and humanistic way. As long as the world is governed by poorly educated megalomaniacs it remains in imminent danger of obliteration. We should always remember the admonition of this brilliant scientist and philosopher. We will remember him in deep admiration and intellectual gratitude. Manuel Ferreira-Godinho, Germany

Cher M. Hawking,
Faites un beau voyage dans ces contrées que vous même n'avez jamais pu comprendre. Et merci pour votre séjour terrien où vous nous avez montré l'essentiel. Julien "frenchliner" Lopato

The world is a much poorer place for not having you in it. There are so many questions that need to be answered and I feel that you were the only one that could have answered them. Our world and the world of Physics has been privileged to know you and I only wish that we had more time with you here. Bless you Professor for all the inspirational work you have done. We will miss you. Andrew John Powell

A truly Great man. Thank you for what you discovered. Eoin Houlihan

Professor Hawking - I admired you from afar, but your bravery and perseverance were a personal inspiration to me. There will never be another like you. Thank you for your contributions to humanity. The world will miss a beautiful mind. Now that you are amongst the stars of the universe, they will shine all the more brightly. Godspeed. Jenny

Au delà de vos capacités intellectuelles qui me renvoyaient à mon état de singe raisonnable, ce sont vos qualités humaines qui m’ont toujours incité à vouloir me rendre meilleur. Votre humilité, votre sagesse et votre pugnacité devraient être un exemple pour nous tous. Les livres que vous n’écrirez pas vont nous manquer. Vous saviez nous parler de l’incompréhensible d’une façon qui nous donnait l’impression d’être intelligent. Le soir de votre disparition, dans le ciel, une nouvelle étoile s’est allumée, et mon émerveillement n’a eu d’égal que ma tristesse. Je vous souhaite un heureux voyage dans l’éternité. Jc Poirot - France

It is a privilege to have lived in the same era. Max Bichunsky

He gave so much to so many ,we need so many more like him . To paraphrase bishop Tutu just another pebble on the beach , SOME PEBBLE SOME BEACH !!!! John E Bailey

A true credit to humanity and the furthering of its knowledge. We have lost one of our greatest, may he rest in peace. Robert

Farewell and safe journey 'out there'! Your passion, intellect, wit, curiosity and determined exploration of life, the universe and everything, which I will always cherish with affection and awe. Be at peace and deepest sympathies to your loved ones. Michelle Drayton-Harrold

May you be a star who shines brightly in the cosmos forevermore. Your work and existence will continue making a difference even now you are gone. Rest in Peace Professor Hawking. Our condolences to your family in this time of grief. Isabelle Rue

Stephen Hawking was a great seeker after Truth. I offer my condolences on his death to all that it may concern and I trust that we shall meet him again in a better world. Harry Lande, M. Sc.

My deepest condolences to the Hawking family. May you find comfort and peace in your happiest memories. Strength and prayers to you always. Steven Edward Courville 

I was a teenager when I read your first book. It seemed as though my mind exploded. Because of you the act of thinking beyond what my eyes could see has become a fulfilling life time project. Your smile is infectious. With gratitude and admiration, your absent student. Diane Cordova

Thank you, Professor Hawking. You were a guiding light to people who look upward with hungry passion and fascination towards the revelations and knowledge about our universe. Your teachings and inspiration shall live on! Edelgrace Miranda

In the summer of 1984 I went to Munich with Stephen and the family, as his nurse.  More than anything else it was fun! I remember nearly leaving Stephen in a cable car, on the Zugspitze - he liked his adventures - dawdling through the galleries of the Neue Pinakothek with an officious officer trying to close the gallery - Stephen wouldn't be hurried - reading an early draft of A Brief History and discussing theology and cosmology and carrying him out of a plane with the captain. "Poor chap, I suppose travel is all he has left." he said. "No" I replied, "he has just delivered a series of lectures on theoretical physics." My condolences to all the family. Robert, Lucy and Tim, you know you had a good dad. Peter Comont

Thank you. Thank you for having been here. You won´t be forgotten. Never. Nancy Doesinger

No other man or woman has made such a great contribution to science. R.I.P. Ervin Yuksel-Kilic 

Ideal voices we have greatly loved,
of those that death has taken (...)
At times we hear them talking in our dreams;
at times in thought they echo through the brain.
And, with the sound of them, awhile recur
sounds from the first poetry of our lives, —
like music, on still nights, far off, that wanes.
Poem by C.P. Cavafy. P. A. Fratti 

Thank you for your brilliance ... Carol Steck

Heartache over the loss of such a wonderful man. May you rest in peace Professor Hawking. Sally Constance Scott

Thank you for your work and inspiration. I was lucky enough to see your lectures before Brief History of Time, and I will never forget it. Duncan Ross

Even in death you are still loved and forever will be. You have touched the hearts of so many who owe you a lifetime of gratitude. We are not saying goodbye forever but goodbye for now. I pray you find peace and rest wherever you are. RIP Stephen Hawking. Rookhsaar

Professor Hawking was an inspiration to both the intellect and the heart. His contribution and impact have yet to be fully appreciated. Gabrielle Blackman-Sheppard

Thank you for the incredible scientific knowledge left for our generation. Condolence to your family. A needed voice of knowledge in our time. Jerry Rubin

I had the honour to see Professor Hawking speak at the Headway conference a few years ago. He was unwell that day but managed to attend both sites and delivered his speech.  I feel honoured to have witnessed this. He inspired me and will continue to do so. Rest in peace.  Jo-Ann Dawson (RGN)

What a fantastic man who has left the world his legacy of hope and wonderment for us all to grasp and to carry forward. Helen Johnson

Thank you for your brilliant insights and honesty. Elmer Reamer

 Condolences to the family and friends of Stephen Hawking. He was a great inspiration to people of a general background but intellectual interests. He led us in the effort to understand our world on the basis of science, not religious precepts. He is among the great contributors to our knowledge and like Sir Isaac Newton will be with us for the foreseeable future, not as some disembodied ghost in a mythical heaven but in our memories of a great person. Dave Clary

Amazing man, who fought through hurdles to do what he wanted in life and achieved his dreams. I salute you. Impressive man. Nathalie Boynton

Few will match your unwavering passion to unravel the mysteries of the cosmos and life itself. Thank you for everything Professor Hawking. May you rest in peace. Edis Yuksel-Kilic

Scientia Omnia Vincit. Howard Parsons

Mes plus sincères condoléances à la famille. J'ai l'impression moi aussi aujourd'hui de perdre un proche. M. Stephen Hawking fait parti de ma vie depuis mon adolescence c'est un génie , un très grand homme. Jeannette Paradis

Your knowledge will live on forever, thank you for inspiring infinite generations of the human race. Olivia Wade

 तत्त्वमसि (You are that, or That you are, or You're it). Thank You. Subramaniam Vijay Narayan

We met only once, but that short time will stay with me for all time. Timothy Emlyn Jones

May I express my deepest sympathies to all those dear and true to those of Professor Stephen Hawking. Thank you for the opportunity for this expression of condolence, and gratitude to this man of inspiration, the thinker, the father, the dry humour, the individual. My life as a surgeon, scientist and reader has been influenced by Professor Hawking. I will continue to "look to the stars, not at my feet". Thank you, for all you have contributed and left us to ponder. Dr Deborah Anne Wright

Your life inspires, delights and enriches all of us. John Wraight Shepherd

Something I didn't see anywhere : Stephen Hawking died on march 14th, wich is the international day of PI (3-14). How classy : dying the exact day wich is the most representative of infinite ! Georges Cerdan

Dearest Prof Hawking,
you are the greatest mind of our time, you were my inspiration in my challenges, all blessings Conor, aged 10, London. Conor Papadoulis

A brilliant mind... flying free... humanity's loss... the universe's gain. Holland Family

Your "Brief History of Time" will live with me forever and inspired me on my own scientific life. Why oh why did God (who doesn't exist) click "shutdown" instead of "sleep". Prakash

Inspired by Stephen Hawking’s love of science and life. I studied and achieved a first class degree in biochemistry as a single mum of five young children. I also have an inherited a heart condition. My children too now science undergraduate students such is the ripple effect. A privilege to have been alive to witness (and in some way share) part of his journey. Diolch Professor Hawking and family. Michelle Payne

Fly high, fly free. Elisabeth Solberg

Mr Stephen Hawking was a great man and a great scientist. RIP. S. Lebeau

You were Amazing when i first read one of his book Black Holes and Baby Universes and Other Essays. Then you told us, how black holes can give birth to baby universe. We have learnt so much from him about space and time and quantum mechanics. You will be sadly miss by all in the world. Jazzmin-Alexandria 

Heaven has gained what the world has lost, a truly brilliant soul. RIP. Sarah Smith 

Thank you for your exceptional bravery in life and for inspiration for whole world and human race. Vanja Arneric

You made a difference to the world. You inspired, you taught, you gave hope and energy. You were a true scholar & a force for good.  I am grateful that I lived in your lifetime. My thoughts are with your family, who loved you so much. Miriam Margolyes

We met only once, but that short time will stay with me for all time. Timothy Emlyn Jones

Twenty-five years ago, as a nervous A-Level student on a field trip to Cambridge with my school from Rothwell, Northamptonshire, I was not too conscious of who’s way I might be in, like a small pebble annoyingly grating a wheel, as I fumbled with my coat zip, at the bus stop with my classmates. Suddenly, a mechanical voice followed the throbbing of my toe and said “I’m sorry!”. I turned to find the great Professor Stephen Hawking and his female companion staring right at me. After removing my feet that felt cemented to the spot, I rapidly stepped aside. The commemorative Black Holes and Baby Universes collection of essays came out that summer. A book - which I promptly purchased upon returning home - forever reminds me of my brush with genius, my new-found popularity with my classmates, and my renewed self-confidence that, with the benefit of hindsight, seemed to help me to become a neuroscientist.  My brush with the great man was a brief moment in time, but one that touched me in an unconventional way - even if he only ran over the feet of students who were being irritating! Sorry for that Professor Hawking, but thank you for running over my foot all the same. With much love and respect, Dr Samantha Brooks.

I have never been very clever, and didn't understand a lot of his work, but I admired Professor Hawking very much. His tremendous courage throughout his life is an inspiration to us all. He is for sure a 'One Off'-  A Very Special Man. Elizabeth MacDonald

Thank you for inspiring me to go into physics. Dr Ben Parkinson

My deepest condolences to the family. Eleven years ago I had the honour to work for Professor Hawking, an experience that will remain always with me. Chiara

Professor Stephen Hawking was a testament to the power, strength and will of the human mind. His accomplishments represent the epitome of what the human race should strive for and they serve as an inspiration for us all. Richard D

I wasn’t much of a science buff growing up but Stephen Hawking still amazed me with his courage and determination and intellect, I was diagnosed with ms when I was 41 and I would have gave up but this man showed me that no matter what,life was worth living. I suspect that another star will shine in the sky tonight. R.I.P to the most amazing man. Kevin Gilfillan

An Inspiration to millions, whose legacy will live on forever...Our loss is the Universes gain!!!! -Go play amongst the stars....Heather Gibson

No academic in an ivory tower you coupled genius with humanity and humility. I am so sad at your passing but grateful you lived so long to share your knowledge and your humour. I am  glad that I got to hear you speak at the RAH a few years ago. Thank you. Elaine Pope

I was unable to meet Professor Stephen Hawking but I would wish all the very best follows him. Nya Byron Fossberg

My sincere condolences, we will miss you, you are a great person and a great mind. Miriam V Flores 

Thank-you Professor Hawking. You have been an excellent example to all humanity of what can be achieved under great personal difficulties. I trust you have inspired all future graduates. R I P. Brian Rees

A great man and an inspiration. Paul Bradshaw

Professor Stephen Hawking, had one of the most fascinating minds in physics. His works are so far unparalleled. His observations have been fascinating, to say the least. His works, character & determination, to live his life to its fullest potential despite his ALS, is what ordinary people will remember him by. Gone but never ever will you be forgotten. A true genius. RIP Professor Stephen Hawking. Amen. Susan Brown  

Heartfelt thanks for your gifts to the world that we are now able to ponder and study. Mr and Mrs Nigel Morton

I was given A Brief History of Time by my grandfather for my confirmation when I was fourteen. I was absolutely captivated, and my reading and re-reading of the book led to countless essays in school in both the natural sciences and literature. Before reading it, I was convinced I wanted to study the natural sciences in some shape or form. However, interestingly, the clarity of writing led me more to reasoning in general than mathematics. I ended up studying the humanities and then going to England from Sweden to study PPE, where I took a particular interest in philosophy. I keep coming back to ABHoT and watching Interstellar the other year took me back completely. Thank you for your inspiration professor, and rest in peace. Daniel Sjöström 

In memory of a great scientist and an accomplished human being. Adrian Hamlyn

What  a sense of humour this man had. What a life he lived. Maria Stockton

I have lots of space since I was a child, and your understanding all this expanded it even more. Since I'm not a scientist, I struggled even to understand the basic concepts in A Brief History of Time. Your life and work has inspired Millions and the things that you have helped us understand are so profound. As a fellow atheist, I secretly hope that you and I both are wrong about one thing, but there is perhaps a life after this where  we will again find those that we loved so in this life. Bravo for your amazing contributions to our knowledge, and for your staggering example of both bravery and grace in the face of such personal challenge. Susan Bramhill

The world lost one of the greatest Angels. God bless you all. Nyree Robbins 

I am not surprised in the slightest, but how wonderful it is to see so many people lining the streets of Cambridge to bid farewell to Stephen Hawking. I wish I could be there. God speed. Nigel Brachi

Thank you for everything that you have accomplished during your lifetime. Your works will continue to drive humanity forward, progressively driving our desire as a human race for exploration and to answer the unknown. As a huge fan of cosmology and physics myself, I have always looked up to incredible people like yourself; you truly are one in a million. May you now rest in peace and watch from beyond the stars. I would also like to wish huge condolences to Stephen Hawking's family. Dylan Richards

Great salute to this great soul known as Professor Stephen Hawking. Anand Singh

My condolences to Hawking's family and friends. Prof. Hawking was a great man with huge impact on humankind. It`s tremendous lost for you and whole world. I love his books, sense of humour and his life-work and I'll make sure that even my children will hear about prof. Hawking. Great men never dies. Condolences from Czech Republic. Lukas Safranek

When your parent dies it is a great loss to bear. May you be strengthened by the love and respect that so many have for your amazing father. Alison Bury

Your life illuminated many others. The best weapon ever is human endeavour despite all odds. From Buenos Aires with deepest admiration and gratitude. Jorge Shaw

You are now among the stars... and may you shine ever so brightly and forever. Irene Kwan

To Professor Steven Hawking, wherever his spirit may be in the universe, You have been a clear example of where the human mind can go, of the limitations humanity can surpass. Thank you for the hard work you've done for the sake of humanity. You are a member of a select few of exceptional people no one will ever forget. Jesse J. Velez

Stephen Hawking proved that disability does not need to hold you back. My wife and I are both disabled, and we own our own business. Stephen Hawking was, and will always be a wonderful inspiration. God bless. Allan Speirs

Ton nom restera à jamais gravé dans nos mémoires comme étant quelqu'un de simple et tellement extraordinaire à la fois. Ta connaissance à permis à bien du monde de comprendre l'univers de façon simple expliquée par toi. Bon voyage. Claude Renald

Back to the stars my friend where you belong! Thanks for coming to visit .. see you soon .. Mike Devine

The world has lost a genius but gained so much knowledge. He will always be remembered and admired. Alan Harman

Thanks for your thoughts. Maurice Noel Regnier

In memorial. A light that has illuminated not just the academic world but that of the common man. He has opened wide the gates of our universe our dimension to which we all belong, and we have seen in humbling clarity A vision of infinity. So, to a wonderful communicator and in the words of the Bard, “We are such stuff as dreams are made of, and our little life is rounded with a sleep.” sleep well dear sir, sleep well. Paul Victor Ward

We will sorely miss one of the greatest minds [if not the greatest] of the modern electronic era. Thanks to you for enlightening so many of us and allowing us to think outside the box. Travel the celestial highway and we will follow. David Rolfe

Professor Hawking, you were a huge inspiration for my interest in astrophysics, long after my school education ended in GCSE’s, with terrible results. Now, many years later, it has become something I am passionate about, and it all started with your famous book A Brief History of Time. Thank you, on behalf of myself, the scientific community, and humanity as a whole, for everything you gave to the world - not just knowledge, or the understanding of Hawking radiation, or even your many other activities, but for being a scientific icon that inspired the likes of myself and many others, now, and for generations to come. Gene Fallaize

Gracias: Por el conocimiento, por el compartir, por no dejar de luchar y sobrevivir, por ser, por amar. Gracias. Thania Quijano Villaseñor

A true inspiration for the whole of humanity. An amazing mind and spirit who never lost his sense of humour, a pioneer for physics that I am glad to have lived during the time of. Chloe Eddy

Dearest Dr. Hawking,
We all know how brilliant you were as a physicist/scientist. Your mind was something to be reckoned with!! I want to say Thank You for being such a lovely person and gentleman. You were also such an inspiration to many. I will be looking to the unexplored but visible WORLDS above, waving hello or possibly a nod here n' there... Just to let you know how much appreciation I still have for you Stephen. ~Shalom, Melissa Urban

Thank you. What a wonderful legacy. Heather Cadarette-Rocha

Dr. Hawking was an inspiration and a personal icon to me. A role model for us all. His  courage and examples in his life helped me through my own challenges, personally and professionally. Thank you, dear Stephen, for a life well lived and shared with us all. Diana R Greenough, PhD

RIP Professor Hawkings you was and still are an inspirational person to others. You remained strong and a determined soul. You never gave up carrying the work of science and showing others anything is possible. You have reached the stars and beyond. God bless you. My condolences to the family. You will be missed. Sundeep Randhawa 

Dear Dr Stephen Hawking, 03/31/2018
You have been an amazing, true inspirational Hero to many who are suffering with ALS. I have a dear loved one (Pam) who is suffering with ALS also and I know you have been her inspiration to fight this deliberating disease. Thank you for all you have accomplished in your life and for the Hope you have provided on a daily basis to all those suffering with ALS. My condolences to all your loved ones and May your Soul now Rest in Peace!!! Amen. Sincerely, Vanessa West, LMHC Qualified Supervisor, Cocoa, Florida, United States of America

Dr. Hawking, your humor through adversity amazed me. Your appearances on TV shows such as "Star Trek: The Next Generation" and "The Big Bang Theory" showed how you never let life defeat you. You were quite good on screen and the pleasure you provided viewers inspired us and proved that one should never give up hope. The stars shine brighter with you up there. Michael McKee, San Francisco, CA

Thank you for your contribution to the world. Melissa Del Borrello

Amazing man, amazing legacy. So very few, alas, leave shoes that big to fill. Anna Chern

Special thoughts and deep condolences to the family on the loss of a very special man, may he rest in peace. Angela Grimsey

Prof. Stephen Hawking was a man who touched millions with his brilliance, his humour and his humanity. Condolences to his family, friends and colleagues. Damien Smyth

 An amazing mind, who had take humanity closer to the stars. He is now one with the universe. My prayers and thoughts goes to his family. Ricardo Reis

A man who served and will serve forever as a continuing inspiration for my love of science. Benjamin Hubbard

Thank you so much for you life and inspiration Dr.Stephen Hawking, your life and your work is a legacy to humankind, may you rest in peace. Widarto Adi

RIP Dr Hawking, a brilliant mind trapped in an unforgiving body, who, nevertheless, contributed so much to the world not only in physics but in showing courage, determination and purpose against huge odds. You are one of the very few human beings I admire and I was really saddened by your death. I've read A Brief History Of Time and although some of it went straight over my head the parts that didn't opened up such marvels about the universe, I was stunned! What wonderful world we live in, indeed! I've seen the film too and was very moved, but glad you had your time of happiness too. So, Dr Hawking, I'm really grateful you were born and lived and worked during my own lifetime, it's as if I've known you personally, a great honour! Be happy, wherever you are. Nora M A Guedes

I am sorry for your loss. The void left will be very hard to fill, but fortuitously Professor Stephen Hawking has left enough material to keep his peers and fellow Cosmologists deep thinking for decades to come. Rest in Peace. With deepest sympathy. Reg Luff

~thank you, in every way possible~
All Blessings...aum
Your words to my son, will continue to be an inspiration, not for him alone, for all those who follow those words..."You must never give up"

An offering...
As Ash
I have surrendered
To your fire,
And burnt~
I come alive
as nothing more than ash,
And scattered by some holy wind
I reach every
You winds blow across
the ashes of love
to lands far away
I rejoice
in the thought of
how many will share
in this sacred dance one alone
cannot behold
such a great love
it was meant
for all the universe.
by: Eric P. McCarty and Angela
copyright 2002 Cinda Raymond

Sincere condolences to Stephen Hawking's family. You are finally free Stephen! Haris V.

Thank you for all you have done. May you rest in peace. Susan Passe

Professor Hawking was an inspiration to me. A brilliant, unparalleled scientist whose work was incredible. His passing is a loss to the whole world. Condolences to his family and friends. May his soul rest in peace and may his legacy inspire people for years to come. Diti Dave

Thank you so much for being an inspiration to me and the other thousands of physicists in the world. You have been my motivation over the years of my studies and my whole career in physics. You will be missed dear Professor. Nikolas Petrou

To the world’s dearest Professor who was a star on planet Earth and has now moved to the heavens! That my 7 year old son says “Dad, we must take the eco-friendly route,” when driving and that “Physics is the key” to knowing the world is all because of you. I wish I had written to you a year back when my son finished reading George’s cosmic adventures series written by you. I can’t thank you enough for making Science accessible. Deepest regards to Lucy, Robert and Tim. Rest in Power, Professor Stephen Hawking. Shahriar Daudpota, Ambreen Shahriar, Khushi Daudpota (daughter), Malhaar Daudpota (son), Watford, UK

RIP to a brilliant man and a brilliant mind. Emma Henderson

Stephen Hawking such a beautiful star. Through his opening up the sciences, I went to study a module in Nueroscience to add on to my Child Care Qualifications. Something of incredible benefit to not only myself, but to lots of children I’ve cared for. So many, many thanks. Gaynor Gledhill

R.I.P. I read A Brief History In Time when it first came out, I didn't understand it. But I enjoyed it. I go back to it from time to time and read sections and begin to understand bits, not enough to explain it out loud but enough for it to make sense. I will never understand all of it but that won't stop me from going back to read more from time to time. Someone who could take something so visionary and enable me to see just a bit of it is a very special person. Thanks for the view. Trevor Mckenna

Whenever I wanted to refer to a person with a great intellect you were the first person who came to mind. Ronald Lel

Dr. Hawking, your humor through adversity amazed me. Your appearances on TV shows such as "Star Trek: The Next Generation" and "The Big Bang Theory" showed how you never let life defeat you. You were quite good on screen and the pleasure you provided viewers inspired us and proved that one should never give up hope. The stars shine brighter with you up there. Michael McKee, San Francisco, CA

Lives of great men all remind us
We can make our lives sublime,
And, departing, leave behind us
Footprints on the sands of time
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Ben

Sincere condolences to Stephen Hawking's family. You are finally free Stephen! Haris V.

Thank you for all you have done. May you rest in peace. Susan Passe

Professor Hawking was an inspiration to me. A brilliant, unparalleled scientist whose work was incredible. His passing is a loss to the whole world. Condolences to his family and friends. May his soul rest in peace and may his legacy inspire people for years to come. Diti Dave

Thank you so much for being an inspiration to me and the other thousands of physicists in the world. You have been my motivation over the years of my studies and my whole career in physics. You will be missed dear Professor. Nikolas Petrou

Sir, you have been an inspiration to many on this world. I personally have read many pieces of your work. I am not highly educated, as many are in your line of work, but you Sir, have taught me to read more on the cosmos, Thank you Mr Hawking. May you rest in peace Sir. Neil Smart

Goodbye Stephen Hawking. You were an inspiration. Tony Bruno

I have read, re-read, re-read Stephen Hawking's books. I love him. I only understand about 10 percent. But that 10 percent enthralls me and gives me hope. Surely Stephen Hawking is healthy, and soldiering on, in some other elsewhere or elsewhen, cavorting with Newton, Einstein, Galileo, Heisenberg, Feynman and Schroedinger. Continuing to discover and enlighten all who listen. Crying because in this particular existence, we now lose him. Sally

Thank you Stephen Hawking for your courage and persistence. You are an example to us all for making the best of your lot and harnessing your intellect for the benefit of mankind. Sue O'Hare

They say that people can be replaced. They are wrong. Stephen Hawking is the proof that there are beautiful minds and brains that cannot be replaced in the realm of humanity. I wished to have had the chance to listen to him, but this is now gone. Prof. Hawking will be remembered in line with the few greatest minds in mankind, from Aristotle to Einstein. Rest in peace, but your inspiration will not go away. People like you become immortal. Andreas Grimm

My condolences to the Hawking Family, to his three children who will be proud of their father for ever. My age is the same as Stephen Hawking was and I wish to mention that very early I knew about the discoveries of the British genius of whom the whole United Kingdom is proud. My father told me in the seventies that the "Blach holes theory" was set up and this is a real scientific revolution in everyday's life for scientists. I am fond of sciences without being a scientist and I red Stephen Hawking book "Brief history" and his writtings. A worldwide reference. Lucky are those who knew him. Sincere condolences. Wladimir Vostrikov

Apart from my respect for one of the greatest scientists the world has ever known, I loved his wicked sense of humour. Barbara Rodermond

A truly great man you will be greatly missed. Lisa Minty Dobbs

You were and will be an inspiration for generations. Antti Hietamäki

Rest in peace Professor Hawking, the most inspirational physicist of our time and one of the greats of any time. tml> Alan Frener

The most humble, yet the most inspirational person of our generation. RIP Professor Hawking. Samantha Hurley

So long Stephen, A beautiful mind, a remarkable human. Your legacy will never be forgotten. Every time we look up at the Sky, we will remember you. Rest in Peace wherever you maybe kind Sir. Condolences to your Family and Friends during this sad time. Vickie

May peace prevail on earth. Simon Fisher Turner

My introduction to the wonders and promises of science and physics was made possible by George's Secret Key to the Universe when I was only a child. Later on in my life it was only natural that A Brief History of Time which elaborated on those same promises became one of my favourite books. Now that I am preparing to study engineering in college I would like to express my most sincere gratitude to you professor for your significant part in my journey and being the beacon of inspiration that you were to me and the world. Utku Koksal

Moraru Cristian Gabriel 

Thank you. You whole life has been and will continue to be an inspiration. Anne Gardiner 

Professor Hawking represented the very best of humanity. He was God's exemplar. Domenico Falanga

The world will never shine as bright as it did when you were here. Brian and Alex Wolfe

I mourn the loss of a truly exceptional human being. For many decades Professor Hawking was an inspiration to myself and the entire world. Now he, once again, is part of the mystery of the universe which he helped to make a bit more discernable to beings existing on an exceptional planet in an insignificant solar system located in one of billions of galaxies in a potentially multiverse universe. Thank you for the wonder of it all. Lynn McConnell

In the Essential Source was born the Thought. I hope that you joined It, and have finally The Answer ...Maybe will meet somewhere in time....Much love. Morgane

An inspiration. A true star in an age of mediocre celebrity. Frank Adams

My most sincere condolences to each and every one of Stephen's family, friends and colleagues for their loss. Whilst Stephen has now left us all behind in this life, we are safe in the knowledge that the legacy he leaves behind will live on for hundreds of years. I now like to think that Stephen himself is having a ball exploring the incredibly vast universes on which he made his life's work. Rest In Peace you wonderful man! Catherine Plant

Such a shame about prof Stephen Hawking im sure the memory of him and his work will live on for years to come he has been such an inspiration for years rip prof stephen hawking you deserve to rest now thinking of you and your family at this sad time. Lee Willis, Stoke on Trent

RIP, Professor Stephen Hawking. You were a great and wonderful inspiration to us all! You'll be greatly and sadly missed! Thinking of all your family, friends and colleagues at this sad time! June Todd 

An intelligent, witty & inspirational person; remarkably brave when faced with physical adversity. Your legacy will live on... Rest in peace Prof. Hawking. L Higgins

Thank you, Dr. Hawking for your example of inspiration and courage. I hope you now have answers to all your questions. Kim Ssk

Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change. Life would be tragic if it weren't funny. The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge. These are quotes that i will always remember and try to live my life to the fullest. Thank you for the eye opening work you have done and inspired others with. RIP Professor Hawking. Dale Barnes

Sonnet of Amazed Farewell
Now Time and Light and Space for you are one,
a unifying mystery resolved.
How it is that Life could have begun
and from a void of Nothingness evolved
was what you sought to teach; and how this world
might suffer all our cruelties, yet live.
Through artificial voice, from body curled,
your unattainted mind had much to give.
Orphans now, we see the path you blazed,
liberated prisoners stunned by light.
Motionless we stand, our thoughts amazed
that such a man could scale so great a height.
Our understanding wholly overturned,
disciples at your feet we loved - and learned. Darrell Barnes

The most beautiful mind that our world has ever known will be sorely missed, and humanity poorer for the absence of it. That we as a species were gifted with over 50 years more of this great mind and Professor Hawking's gifts than medical science believed was possible has left us in a much better place than we otherwise would have been. Whilst we are saddened by having lost him, we are fortunate to have shared a brief history with him. Thank you for sharing your mind with us. Matthais Irae

Stephen Hawking is one of the few that could make the world go silent when he spoke. He´s also the man that made me use my brain and think before i act. May he rest in peace. André Hafström

Stephen was a brilliant man. I've only known of him through his movie and what I read and followed through the media over the years. He was amazing in the things he has accomplished throughout his life. My sincere condolences to his family and friends. They and the world have lost a great man. May he rest in peace. Nancy Florian

RIP Professor S. Hawking, the greatest scientist of my lifetime. It's a pity that I never had an opportunity to meet you in person, but your works and theories will continue to inspire many others for many years to come. Thank you very much! Raymond Yuen

You have been an inspiration to so many on so many levels. You've been a beacon of hope in this ever increasing troubled world. I shall miss your wisdom and intelligent words. I hope your good work will continue. Many condolences to your family. Rest in peace. Anne Ellis

Steve was a good friend in our undergraduate days at Univ; unbeatable at bridge, curious about our maths, and a good rowing cox. How fortunate that he survived being thrown in the Isis for dropping the bung in the rudder lines! He was obviously clever, but we had no idea how clever. He was always  friendly and good company. We miss you, Steve. Sleep well. Iain Spey

The most beautiful mind that our world has ever known will be sorely missed, and humanity poorer for the absence of it. That we as a species were gifted with over 50 years more of this great mind and Professor Hawking's gifts than medical science believed was possible has left us in a much better place than we otherwise would have been. Whilst we are saddened by having lost him, we are fortunate to have shared a brief history with him. Thank you for sharing your mind with us. Matthais Irae

Stephen Hawking is one of the few that could make the world go silent when he spoke. He´s also the man that made me use my brain and think before i act. May he rest in peace. André Hafström

Many thanks Professor Hawking for your books and wisdom. I pray for you to God. Piotr Z Forajter

Thank you for Sharing your passion for Life and Science with us. That you passed on Pi Day 3/14/18 confirmed all. Enjoy your next journey. Chris and Rick Thomason, Chicago, IL 

Stephen was a brilliant man. I've only known of him through his movie and what I read and followed through the media over the years. He was amazing in the things he has accomplished throughout his life. My sincere condolences to his family and friends. They and the world have lost a great man. May he rest in peace. Nancy Florian

Such a shame about Prof Stephen Hawking im sure the memory of him and his work will live on for years to come he has been such an inspiration for years rip prof Stephen Hawking you deserve to rest now thinking of you and your family at this sad time. Lee Willis

Thank you for being a true inspiration to many people, both young & old. Your drive to succeed, learn & teach will be sadly missed by many. David Carter 

Thank you for everything Professor-your wisdom and insight inspires and encourages the rest of the human race-always and forever. Rest In Peace. Mary Elizabeth Hancock 

Thank you for your life. RIP. John Cole

Dear Professor Dr Stephen Hawking, combined action of your body and brain while your soul (energy) was bound within the material body has revealed that metaphorically you came to this earth to turn the meaning of word 'impossible' to 'I'm possible'! The world has lost a unique personality, a great scientist, a brilliant physicist of twenty first century. May family and friends get strength to bear this irreparable loss and wish the departed soul Rest in Peace. Dr Bishnu Simkhada Carter 

Professor Hawking was a shining example to all of us. He was a light in the dark, chaotic world we seem to live in, especially now. May his memory live forever. Elizabeth North

Farewell to Professor Hawking from a longtime admirer in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Lance Arthur Anderson

Thank for always looking up, instead of down. For always seeing the glass full, instead of empty. For giving millions a piece of your spark, to inspire millions more, for all time. Thank you Sir. Aaron M

The world has lost a brilliant scientist and an inspiration for millions, young and old. RIP Professor Stephen Hawking. Peter Vaskivuo

A champion of education, public health services, and rationality. Thank you for your dedication to science. J J

Rest In Peace. You were one of the greatest minds of our time. Rebecca & Duncan Watson 

Myself and my late partner were great admirers of yours your tenacity zest for life combined with your sense of humour will always be fondly remembered by many people. You stared adversity in the face and beat it my sincere condoleces to your family and friends. Rest In Peace Stephen Hawking. Sally Gill 

Professor Stephen Hawking was an inspiration to people the world over as well as a respected scientist, who will be remembered long into the future.  His whole life was proof that we can overcome any challenge, no matter how hopeless it may seem. Rest In Peace Professor. Mrs K Holmes

With great sorrow... Elizabeth Melrose

Your inspiration will continue for generations- not only your scientific achievements but also your courage and determination to continue in face of adversity. A true example to us all that disability is no limitation to what you wish to achieve. Rest in peace while we all continue to look at the stars. Lisa Horne

Your will power throughout life is an inspiration to all. Thank You. Craig McCracken

A great mind that roamed through the universe to ease out its secrets. He has taught us to never give up. He lives on in the mind of all. Udayaraj Khanal

One of the world's greatest, who's work and name will carry on for another life time. Deepest sympathy from Belfast. Joanne Adams

Thank you, Prof. Hawking, You inspired so many. You believed in the impossible, and then you went and DID the impossible. Your life was a stunning example of overcoming hurdles and challenges, and you faced more than most. But your unencumbered spirit and your uninhibited brain still roamed the vast galaxies of unknown. Thank you for your life, prof. Hawking. We will forever miss you, as a scientist, as a joker, as a human. Zuzana Hamasova  

Good bye to an inspirational human being; a towering genius with such a brilliant sense of humour. Thank you for your staunch defence of the NHS too!!!! You will be sadly missed. Rest in Peace Professor Hawking. E Gude

Thank you professor for all your work in demystifying the cosmos. Your wicked sense of humour and fearless spirit will be missed greatly. Charlie Hancock

RIP Professor Stephen Hawking-You are now again part of the universe you have help all of us in continuing to understand. As someone on the autism spectrum with other medical difficulties, you’re inspiration to overcome all odds against you and become a leader in the world through the power of the mind will be an infinite example for humanity. But now that you have passed, it is the job of people like myself and others of my generation to take the next steps you’ve laid out for us. Your successor is alive today, and it will be intriguing to see who will be the world’s next great mind in the years to come. ‘Thank you’ ^ infinity! Jay Haarburger

Prof Hawking has inspired so many, including me. I remember, as a teenager, reading his books page after page while on a camping site with my friends in the Summer of 1995. And finally, at the age of 38, no less, I decided to read for a degree in mathematics and physics. Among others, I have him to thank for overcoming the fear of failing this audacious effort of being able to write down the working out of the universe, one day. And to keep going. To never give up. I wish the family and friends strength and love as well as my utter condolences. Klaas Jan Runia

The World has been left with a black hole in it that will be impossible to fill. Rest in peace, Stephen Hawking. George & Monika Athanasiou

We have lost a great and generous mind and a great and generous man. Arthur Kaletzky

Although I didn't know you I know that you changed so many people's lives in different ways. A true inspiration and proper gentleman. Grant Stevens

The Roman general, emperor and Stoic philosopher Marcus Aurelius – and I'm paraphrasing him here – once remarked that individuals chose to lead good and useful lives for a variety of reasons. Some merely hoped for a reward in heaven, Elysium or wherever. Others led that good and useful life, even in extreme adversity, with no hope of reward in the afterlife but simply because they opined it was the right and proper thing to do. In a way, it came naturally to them, and methinks this was very true of Professor Hawking. Here was a person who was determined, come what may, to share his view of life, the universe and everything else, with generosity, with the natural, unforced skills of a great teacher and communicator, and without any complaint. This was a truly marvellous achievement, one for which we should all be grateful and in the face of which we should all be truly humble. Angus MacKinnon

Stephen was and shall remain, in my heart and memory, a national treasure, a hero of the modern era and mind and an example of how anyone can achieve what they want to against overwhelming odds. My thoughts and prayers go to his family across the world as they remember such a great man. God bless you Stephen Hawking. Robert Johnson

Professor Hawking - your work was inspirational, and your zest for life, in the face of massive physical adversity, even more so. Your passing is an irreplaceable loss. You are missed by millions. Rest in peace. Robert Charles Perry

Professor Hawking, thank you for the endless inspiration you have provided over your long and stellar career. We have been in awe of your brilliance, and the courage and humour with which you had dealt with an unforgiving disease. May your soul travel peacefully through the infinite vastness of space and time. Rest in Peace, dear Professor. The Mallini-Landy Family 

Im not a genius nor am l very intelligent but Mr Hawking you touched my life so much, l would have loved to have understood all you believed in. l watched the film of your life story on a plane. Rest in peace you wonderful brave clever man. Sheila

My Grandfather, William Wade, had his room in Caius close to Prof Hawking until his death. My favourite story was one of an exchange with my mother when he was (I think) 84. She had enquired how he got on at a College feast; my grandfather had been ill and my mother was concerned that he might have been overwhelmed by the opulence of food and drink. When Granddad realised what Mum was getting at, his exasperated response was “for God’s sake Yvonne, Stephen Hawking was still going strong at midnight!” Prof Hawking was, in so many ways, the benchmark against which others measured themselves. As this story also indicates, Caius looks after its own, when aged and indeed also in death. I hope the service today provides as good a way to say goodbye as Caius and the University did for us. No matter how public the goodbye, the private loss is still quietly devastating. My heartfelt condolences. Marianne L. Wade

I can think of no greater gift than to inspire others in their pursuit of knowledge. Condolences to your family on the passing of a gentleman and scholar. Thank you Stephen Hawking. Natalie Moore

Let your energy be returned to the stars of which we came. A Spencer 

Thank you Stephen for your gift to humanity. Brian Carter

RIP Dr. Hawking. Lisa Lawson-Bonser

Unconquered. Serenwyl Rhosier

Dear professor - you are the reason I see the world in different way and question all the things happening around us. You taught me the meaning of life. RIP. Dinangkur Kundu

Dear Hawking Family,
Please accept our condolences one family to another. I had known of your father all my life and encouraged my children to know of him too. Science and maths has and is our connection to him. I truly hope that his legacy will be in the exploration of the cosmos. We will always remember him. Sharon, Eleanor, Sophie & Jacob Turner

Rip to one of the greatest minds of our time. Kelly Thomason

Farewell! You have inspired us to learn more about the Universe and we will forever be grateful. Enjoy the stars! Copaci

I thank you. For opening my eyes and my imagination as I look up to view the night sky. It is very easy to admire the beauty before our eyes. Yet most people believe that it is to difficult to grasp the basic understanding of our universe. With your work this was made possible and allowed each individual to gain a greater understanding our universe. Thank you......My thoughts are with your family and friends on this sad day. Greg Owen

We've learned something from you - you were useful to humanity. See you later. Romeo Racz

My son was inspired by your genius to apply to Gonville and Caius for mathematics. When he got his offer, he was so thrilled at the possibility of glimpsing you and daring to hope he may be taught by you. However every light, no matter how bright, eventually fades. Your inspiration and hope to people living with a disability makes it so that they do not have to be defined by the disability but by their achievements. Thank you Prof.Hawking - may you rest in peace in your cosmos. Uzma Smylie

You were a inspiration to millions of folk! You proved doctors wrong this is why I admired you so much, we are poorer without you Prof thank you for being you. Chris Morley

Thank you for making the world look up and wonder again. Bill Norman 

You inspired me to look to the stars when I was a child and still do to this day. Thank you for showing me, and many many others, that anything is possible. Lauren Butterworth-Taylor

You were a great and inspirational man. Rest in peace. Christian Forte

Thank you for your brilliance, your determination to overcome adversity and most of all your never ending inspiration. Stephen Williams

Thank you for helping to excite the world about the incredible worlds in which we live. My interest in physics would remain untapped were it not for you. Bethany Haughey

On behalf of my late husband, who admired you and was inspired by A Brief History of Time. Sincere condolences. Anne Slee

Far too soon, but your contributions to science will not be forgotten. Keiran

A truly remarkable man. His legacy will live forever rip. Anne Coughlan 

You were and are an inspiration to many. Need I say more? Josh Sullivan

May your soul rest in peace and may your brilliance nurture an era of technically improved youngsters..... Aarash

Our son did a Masters in Theoretical and Experimental Physics in 2008 at Girton College, Cambridge and Professor Steven Hawking was always an inspirational figure in his desire to study at Cambridge. Thank you! Richard and Sandra Brighton, Sheffield

You were an inspiration for many. You had everyone stunned by your mind. You had your mind set on the infinite. You will be missed, sir. Mruthyunjeyan 

Always an inspiration and a reminder of a well-lived life. Rest in power, Professor Hawking! Louise

We have parted with one of the greatest souls of humanity. Rest In Peace Sir. You will be remembered forever. May you travel on and on, across the distant reaches of the cosmos, to which your mind has travelled so far. Gautham Kanagaraj

Thank you for the many adventures I have joined you in, for showing me things I would never have thought about or seen without you. For your humanity, humour and spirit. Lots of love and sincere appreciation for the big part you have played in my life. Loren Parker

Prof. Stephen Hawking,
The work you did in the field of Science will forever remain as an inspiration to this planet and the people for generations and generations to come. Adieu Great Professor and Rest In Peace! Dr. Remy Ifeanyi Odoeme, PhD 

My condolences to the family of friends of a truly remarkable man, Professor Stephen Hawking. He was inspirational and the world is a much poorer place following his passing. RIP Sir. Alan Fidler

Such a sad loss to the world, but your legacy and theories live on. Thank you for your inspiring life. The Catons

With a sad heart we leave this message. What an amazing person. RIP. Lisa and Andrew Ward

I admired so many things about you, your determination and brilliance. May your next adventure be as inspirational as this life has been. Marette Gale

 As a 'town and gown' part of Cambridge, I grew up knowing that many great people lived and worked in my hometown, including Stephen Hawking. He was and will always be an inspiration to those who feel that a physical disability will prevent them from doing great things. I love to think that he is now one of those stars in the firmament that he studied and tried to explain to those of us with so much less brain power. Rebecca Court

I know very little about the subject but Stephen Hawking made it possible for me to learn that. I’ll never understand it fully, but that’s not important. What is important is Stephen making learning such theoretical and complicated things possible. An amazing man. Rightfully coming to rest with many other history making men of science. G. Gabb

You have inspired me many times over, you've given me an exquisite view on life, the stars and the universe. Thank you sir. John Abraham

There are no words or weeping stars adequate to express the loss of this great man! He is eternal. Shirin Nasr

You opened up new worlds for us to look at. Thank you. Maria Latsis

A mind, a personality and a man, who honoured us for too short a time with his peerless intelligence, working to the benefit of humanity. Up to humanity now, to honour to the full the vision & intellectual generosity of this dear, dear lad, this titan of science. Alban Thurston

Thank you for the inspiration. You were one of a kind. You will be missed. My heart goes out to your family and your colleagues. Michael Thatcher

Thank you Professor Hawking for letting me understand (within my limits) the wonder of the Cosmos and rudimentary Quantum Mechanics. RIP genius. Anthony Morrissey

We are made of the stars and to them we return. I thank you for your insight and the understanding your work brought to science. Ad Astra. Geoffrey Reynolds

I sit with my eleven year old daughter as we think what to write. We're neither physicists nor scholars but that doesn't matter. You're message of love and unity in humanity has reached far. Our heartfelt condolences to your family, friends and loved ones. The world is not quite the same without you Professor Hawking. Miss Natalie Dornan & Miss Mia Dornan

I never ceased to wonder at his mighty brain. Mike J Manley

A huge loss to the world. RIP Stephen. Heidi Maier

'The' Professor...after you, we know what a black hole is right here on earth, in our hearts and certainly in our minds. You will remain amongst the brightest objects in the galaxy that you spent your life exploring no matter what...nothing could stop you from brilliance. Wow, what an amazing life you had! A truly beautiful mind! Rest in peace! 

Dr Amit Agrawal

We have parted with one of the greatest souls of humanity. Rest In Peace Sir. May you travel on and on, across the distant reaches of the cosmos, to which your mind has travelled so far. Gautham Kanagaraj

Every once in a while an exceptional Human Being comes along, Stephen Hawking, was the man of our time. The complexity of his mind was incredible, as was the man himself. He made you think outside the box. One day in the future we all might have the answers to the questions he was seeking. For now  "Stephen Hawking" Fly High and Free as the universe you loved. A man never to be Forgotten. Gaylene

The world has lost one of its biggest interpreters. See you in a future supernova. Thomas Westman 

My sincere condolences to your family and friends; you are such a loss to us all.  You might say you leave a black hole in all our hearts from which Hawking Radiation (love) escapes. Thanks for your inspiration, optimism and endeavour for all of us; so we can see ourselves better for your being with us! Brett Lamond

Sincere condolences to the family of this most remarkable man, what a legacy he leaves behind, never to be forgotten. Patricia Glazsher

You was predicting stars and black hole in the sky. Now you became a star. Your legacy and contribution and tireless effort to science live on. You made a vacuum will nature fill the vacuum. May his soul rest in peace. Ram prasanth Ramesh

What eyes you allowed the world to have through your vision. You opened a universe for us. And for yourself. Humanity should be forever grateful of your presence. Kate Sheppard 

The universe will never be the same. Susan Sharp

Thank you Prof. Hawking for your inspiration, and good luck on your travels in the afterlife with 'The old One'! Shuni Ramjee

William Owen 

I was very sorry to hear of the death of Professor Stephen Hawking, one of the most brilliant minds ever, ranking alongside Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein. Terry Ormònd

Thank you Dr Stephen Hawking. Georgios Kitis

You will be so missed Professor. Thank you so very much for inspiring me and giving me a love of the sky above us. I was just an ordinary pupil and although I had always been fascinated with the world above us I thought when I was a child that this was out of my reach, but you taught and explained things in such an easy way it has become a passion. I will forever be in your debt. I hope you are finding all the answers you craved amongst the stars. My thoughts are with your Family and Friends. Christine Wallace-Harris

You were truly an inspiration to so many of us who looked for rational explanations to deep questions. You will be missed Mr. Hawking. Vikrant Raina

Dearest Mr Hawking, you poured light, understanding and meaning into our existence and your thoughts will remain within us, among us and beyond us. It's been an incredible honour to live in your time. May the quest seeds you've spread, blossom through eternity. Thank you for everything our dearest Mr. Hawking and farewell. We are looking to the stars... The Krugs

Thank you Dr Stephen Hawking for your astonishing work towards Science. Georgios Kitis

Well I never met you, and couldn't understand your work. So what did you mean to me? Firstly, something superhuman. I hope one day some damn great spaceship, improbably beautiful and sleek, goes to a black hole to investigate and that it is named after you. Secondly,  the photograph of you running over Jim Carrey's foot made me splurt my coffee and sprain a muscle. Thanks for one of the best chuckles of my life! Travel well Prof, wherever you go. Charles Goddard

Expressing sincere condolences on my inspired scientist, Prof.Stephen Hawking’s funeral. May his soul Rest In Peace. Dr. Maheswara Rao Valluri 

We mourn the loss of a great man who taught us a lot about our world in outer space. A great physicist who will be sadly missed. I am reading A brief History of Time, and honestly I can’t put it down! His ashes will be interred with the Great scientists in Westminster Abbey. R I P. Jean Driver 

Stephen Hawking was truly a great man, able to change the world for the better with his mind changing concepts regarding our origins and insights into the universe around us. However, I shall always remember him when I was entering the J Sainsbury store in Cambridge town centre some years ago. As I approached the doors they suddenly swung open and I was almost felled by a projectile exiting at high speed. It was of course Stephen Hawking who left me somewhat stunned by a 'Sorreee'. A good memory. Peter Ling

You are finally freed from your human bonds. Soar free across the Universe. Part of a Brief History but remembered forever in our hearts. Andrew T

Merci beaucoup, admirable savant, pour votre incroyable message de courage, de joie, de solidarité pour les malheureux de ce monde (les Palestiniens). Vous avez porté au plus haut les couleurs de l'humanitas en nous rappelant que nous pouvions être presque divins. Merci infiniment. Guillaume Villeneuve

I was never a student at Cambridge, nor am I qualified in any physics fields, but nevertheless Stephen Hawking touched my heart. His positive outlook on life and his determination to succeed in all thing against the odds was just remarkable. His work and his attitude will continue to inspire generations to come. Thank you for everything, Stephen Hawking. Nicole Thackray

Deep sadness of an esteemed mind and personality has passed. His thoughts and theories surpassed the galaxies and universes he theorized and will live on longer than time itself. His humour in opposition to his personal adversities are a testament to us all that challenges can be managed and overcome to accomplish greatness beyond our most basic understanding of what we hope to achieve. Rest in peace Stephen. Gavin Barber

Thanks ..... R.I.P! Ronald Bekkers

A great man. His final resting place next to the greatest Englishman of our time, Sir Isaac Newton, is most apt. Shirley McLaren

I bought his famous book for the non-specialist as soon as it came out in 1988. It changed my life. Although I have re-read it many times and I still struggle with the concepts, it was the first book that spoke to me in plain language about the origin and fate of the Universe. For that I will be always grateful. Rest in peace Professor. John Naughton

Words cannot explain the loss to the world following Professor Hawking's death. Strangely we thought he would always be there. He has left an astonishing legacy. RIP and thank you for such a brilliant life. Tricia M

"If Human life were long enough to find the ultimate theory, everything would have been solved by previous generations. Nothing would be left to be discovered." Thank you for giving inspiration and faith to the generations to come. May you rest in peace Professor amongst the universe and may your family see your light in their moments of darkness. Rebecca Cash and family

Full of admiration for his achievements in the teeth of adversity. Philip Slotkin

Vale Stephen, you have left this world a much better place. Your contributions to our knowledge of our world, your determination and indomitable spirit, showed us all how to live our lives. To your friends and family my condolences on your loss. Robyn Bierton

A Great Visionary who looked to the stars and beyond. James Shepherd-Blythe

You were and will continue to be an inspiration to generations of aspiring scientists trying to resolve the great unknowns. Rest in peace. Peter Bromley

A part of me, hopes a part of Stephen, heads towards the nearest black hole so that he, and we, can experience Hawking Radiation. RIP. Norrette Moore

Rest in Peace, you are a truly remarkable man! The world will not be the same without your genius! Condolences to the family and friends. Guy Wilson

Stephen - your passion for life was an inspiration, as much as your thirst for knowledge was. The universe is a larger and more stranger place because of your work but your absence makes our planet a little bit dimmer. Tristan Martin

Prof Hawking was without doubt an inspiration to so many who have a disability. His power to overcome barriers was many fold. His achievements beyond the realms of most. He will be sadly missed but never forgotten. Carl Lander

My condolences to your family and friends. Your legacy will live on through all of time. God bless you. Trevor Kent

Thank you for showing the world that the unknown can be known, struggles can be bravely fought and those who seek real truths can uncover them. One single man can change the world as we know it. Penny Wedlock-Ward 

I thank you Professor for inspiring many and carrying the torch of Scientific progress forward. We will try our best to not fail to take it even further. RIP Prof. Stephen. W. Hawking. Dr. Sameer. G. Datar

You are simply an inspiration to countless Physics students and enthusiasts like me. RIP Prof. Hawking. Dr. Bhakti. S. Datar

Despite not being allowed to do science at school beyond age 14, it’s thanks to you that I’ve had a love of all things Space. Bless you for all you’ve done, Stephen Hawking. Jan Lovett

Prof. Hawking's legacy lives on through his works in academic and popular circles. As the saying goes, true legends never die. RIP Prof. Stephen Hawking, the man who kindled my love for Science. Shreyas. S. Datar

A truly wonderful and inspirational man. He will be missed by not only scientific community, but also by those who looked at his genius and applauded his courage in overcoming adversity. Barb

Thank you for your life and work. Tye Trostad

You made such an impact on me and my education, thank you for being an extra star in our little solar system, theoretically we could be a binary system because we have you as well as our sun. You changed the world. Anthony Byrne  

You let me know. Montse Panero

Bedankt voor uw inzichten in uw vakgebied. Rust zacht, briljante geest. Don Goosen

Showed the world that boundaries are there to be crossed. The impossible can become possible. Anything can be overcome. A great mind, a great man. Rob Nicholson

Thank you Mr. Hawking for all your work and sharing your knowledge with us about the Universe. Ralf Deuze

Linda Stead

'To infinity and beyond'. Thank you professor. Tony Collins designer

A truly lovely man who gave every minute of his life his best. An inspiration. Mo

A brilliant mind & a sharp wit that will remain at the forefront of scientific history. Rest in peace. Jeanette Platt

Thank you, a remarkable human being and an amazing scientist. Michael Cryan

Stephen Hawking was that rare thing - a genuine legend in his own lifetime. A hero for generations. My father honoured him, my grandson was in awe. Stephen was a pupil at the school (St Albans School) in which I subsequently spent over 25 years teaching. He was there in our thoughts constantly. A school House was named after him. On two occasions I had the wonderful opportunity to hear him talk - his presence was extraordinary, his power over his listeners compelling. He had humour and humanity. A truly great man. May he rest in peace amongst the stars. Vivien Graveson

A great mind has not been taken from us, it remains in everything he ever wrote or said. It is sad for family and close friends and I am deeply sorry for them, he did give death one hell of a run for his money though. Prof. Anthony Eaton

Thank you Professor Hawking for being such an inspiration in our lives. I, for one, have enjoyed reading about your findings and found them to be mind blowing. May you RIP and may I also pass on condolences to all your family and friends. Michelle Duncan

Towering essence of humanity. How the nation will miss him. Our love to the family. Ann and Steven Percival

What a World Changer! Growing up in Tasmania, Australia in the 70’s, I didn’t take much notice of physics. Forward a few years and Stephens book “A Brief History Of Time”, then blew out lots of cobwebs. It was “Click” moment when suddenly all the high school science I had learnt fell into place. Then I started to follow Stephen. I learnt of his disabilities, humour, amazing intelligence and some of his diligent but wry ways of working. All this before the internet! Such a wonderful mind! I wish and hope he is remembered in all the Dimensions and in all the Universes because he certainly is remembered in mine. Gone with Grace. Adrian Guy

Thinking of you and your family today. John

You will be missed Professor Hawking. You made science cool, I think of you as a super-human because you were the closest man to the stars. May those stars shine brighter now that you're with them. Michelle Evans

On behalf of my family to yours, our sincerest condolences on the passing of Mr Hawking. We admire his vitality in knowing no boundaries for the human spirit and his fearless enquiring nature that proves there is no limit to learning and education. A true modern scientific master of our time for generations to come. Thank you Stephen Hawking. Giovanna Purchase 

Thank you, I feel privileged to have walked the planet in the same lifetime as you. Your life has meant something. In the end that’s all anyone can hope for but yours stands out because it meant so much to so many. Your work was only one part of your life your spirit was the main event! Nelly Dean

In a parallel universe Professor Hawking is sitting in the courtyard of Trinity College on a long summer afternoon with a beer. I do hope you’re right. A fond farewell to our Professor Hawking who shone with brilliance and left our world a more enlightened place. You are a peer of Shakespeare, Newton, Darwin, Einstein and da Vinci and will be remembered eternally. May you rest in peace Sir. Michael Stone

The world has lost a giant. Vale Stephen Hawking. A man who shared his love of the universe with generosity and insight. Valerie

To God's mercy, genius and great man. Thomas Klozy

Thank you for an incredibly inspiring legacy. May your spirit forever influence and guide intrepid thinkers everywhere. Rhonda Coursey-Pratt

Farewell, Professor Hawking! Your life and genuity were remarkable! Thank you much for your great ideas and imagination! Dimitre Tzankov

Professor Hawking,
Your wit, candor, and brilliance has been an inspiration to us all. I loved living next door to you at King’s College so many years ago! Brien O'Connell

Dear Stephen,
You were the talk of my A-Level physics.  You were the talk of my University degree, even though it was a Biological Science degree.  You were the talk of the pub when people who worked in non-scientific and literary posts.  No matter what route of work people took in their lives people talked about your work, your life, your ideas and your humour.  You considered people no matter who they were. Your life has had an immense impression upon mine.  I have thought about your theories long and hard, discussed them in my head to try and understand all the arguments which I admit, I can't.  I think I'm a physicist but am nowhere near your understanding. You brought so much to this Universe of ours that we won't get our heads around for many decades.  For this, our children will thank you. I once met Prof Hawking at university.  I was so nervous that the only thing I could think to say was, "How fast does your wheelchair go?".  I felt so foolish but his response was to say, "Watch!" and zoom up and down the corridor a few times.  Now, that's somebody who knew how to connect with everyone. I wish his family, friends and colleagues all the love in MY world but can't imagine the love he gained in EVERY world. John Cowell

A great mind, who gave so much to the world. His name and reputation will live as long as civilization exists. Peter Townsend

My thoughts are with Stephen Hawking's family, the world has lost a truly remarkable man, a gentleman with the human touch with a wicked sense of humour, a scientist of the highest calibre, a strong determined man whose work has changed the way the world thinks and so much more. Stephen's family has lost a husband, father, Grandad, brother, uncle I wish to pass my condolences on to them and also thank them for sharing Stephen with us. Sandra Thompson

Your wonder and fascination was infectious. You opened our eyes to new possibilities. You were and will remain an inspiration to us all. S Richardson

Professor Hawking: A remarkable scientist who displayed tremendous human spirit and courage against all odds. Good bye and rest in peace. Kong Yep

A true gentleman who has added tremendously to our knowledge and will never be forgotten. Rest In Peace. Squadron Leader Anthony Hutchinson

A beautiful mind. Stephen Hawking has joined the greats. Robert Warn

He will never be forgotten. A true genius and a wonderful human. Raymond Attard

I looked up to my father, who after a stroke that should have killed him, fought back year after year to regain the ability to talk, to sit, to move a leg and then an arm, and then to walk and climb stairs and eventually drive and do taxes. It was a battle of many years. We attribute his strength and determination to regain his abilities after each bump in the road to your ever enduring commitment to science, thought and never stopping your own explorations and your willingness to share your brilliance and your presence on the world stage despite all the obstacles, challenges and life threatening situations you must have endured. I can only hope to be as strong if ever to face such a challenge. You will be remembered for your contributions to science, but hopefully for your contributions to humanity and to your family as well. Rest In Peace, looking down on the wonderful universe you’ve shared with us. Steven Glasser

A brilliant light has been taken from us, but will illuminate the way ahead and be remembered always. Thank you SH. Don Emery

My deepest condolences to Professor Hawking's family and friends. May the out pouring of feeling and respect from all over the world offer them comfort. His brilliant mind and personality influenced scientists and captured the imagination of the public. He understood how important it was to encourage everyone to open their minds to science. May we all follow his example. You are so very missed Professor Hawking. May you rest in joy and peace. Tina Coddington

Of all of us working in general relativity in this generation, Stephen Hawking was quite simply the best. I remember the excitement of reading and working on his new ideas as they came out, and I will miss that greatly. Prof. J. Richard Gott, III, Princeton University 

Thank you for making us look up and ask questions, and thank you for the answers you gave us. Jane Zibarras

Stephen expanded my understanding as an Anglican priest of 50+ years both of science and theology. I am so thankful for him. Rev David Richardson

Condolences from Thomas Edwards, born at Nickersons, Barton, Cambridgeshire, four miles from Great St Mary's. My father admired you greatly. By his photo of RA Fisher in his room on T-staircase in Gonville and Caius College he keeps a photograph of you, Prof Hawking, surrounded by apples fallen from the tree. I am privileged to have witness the day-to-day lives of the great men and women of Caius - Sir Stephen being foremost among them. Thank you and blessings on all your family, friends and colleagues. Thomas Edwards

The world will be a dimmer place without your intense brilliance. Ronnie Schneider 

His work described the Universe. His life brought meaning to it. Paul Courtemanche

Dear Family of Stephen Hawking, thank you for all the care and strength you gave him. And thank you for sharing him with the world. He amazed and challenged us in so many ways, and the world is a better place because he lived and loved and opened our minds to possibilities beyond earthly limitations. His story will endure. Mary Lynn Pierce

Thank you for making wheelchair dancing look so good. From a fellow wheelchair dancer. Luisa Cafolla-Moreton

Quite simply an extraordinary man. Your life and achievements will continue to be celebrated. Thank you. Sarah G

The world has lost a truly inspirational person. Thank you for making my children sit up, listen and take notice. A great scientist but also a wonderful example of never, ever giving up even when life deals you the cruelest of blows. We will always remember you. Lisa, Tom and Rachel Murphy

For ever looking up - we will stay curious! Donna M van Wely

I can't stop being sad about the loss of a man I never knew. My partners grave stone reads 'thank you for being such a bright star' maybe we should share that with you .... thank you for all you shared. Jeanette 

Thank you for being such a wonderful inspiration. Hugh Shields

To me, Professor Hawking was always like a mentor and a beam of light in the dark. He was also like a parent. When ever I had to gather courage, I always listened to him, his words and his work, all is profoundly remarkable and inspiring. Though I never met him in person but still he revolutionized my life in infinite aspects. He taught me things that are number in infinity... Thank You, Prof. Hawking.
"Because everyday could be my last, I had a desire to make the most of each and every minute." -- Stephen Hawking
You will always be missed.
Sincerely, Dr. Ovais Shafi

Condolences on the loss of your ‘Master of Celestial Mechanics’. From a cousin of William Sutherland Thatcher (Censor, Fitzwilliam House 1924-1954). Ann Mills

Goodbye SuperStar and Legend. The world is a better place for having known you and we are better people for experiencing the wisdom of your knowledge and understanding. You are an example to mankind. KRs. Nichola Cowell

The world is a little duller for the loss of you but your work will forever live on keeping your name alive for future generations, keeping the universe turning. RIP Stephen Hawking. Joy Rita Bunt

RIP Prof Hawking sending heartfelt wishes to his family. A sad loss to science, may he be with the stars for ever. Ed Stephenson

Here’s hoping you continue your amazing journey- wherever you now may be. Sam England

Will miss your inspiring words terribly. The world has lost a true star that also believed in social justice. Rest in Peace. Thomas Matthew Hodgson

Rest in peace Professor Hawking. Thank you for the information you have given us to enhance our knowledge of understanding about physics, space and time. Shiraz Luqman

Gracias por tu aportación y por tu ejemplo. Mariló Brenes 

Mi más respetuoso recuerdo, mi admiración y agradecimiento a una de las figuras más brillantes de la Ciencia de todos los tiempos, así como un maravilloso ejemplo de superación personal. Vivirá siempre en nuestros recuerdos. José Ángel Sánchez Fajardo 

Thank-you Professor Hawking for being such a scientific inspiration. Your wonderful legacy will always live on with me throughout my academic career. My condolences are with your family and friends. Juliet Nelson

As an alumnus of Caius I feel hugely proud to be a member of the same college as one of the greatest scientists and most remarkable human beings of our age - whose combination of brilliant intellect and indomitable courage leaves a unique, shining and enduring legacy. Peter Thomas

As someone who grew up, schooled, carried out postgraduate clinical training and now have a son studying at Cambridge, you have inspired not just a generation but an era. There will be few giants like you on whose shoulders current and future mankind will be able to stand. Dr Tony Rao

Dear Professor
I am a well known Columnist (my column is called Letter from London) and a special journalist, I met Professor Hawking twice and wrote about those events (London Paralympic & a Royal event). I run my column every week for almost 10 years (They call me little Alistair Cooke) One of my biggest dreams is to Interview Professor Hawking one to one.and I have tried a few times. Now this dream has been broken,my heart was broken.
Yours faithfully May Zhao 

A truly phenomenal mind indeed. His determination and outstanding knowledge amazed the world as well as his ability to overcome all setbacks in his path along the way. The Professor will forever have widened the world’s minds on theoretical physics and his knowledge will forever be remembered. A true inspiration to all. Isabel 

Two years ago, in a particularly difficult moment, a film came to my life: "The theory of everything". Hawking with his effort, passion and strength moved me so much, that I decided to read A Brief History of Time with the purpose to homage him. After lots of tears I took the book... But it was him to give me an extraordinary present: He opened for me the doors of science! I discovered the wonders of my own life and the privilege to learn about our universe. As disable -I am blind- I feel myself a little colleague. One May night 2016, when I was on page 10 from the book, I needed to get up and write; to whom? To Stephen Hawking; to the blogosphere? The result was a long article written in English; four hours expressing hidden thoughts and crying; very cathartic. I had lived a so hard time that I suddenly felt that Hawking was the only person able to understand me: "Not only for your intelligence, but also for your condition" -I wrote. Call it literary resource, if you want. Then I asked him not to give up; in that occasion for me: He had helped me so much that I would have felt lost if he abandoned. "DO IT FOR ME -was my sentence-, or I will definitively collapse". After that, Hawking was an inspiration; I published lots of entries about him; also when he was 75. I share my last article, where I compile most of them; also that letter. I visited Cambridge in four occasions and I dremt with a personal meeting. I wanted to say to him among tears that he had saved my life in a certain way. In December 2016 I sent a Braille message with a Christmas picture... and I got a quick reply! Now I cry when I see the letter; I have included it in my post. In my fictions I called Hawking "my friends", and in all my circles. On March 14th, many friends sent me condolences. Yes: I have lost an important person in my life! The fact that he lived, worked, investigated without giving up, that he always went ahead, made me extremely happy. "If he can, I also do" -I repeated myself in difficult moments. Now, so that his tribute live in me, I must learn more science. I have spoken about him in a divulgative event, and I will do the same in April invited by the Institute for Astronomy in Granada (IAA-CSIC), where Hawking once was. It will be after a famous physicist. That is a great honor for me, a person with no scientist education! Hawking wanted me to learn...: I hope not to disappoint him. I send my condolences and support to his children Robert, Lucy and Tim, to his first wife Jane, to whom I also wrote in my blog, and to all the rest of family, friends and colleagues. Also to science. Thank you very much indeed, Professor Hawking!ío Sánchez

RIP SWK. Gianni Cardamone

You brought the universe to its knees by radically explaining how the cosmos functioned to a mere collection of homo sapiens. With your wisdom, courage, genius, and work—you took science to a level it has never been, the level which has reached millions of people who were not scientifically literate. You, in your own way, snatched the lighting from the heavens: however, you had always had the scepter of genius. Wyatt Wiggins

May your sacred soul Rest In Peace. Thank you for inspiring us and showing us that everything is possible. Marwa Albuarki 

I pay a tribute to memory of Stephan Hawking. I read his scientific papers, he had a brilliant memory and an extraordinary life. Popescu Andreia , Ph.physicist Romania

Dear Professor Hawking,
vous allez me manquer,tout les jours je suivais vos actualites sur google. je regardais tout vos programmes a la tv. vous etiez une inspiration pour moi pour m'interresser a l'univers aussi votre courage ma permis de sortir d'un trou noir suite a des depressions. jamais je n'oublierais votre sourire. toutes mes pensees vont vers votre familles. ps je pense que vous etes une etoile en plus maintenant dans l'univers. Nathalie Pardon, Belgium

Personally i have never known Stephen Hawking in person...probably it wasn't within my reach to have or probably our destiny weren't supposed to triangulate. However, all-in-all, his life and remarkable contributions to humanity in general will forever be remembered. As a young man growing up...I remember once watching his documentary on television somewhere in Ashiaman, a gehtto shanty slum in Ghana. Naive as I was, I had a virtual role model. A man I wanted and aspired to be. You might not have never known me if you have lived another decade. But your i influence will forever live and shape my life. To me, though your body lie still awaiting to be returned to the soil from where humanity was formed (I say this because of my religious beliefs) you are and will forever remain alive.....You have been connected to me much closer than you can have ever imagined, my mentor and companion of life. I wish you a safe journey as we (who are alive) intend await our calling when the due time comes. We only pray that by such a time, we would have learn from your defiance of life itself. Isaac Y. Barnes

Happy journeys, Professor Hawking, to the universe that awaits you. The world won't be the same without you. Steve Moores


Condolences to all Mankind for losing one of the greatest minds of all time. Miguel Estrada

R.I.P Stephen Hawking. Much love and thoughts to your family. You will be dearly missed. You were an inspiration to the world and a very brave strong man who never gave up and never let anything slow you down. R.I.P. Samantha Russell

Your life as a scientist and a human being has been such a gift to the world. You have taught us so much. Thank you. Catherine Cranwell

My deepest condolences to the family and friends of Professor Stephen Hawking. He made some valuable contributions to this world and his legacy will live on. May he rest in peace. Sara D. Flynn, Santa Barbara, California 

You changed our universe by making us a conscious part of it. Thank you for carrying us to the stars. Guilherme Zanetti 

Renzo Zagni

You were one of the greatest minds of all time. You will be greatly missed not only by the scientific community but people everywhere. Ken Denny

May your memory live eternal..... May God give you eternal life and wisdom... Jason Stockwell

Thank you for your contributions to the entire humanities. Rest In Peace and wish you find the truth in the space. Zihao Liu

Please accept my deepest condolences for your family's loss. Our hearts are saddened by your loss and our thoughts and prayers are with you. Mrs Radja Benlaharche 

Condolences to family and colleagues. Stephen Hawking was an important person in my life at the turn of the century right up till today. I miss him he gave me courage and strength when I needed it most. Rest in Peace. You meant the world to me.. Cheryl Anne Morgan

Mr Hawking,
I can't say I've read all of your written works or anything like that, but your book, A Brief History of Time, marked the birth of my fascination with the world around me, so thank you. Thank you, more importantly, for all you gave the world in your time here. The news of your passing utterly blindsided me, and I'm honestly not sure what else to say. So I won't. Just, once again, thank you. Lucy Jane Holmes

Admittedly, as someone who has never had a natural comprehension of scientific subjects, and was never motivated to pursue science, I stand very little chance of understanding any substantial amount of Stephen Hawking's big ideas about the universe. Even so, I recognize how revolutionary they were. We have lost a brilliant mind and a sober voice of reason that we sorely needed in these troubling times for our planet. Almost ironically, Stephen Hawking was, in addition to being a mastermind within his field, also a master of communication. He managed to explain extremely complicated matters in ways that people who weren't actively pursuing physics could understand. I can't help but find that incredibly reassuring. He did his best to convey the most complicated matters in an understandable way, without ever patronizing or talking down to anyone. And I can only speak for myself, but even if I didn't walk away understanding much of it, at least he made me want to. Stephen Hawking was an ultimate genius, with an intellect so astounding and confident, that he never needed to brag about it. That served him with a humility that many others can just envy him. Additionally, he possessed a sense of humor and optimism and remained a man of incredible courage and perseverance. We might not see anyone like him anytime soon. He got 76 years on this planet. It seems like nothing but a little miracle. But even so, his death seems like a tragedy. I find myself entirely grateful for his contributions to the world, but we all know he had yet more to give. Stephen Hawking leaves a unique legacy, and I feel confident that he is going to keep inspiring people long after his passing. My thoughts and condolences go out to his incredible family. Ida

You'll forever be an inspiration to so many and have shown what is possible. My utmost respect for you will be life-long and I wish you have found more on the other side, including that you have continued to exist, as so many great and good who have gone before. To your families I hope the memories you've all shared help you through the hard days and send my love and best wishes. Natalie King-Hall 

“Doc, all I ever wanted was a normal life.”
“There is no such thing as a normal life, there’s just life ...” SB_UK

My heart aches over humanity's loss. However, I feel so fortunate to have lived in a time when such an incredible inspiration and champion of the human spirit shared the world. Jeffrey C. Vogt

Thank you for blessing humanity with your brilliant mind. Merim Spiodic

In another universe you are running on a supernova. Thank you for everything, Professor. Silvia

Thank you for uncovering so many truths of the universe and inspiring others to do the same, including myself. Your books and TV shows sparked my interest in physics and I can’t thank you enough. The world thanks you and you’ll be dearly missed. RIP Professor Stephen Hawking. Rachel Chapman

I pray for the family that they may be comforted by Jesus now and in the future. A man of intelligence who has made a difference to Science. Greta Crosbie

Mourn Professor Hawking. Yang Hongfa

A heavy condolences on Professor Hawking's death. Liu Jihong

For the sincere condolences of the great cosmic Genius, history forever remembers Professor Hawking. Yang Ding

Thank you for all the works you gave to the world. They accelerate our innovation and understanding towards bigger and endless things. And thank you once again for all the inspirations and motivations you left to all people. Thank you. Sorawich Aungsuthar

The dream of travelling to the stars remains alive - thank you for shining a light to the future. With your mind now free to explore the universe keep an eye on us, and when we need it give us a nudge in the right direction. Martin Garrish

Thank you. Florian Gaeremynck

Of the many accomplishments Stephen has gifted to humanity, we will always remember your bravery, humility, humor, and enigmatic generosity. Thank you for being a noble inspiration to us all. Your throne will reign forever. -Mankind Demond Adams (D.C. Adams)

Stephen Hawking was an inspiration to millions and his work went above and beyond. Stephen truly had a extraordinary and beautiful mind and he will be greatly missed by many. May he rest in peace. Maya Valentina

Dr Amit Agrawal

Thank you Stephen for giving us your knowledge and for being a great example that no handicap can stop anyone from fighting on. Hyder Ali Pirwany 

The loss of Professor Hawking is one of the biggest ones in our time. Humanity has lost not only one of the smartest, most admirable and impressive minds to have ever graced us with his brilliancy, but also one of the most resilient and courageous fighters we have ever seen. Though I cannot even begin to try to comprehend what his mind was capable of, I would nonetheless like to thank Professor Hawking for his work not only to further our understanding of the cosmos, but also to make his body of knowledge available to all of us, and for transmitting his excitement about it as a brilliant educator, so more and more minds could wake up to the majesty of our universe. Thank you Professor for your books, your series, your time spent educating us, your contributions to science. In fact, thank you for your wonderful life. You will be sorely missed. María Eugenia Figueroa 

Stephen demystified the universe for me and placed it all into perspective. He gave me an inner peace which only comes from a greater understanding of how things work; including my place in it. I'd say rest in peace, but we know that is the last thing he would want. Onwards and upwards. Mike Shield

I pray to god the great scientist rest in peace and my soulfully condolence to them. Mr.Nasar Pardeshi

Inspiring millions across the globe proving that however bad life is, there is always something you can do and succeed at, it matters that you don't just give up - RIP to the incredible scientist, educator and disability advocate! You will live forever in our hearts and stay happy among the stars! Nikita Hari, VP Graduate Union

In 2014 while living in Cambridge I became a disabled wheelchair user due to a chronic illness. You showed me and many other people, that it was possible to be a disabled person who helps to make the world a better place. You showed what disabled people can do when they are allowed to thrive, with the support, equipment, and adjustments they need. Thank you for being a trailblazer for disabled people and for your fight for the NHS. Jenni Griffin

Inspiration and determination; the legacies you leave. Elizabeth Baylis

Marisa Guimaraes Selman

Gianni Cardamone

We have lost a titan. A man who defined courage and intellect. There will never be another like him. After watching the theory of everything tonight my life has changed. I saw what true empathy is. He showed it and those around him are a testament of it. I am a simple man but seeing what true courage is.. I thank you Professor. You have found the theory of everything.. David Summers

Asking and praying for Stephen’s family on this holiest weekend of the Church year. How fitting that a man who shook-up the whole world with his discoveries about the universe is celebrated on the Great and Holy Sabbath when the Lord rested from His work. Asking God to give Stephen a place of rest and repose in the never-ending day of His kingdom where all sorrow, sadness, sickness, and suffering hath fled away and there is only life everlasting. What a joy to sit and talk with him. Blessing on all of Stephen’s loved ones. Father Pat Reverend Father Patrick Kelley

Against all odds. One of the greatest minds to have lived and to be witnessed. Rest in peace Professor Hawking. Clyde Justine A. Cayaban

Thank you Stephen for bringing my world into a more comprehensive understanding into theoretical physics and your work you must have painstakingly gone through. My thoughts will be with you at Great St Mary's on March 31st. One day will find that elusive equation to throw our dice into. Terry Frederick Williams

May your spirit fly high in the universe, may your beautiful soul sleep peacefully. You will always be remembered for all your remarkable achievements. RIP Stephen Hawking. Jacqui Stephenson 

I was so very privileged to spend one week as a Bank Nurse many years ago. One morning Stephen asked for the Pearl Fishers by Puccini to be played. It was an amazing experience, the hairs on my arm stood up listening to that beautiful aria. The following day when I arrived at his office his famous voice said 'good morning Helen' can imagine how thrilling it was for me. I have always followed news of him, have attended lectures and tried to read his book! Thank you. Helen

You were an inspiration to us all. With so many life-changing discoveries, proven-to-be-true theories, and always astonishingly kind and intellectual words-you inspired me to continue learning and thriving to be better in a world that seems to hold us back. I miss your presence on this planet, your energy will never be replaced and the world has experienced a loss unlike ever before. But now you can count the stars in heaven, and tell us exactly how many there are.
With love, Äva Ariano Kermani 

From star dust we have came, and to star dust we will go. The only thing he couldn't solve was immortality itself. He will be gravely missed. Damian Simmonds

Thank you for everything you have done, both for science and for humanity, thank you for inspiring me to look up, and learn all I can. Carter Plasek

It was a fantastic experience to attend an evening with Stephen Hawking and his daughter Lucy Hawking at the Sydney Opera House on 26 April 2015. When I was growing he was already such a legend to me, I barely could read, was very young...grateful I had that chance to discover such personality, read his books and, finally, to attend the Opera House catch up. Very unreal Stephen Hawking, rest in peace. My condolences to Lucy and the Hawking family. Lots of love from Sydney. Iryna Gorelikova

What a remarkable life: you have been an inspiration to so many, you helped me in with my first steps into astronomy and cosmology, your resilience along with your sense of humour and ability to reach out to all using popular media. You have given so much and will never be forgotten. My condolences to the family and all those who knew him. From a fellow St Albans resident, Cathy Webster

He was a great man. Living evidence of the old principle "mind over matter". He will be remembered! Juliusz A. Mróz

Rest in peace. Professor Stephen Hawking. 如果真的如您所说,平行宇宙真的存在,希望在那里您的身躯和灵魂一样是自由的,快乐的。如果存在,希望那里的我是个爱学习的学生,至少在遇见您的时候,能向您问一个稍微有点水平的问题. 
愿此刻您正畅游在星辰大海里,在浩瀚宇宙中自由翱翔吧。永远怀念您,敬佩您。一路走好,霍金先生。Dai Yanling

Thank you Professor Hawking for sharing your knowledge and contribution to research. I am inspired by your determination. I had the opportunity to reference your method of communication including use of video clips in my lessons to students on Health and Social Care course. This brought eureka moment and students understood and learnt how you communicated to the world! I am grateful to have read and referenced you in my delivery as a teacher of Health and Social Care in the United Kingdom. RIP. Esther Swaray

An inspiration to all and proof that the human mind can transcend physical constraints. Trevor Watkin

If those that come after you in the distant future say, if we saw further, it was for standing on the shoulders of a giants, as Newton said about others before him, in this case, you were the shoulders of the giant and shall remain so for all eternity. R.I.P. Gordon Parsons

Professor Stephen Hawking was very special human being. Another star in the sky. Lindsey Back

You are an inspiration you will be missed. Michael Allen

Good work, sorry to see you go. You will be remembered. Austyn Tempesta 

Such a massive loss felt profoundly all around the world. Your passion and dedication to science and to overcoming the odds will be celebrated for years to come. Thank you for everything and for inspiring me. Rest in peace Professor Hawking. Brahma Mohanty

Your love for life and passion for your work has inspired many around the world and I am not an exception. You have been my mentor and my guide through most of my life and have given me the courage to follow my dreams despite all obstacles. I thank you for that and will always honor you. You will always be in my heart even though now you are among the stars. Respects, Venus Ariano

The World has lost a great soul, Keeping rolling Professor Hawking! RIP. Randy Prashad

A great mind of our times whose sheer tenacity, determination, integrity and self belief shine like beacons of hope in our troubled times. May his soul rest in peace. Jaswinder Hunjan 

To the families of Professor Dr. Stephen Hawking, We would like to pay our tribute to Professor Dr. Stephen Hawking upon his sudden and unexpected passing on March 14th 2018. His works and dedication will never be forgotten by all mankind. Muhammad Alif Azrai Bin Norizan 

From Galileo to Newton to Einstein to Hawking, the frequency of knowledge updating is getting faster and faster, and the gap between physics and other Science Masters is getting shorter and shorter. So don't be sad. The death of the master is the rise of more new scientists. We must believe that tomorrow will be better. Maybe we are the next miracle. As Hawking said “there's always something you can do and succeed at, it's matter that you just don't give up” in Chinese “穷且益坚,不坠青云之志”. H.K.Lee

Such a sad loss for all of us especially for Stephen’s family & friends & I will be thinking of them on Saturday. A man of great wonder, curiosity & wit, a man who defeated the odds stacked up against him & he inspired many in the process. Farewell Stephen I’m sure you will be having a laugh at us below getting it all so.. wrong, you have all of the answers now Professor. David Pritchett 

RIP Professor Hawking you were one of the brightest men in the world and an inspiration to everybody around you. You overcame so many hurdles in your life, I liked the way you embraced life and enjoyed it. You will sadly missed by your friends and family that knew you. Tracey Mills 

Thank you, Stephen Hawking, for awakening my interest in the Universe. You now know whether or not God exists. You are zooming around your beloved Universe on a speed-of-light wheelchair, visiting and inspecting those amazing phenomena you explained to the rest of us. Fleur Montes de Oca

Dear Professor Rest In Peace; You will be dearly missed. Kulvir Ranu

Admired from afar, treasured memories. Ann English

Motor neurone, my dad died of this in 1976 after 2 years from start, over the years people have asked me what he died of, i’ve always said the same disease as Professor Hawking, so never meet the professor but has always been a big part in my life, the passing has hit me hard, like someone real close has gone RIP much more than a professor to me. Stuart Possnett

Wishing you peace to bring comfort, courage to face the days ahead and loving memories to forever hold in your heart. Your fantastic mind is a inspiration for many and for me. Thank you for your life. Mr Krzysztof Kruszczynski

Our world has lost another beautiful human being. You were and will always be a hero to my family and I, having lost our beloved Dad to motor neurone disease and understanding the immense struggle just to live. You were an amazing person and truly inspirational. Thank you for all you have given to the world. We will miss you. Rest in peace Stephen. Claire, Carol & Aimee Bartram

My condolences to the family of Stephen Hawking. I am sorry for your loss. Nina Maaranen

May he rest in peace, loved his books and he will be missed from an eternity. Shravani Khurpe

Mr. Hawking was an inspiration to this 72 year old lady, whose 19 year old son was paralyzed by a drunk driver. I pushed my son, by telling him about Mr. Hawking. My son became a teacher also. He is gone now, and I think of them both, in a wonderful place, beyond all of us. RIP both you special human beings. I loved you both. Vilda Collier

The world will miss an extraordinary person. He changed everything, literally the world. He will be missed by everyone who wished to learn and discover the universe. Alexandria Arganbright 

Thank you for your insight, vision and understanding of the universes. We all owe you so very much for making reality clear. Glide on the strings and hear the music. Steven Krause

Please come back, the world is doomed and I don't want to be here without you. Yuri

Thank you, Professor Hawking. You were one of the greatest minds in history and your contributions have helped us understand the universe in an easiest way. You wanted to understand the universe and why it exists; there are many things to discover yet but someday everything will be understood, and without your contributions to science we would not know most of the things we know about space nowadays. Thank you very much for helping me discover what I really want to dedicate my life to (Astrophysics and Cosmology, basically space research), after reading 'A brief history of time' and reading some of your articles. I will be grateful forever. Thank you one last time, you will never be forgotten. YGC

Thank you for everything. Euripides L. Evriviades 

My sincere condolences to the family of Professor Hawking. I can feel a palpable void since his passing. I am so grateful for his never ending perseverance and commitment to education. I take comfort knowing that he taught us all so much. Although it will be impossible to fill his shoes, I know people will continue his work for generations to come. I am so thankful for his contributions to our world. Thank you for sharing him with us. He was a gift and is truly missed. Kristina Maki, Wisconsin, USA

Mr. Hawking was an unique, special and beautiful mind. From the most distant corners of the world, we are crying and praying for him. Stephen, we never going to forget you. You are going to be loved for ever. Stella Perez

You made science very interesting. Rest in peace you absolute legend. Luke Charlton

You inspired me in so many ways, thank you very much. Edgar Rodriguez 

I wish you the eternal rest between the righteous and the saints with the grace of the master of the real world, Jesus. Basam

I admire you so much for the person you are and what you have given to us all. Me and my 26 year old son have grown up with the knowledge you have shared and you will never be forgotten. People will still talk about you in thousands of years to come. Ron Crossley, Castleford, West Yorkshire

Rest in peace Stephen. My condolences to the family. You gave me inspiration during the decade + my dad lived with ALS. Both had amazing minds, dispositions and taught me about life and science. Cristal R.

My deepest sympathy to the family of Professor Stephen Hawking. He was an exceptional gift to the world of science and science of the world. His scholarly works illustrated the understanding of origin of time... and so his books would be forever read till the end of time. Rest in peace. Al-ameen Abubakar Mohammed

Thank you. For everything. K. Scally

Stephen Hawking was an inspiration to me, I've always try to get good in physics, as I am planning to get a degree in it. I've always told my friends I wanted to be the 'next Stephen Hawking'. His life was an inspiration to so many. I honestly wish I could have met him, but I'm very young and won't be going to uni for a long time, I wanted to go to Cambridge and be taught by him. When I heard the news he died I was in school, immediately I started to tear up. A man like him told a story yet to become a legacy. Miss you Professor Stephen Hawking.

Dr Hawking, you were the Isaac Newton of the 21st century, your struggles were life changing, difficult and stressful, but you handled your burdens with a sharp wit, raconteur wiles and amazing vision!! Quantum physics became fashionable! Your message will not be forgotten. Thanks for educating the masses and making me laugh all these years, we shall miss you. Blast off into infinity, brilliance of Hawkings like comes but once a lifetime! To the stars and beyond! Abi Campbell

 To all who commit Stephen's body to the soils of England perhaps this. I don't wish to say much about myself but of Stephen, I think and hope that even if his science was not from now proven in honour incorrect, then let him be remembered also for his endured special relativity to the true motion and twisted form that better astro physicians will confirm or not and entirity that he as many was a inspiration to us who feel really upset and our tears are of joy as well as suffering. A man of hope and optimism as well as darkness he will not radiate and like he can will be still with the living consciousness. Brief Griever, Martin Slyde of PNTS London

We have lost his body, but he will live forever among us in his spirit and achievements. Beyan Khiar

A true hero died last week. Stephen Hawking brought his love of the more esoteric forms of science to "ordinary people". His disease may have hindered him physically, but certainly not mentally. An entire generation has listened to his computer-generated voice describe the cosmos and physics with such clarity that we could "see" a black hole. It is sad that his time ran out before he could make a trip into space. Vicki Laidlaw

I am 63 and taking my first college physics course, inspired partly, by Stephen Hawking. Thank you for being an inspiration. I am only getting a small glimpse into your world of physics and it's beautiful. I see why you fought hard to stay as long as you did. Savannah Arnold

Wishing the family healing and comfort during this difficult time from Tennessee. M. Winston-Olden

Hello, my name is James Foster, I am a Paleontology student at Fort Hays State University in Kansas. Professor Hawking is a great inspiration to me as a struggling college student. I was so hurt when I got the news of his death but to me, he lives on in his work. I hope one day I can half as much to Paleontology as Stephen did to the world. James Foster

May you be even closer to the universe and thanks for the memories. You will be sadly missed. Trevor Dunn (Psychologist, Cambridge)

It is still very surreal even though he died 2 weeks ago I can't believe it. We should all celebrating his life instead of grieving because what Stephen did is amazing. According to his doctors, he should have died 50 years ago but he beat the odds and brought us brilliant scientific work and more importantly inspired a new generation of scientists. Now you can explore the universe, peace. Jakob

From Colombia, South America, our message of deep pain for the leaving of Professor Hawking. Thanks Professor, for making the hard subject of science, easy to understand. And mainly for your legacy of bravery to enjoy life plenty. Manuel Jiménez

Rainer Maria Rilke
The Panther
(subtitled: In Jardin des Plantes, Paris)
His gaze against the sweeping of the bars
has grown so weary, it can hold no more.
To him, there seem to be a thousand bars
and back behind those thousand bars no world.
The soft the supple step and sturdy pace,
that in the smallest of all circles turns,
moves like a dance of strength around a core
in which a mighty will is standing stunned.
Only at times the pupil’s curtain slides
up soundlessly — . An image enters then,
goes through the tensioned stillness of the limbs —
and in the heart ceases to be.
(English translation by Stanley Appelbaum)
Expression of my condolence. Werner Breilmann, Germany

I would like to express my sincere condolences on the death of Prof. Hawking. He was one of strongest men in Earth, great physicist. Rest in peace. Artur Jaskiewicz

Martha Cecilia Parra Castro 

Professor Hawking's contributions to the world are priceless; not just towards the physics and scientific community, but also towards the many young people in this world aspiring to be physicists, myself included. Thank you so much Professor, for all you have done for us. Jessica Lok

Your life has been an example that transcends time. You live on in our hearts. Mirtha De Avila

Dear Sir, Your contribution to the human population is invaluable. Find yourself at peace among the stars. Parth

Professor Hawking  was a remarkable man. I have found out over the years he was a kind, funny person. I would have given anything to have had the honour to have meet him. I will never forget him my heart goes out to all his family. Carol Follin

Stephen Hawking was a legendary human being and research scientist. He achieved highest of accolades. One of his great achievements was to explain complex scientific concepts to ordinary people. His books and papers are a testimony to it. May his soul rest in peace. Majid Mohammad Yunus

There is now a huge empty space in the heart of this world. When such a great mind, soul and wit leaves us, the comfort we all felt with him just bringing a voice of sanity to this life, leaves that "black hole" he was so curious about. Wherever your journey takes you from now on dear man, if there is indeed an afterlife, rest with the knowledge that your life was not wasted, and we all deeply respected your contribution and humanity. Stella Rivers & Family

As you rest in peace may you now know fully 'The Theory of Everything' you sought so hard to find in your lifetime. You may not have believed in a God but I believe God believed in your lifelong search for the truth & in your personal courage of living with MND. You proved to many with no voice in the world that there is still a way to communicate what you think & despite having no physical voice your words & ideas will echo down the centuries & future generations will remember you. RIP Professor Hawking. Maureen Edmundson

Keep walking among among the stars. With love, Caroline Carder

I am from Argentina and speak spanish, my english no is good you can perfect the message. I admire the intelligent and sense of humor of this great genius. How he explains very simple scientific things who are very difficult. I liked watch the tv shows in Discovery channel and Natgeo. He make me dreams with the universe, from where we come and physic. With the movie biopic I knowed more about his life. My condolences for the family and friends. Guillermo Boidi

Although the scientific community is losing one of its brilliant mind, Humanity will dearly miss you. We have lost a great humanitarian who also happened to be a brilliant man. It was your humanity that made you such an admired person. Ad Astra Professor. Cristina Gonzales

Thanks for everything Mr Stephen, you are a wonderful person. Javier Eduardo

You have gone back to the heaven because god wants to discuss physics with you...but you will never be forgotten.You are here with us...forever! Yajing Li

May science and humanity inspire and guide many more to help value and appreciate life on Earth and other possible cosmic systems. Yung Whei (Judy) Wang

I will always be in awe of this brilliant man. He overcame his illness and managed to reach out, in layman’s terms, to many millions like myself, who now have some understanding of our universe and our place in it. I hope that he is now up in the heavens finding answers to all those questions and theories he so diligently pursued. Thank you Professor for the chance to observe a truly brilliant mind. Kathy O’Reardon, Florida

You lived only a brief time but made history. Grant Mackintosh

My heartfelt condolences to all who knew and loved this wonderful man. We are blessed to have been a part of his life albeit from a distance, through his amazing work. Hazel Annear

A great man, with a great mind. Truest an inspiration who I was fortunate enough to receive a lecture from while studying A-Level physics about 18 years ago. Matt Hinchliff

I am so sorry for the Hawking Family during this sad time. I smiled when I heard his remains would be placed near Newton and Darwin. I somehow think he would be pleased. I cried when I saw The Simpson's memorial..... In Loving Memory, Stephen Hawking! He shall be missed. Teresa S. Johnson

Thanks Professor Hawking! I am a nicarguan who always will remember your legacy. Gonzalo Norori

I had the privilege of meeting Professor Hawking on numerous occasions during my time at Caius. He was truly inspiring as a scientist, and was a great example to all of hope and courage. He will be sadly missed and fondly remembered by not just the Caius family but the world at large. May he rest in peace. Our thoughts and best wishes to the Hawking family. Pankaj Kumar

Your incredible life was but an all too brief moment in the history of our universe but your contribution to our understanding of it will live on as long as time itself exists. Thank you for inspiring my love of science and the cosmos. Sincere condolences to all your loved ones. Jill Glennon

An inspirational man in his career and how he dealt with his illness. May he rest in peace. Christine

Professor Stephen Hawking - such an inspirational man and what a legacy he has left behind. You are now a Super Nova starring in space and planet Earth was deeply honoured and privileged to have known you. RIP sir. Debs Hardy

Rest in peace Professor Hawking, the world has truly lost a great genius. You managed to defy the odds and accomplish so much in your lifetime, the world will never forget you. It was a shame I never saw you in person. I hope you are in a more comfortable place now, dreaming about the cosmos and watching over all of us. Darius

Stephen Hawking sought truth. By seeking truth he achieved greatness. He will always be an inspiration to me as long as I'm here and alive on my spaceship, planet Earth. He survived by exercising courage. He was and always will be an inspiration to the whole world. Eldon J. Bloedorn

Thank you. Manjeet Kaur

Anke Laubenstein 

In memento mori. His translations bettered understanding everywhere. Michael Losavio

You have inspired so many people on Earth to look beyond the physical, beyond the teachings of others, and to imagine the unimaginable. And you have shown us that the most attractive asset of a human is their sense of humor. Professor Hawking, the cosmos dimmed at your passing. Farewell sir. Karen S. Coffey

... we will miss you for a time and join you in a while; thank you for your charm and smiles... David Wright

Thank you for making me see the world differently. James Agrawal age 11

The world is a poorer place without Stephen Hawking. Rest in peace, sir, and thank you. Brian Castillo

A brave life with a brilliant mind & a great sense of humour. Will be sorely missed by many. Russell Bury

You have been a shining light and beacon of truth, especially needed the past few years. Simply put, "You are the MAN"! Rick Bland

 At this time in history the world can ill afford to lose such true pioneers of science as Professor Hawking. Humanity owes you much sir and will be far poorer for lack of you. May eternity be yours. John Elder (Ph.D.)

"Oh, I have slipped the surly bonds of earth and danced the skies on laughter-silvered wings." ....Godspeed, Stephen. Michael Lindeau

Mind over Dark Matter. Josué M. Hernandez

So long, and thanks for all the fish. So said the most intelligent beings on earth as they left. Now the second most intelligent has left us. Christopher Lavallee

Extraordinary. Truly inspirational. Forever an icon of science and humanity. Thank you, Professor. Marianna Darlow

So pleased to have lived at the same time as this wonderful inspirational man. Karen Thomas

A true visionary and brilliant scientist who has left a legacy for our children. Inspirational to us all. Rest in Peace and thank you for all you've done and taught us. Denise Hart

Wonderful person. A great loss. Alan King

What an inspiration and what a wonderful mind. Such a loss. Thoughts with his family at this time. Stephanie Charnock

A great who pioneered in his field, no matter what obstacles were in the way. A inspiration to many and teacher to the masses who will be missed. Keegan

You were and are my hero from the age of 10. This war torn world is certainly not a place for you. I feel an honour to be born while you were around. Thank you for sharing so much with us Stephen. May you shine like those stars in sky forever. WBro Tayyab Jawaid

A full life, well lived, as a scientist, a social activist and as a human being. My hope is that people use all the wisdom you have left us. You will live forever. Mervyn G Maistry

Carl Sagan knew that “we are a way for the Cosmos to know itself”. Few people embodied that sentiment better than Professor Hawking. His was a brilliant mind, and the world has become a darker place without him. It will take a long time for someone to fill his shoes. He was an impeccable example of the best of humankind. In these times of hate and uncertainty, let us remember Professor Hawking by all being our better selves and achieving the potential that he knew we had. Farewell, Professor Hawking. May your atoms arrive at a beautiful Cosmic destination. Felix, Sawyer MI

Simply put you made science cool, I can remember watching a docu-drama regarding your life on the BBC and telling my mother I wanted to be a scientist just like you, unfortunately life didn't turn out that way but your internal fight with your disability inspired a candle to burn the fire of motivation inside, one that will never distinguish. You also, even as an atheist, strengthen my belief in Islam with your big bang theory. May you find peace in death. Jahan Khan

True human ingenuity and radical insights came out in this brave soul and man, with the most amazing mind, and we are richer for his exploring inquiries into our most puzzling questions. RIP... Michael McCulley

After attending a school with teachers that went out of their way to kill any passion for learning, it was you who encouraged me to continue. Thank you. Amy Jones

The great mind, the great scientist, the great man. The world will never be the same now when you left it. Thank you for everything! We commemorate you here in Ukraine. Olena Shon

As an engineer and the husband of a scientist you Stephen Hawking will always be remembered, and never forgotten as a source of inspiration for the two of us. You'll always be with us in every endeavor that we do. Tony Mitchelhill

Thank you for your great contribution to science and for your courage and humour. Peter Portch

My deepest condolences for your loss. It it never easy to lose a loved one. I hope there is some comfort in knowing that Stephen Hawking will never be forgotten. He was a truly great person and scientist. He will be an true inspiration for generations to come! Lisa Crowe, UK

An inspiration to humanity and what lies beyond. Rest well Professor. Ashley Foale

A great person and a great mind. The world has lost one of its brightest stars. Rest in peace. Jamie Hamilton

I first read Stephen Hawking's books from the age of 7 or 8 and it was he who convinced me above all else in my pursuit of all that is right and correct. I aspire to be a researcher at the CDC or CERN, I do not know, either one but I will choose when it comes to my GCSE options, wish me luck. My condolences to the family and to the friends of Stephen Hawking. Luke Tucker, Aged 13

A celestial minded being with an incredible acumen for futuristic and predictive insights he has now moved on to a higher plane. Unfortunately by leaving us he has also left a void in the minds of all his progressive forward thinking followers. Rest in peace Stephen. Greg Aston

He has been an inspiration to Scientists of every discipline, in Cambridge and across the Planet. Woody Caan

Thank you for being an inspiration by showing us what overcoming hurdles and believing in yourself meant. Rest in peace, Prof. Hawking. Torish Kurbah

Thanks for your continuous effort and contribution to mankind. Luis R Cortes

Professor Hawking, you are genius for all ages. A star has left us on earth but is above us in eternity! Your humour and genius will be deeply missed! Samuel Parker

The world has lost an incredible genius but his legacy and lessons are eternal, they are infinite. I am disabled myself, requiring twenty four hour care. Stephen was a great inspiration to me, he was a hero, he was a fine example of what can be achieved, despite physical hurdles. He had a fantastic sense of humour, and came across as compassionate and caring. I look at my own disability in a more positive light because of him. He will be treasured, remembered and loved forever by his thousands of fans worldwide. I will forever treasure his books, his 'Hawking' DVD film and The Theory Of Everything film, all of which I have copies of. Thanks Prof. Hawking. I salute you! Hannah Fielding

Professor Hawking was a great inspiration and contributed greatly to the understanding of our Universe. He will be sorely missed. My sincerest condolences to Professor Hawking's family. Matt Jameson

Professor Hawking will always be an inspiration to many people in this world. Not only by his passion for knowledge but also by the way he dealt with the difficulties caused by his illness. RIP great man. Simon Keymer

Thank you for using your skills to help me have a much better understanding of science and the world. A true gentleman indeed. Margret Johnston

A man who transcended disability to bring understanding to the masses. RIP Stephen. Andy Eade

To create the ideas and theories of the universe Hawking thought in both an artistic and scientific manner. An inspiration to us all showing there are no boundaries to the mind. A great loss. Rees

Thank you for making me love science, it was your inspiration and knowledge that inspired me in choosing my degree subjects. The world will be a poorer place for your loss may you rest in peace. Trevlin Ong

Thank you for sharing your knowledge, wisdom, compassion and life with us. Sleep tight amongst the stars that you loved so much. The universe was privileged to have you. Blessings to you and your family. Laura Oxby

Thought I saw him in a Mini going past the Queens Medical Centre in Nottingham. I hear he was a demon on wheels! Indrajit Mazumdar

Rest in Peace Sir, you made science interesting, accessible, and entertaining. May you be remembered for all you've done. Dave Carson

Thank you for everything that you did. You explained science in a way that was accessible to all. You also gave hope to many. You were right on so many things, and was someone who knew what he was talking about. You were an inspiration and encouragement. Thank you to the family as well. May you rest in peace and may they know a peace as well. Gemma Roulston

A light has gone out in our world, but will shine in the next. Anne Liddle

From the moment I read 'A Brief History of Time' (1st edition), your theories captivated me and you became my hero. You gave science and humankind so much. Rest in peace, dear Professor Hawking. Bob W. Smagge

Sincere condolences to the Hawking family for their sad loss. And too the world for the loss of one of the most inspirational men of our time. Never to be forgotten. Karen Hough

The death of such a great man is a tragedy to all those that have come in contact with him or his work. He will be sorely missed. Thomas Frommweier

A star has left the earth to shine forever. Ellen Dyne

The finest mind of our generation. Will be sorely missed. Kris Parmenter

Dear Stephen, may your spirit be free to explore the utmost corners of the universe. Petra Schokker

Your life has been the most inspiring example to people from all walks of life. My chosen path was the arts rather than science/physics but your positive work and success leaves me thinking that you have done more for the human condition than all the politicians and apologies for leaders combined of the last seventy six years. R.I.P. Steven Harrison

My school wouldn’t allow me to take physics. Then I discovered “A Brief History of Time”. Thank you, Professor Hawking, for helping me find an alternative way in, and for the accompanying humour. Sincere condolences to family, friends and colleagues. Rest in peace. Stephanie Strachan

Such a great and inspiring man. Will be missed by many. Thank you for opening our eyes. May you rest in peace. Georgina Anderson

A truly inspiring fellow, I shall always look up to the skies, never down to my feet. RIP Professor. Kevin Bullock

A brilliant mind has left us to go among the stars. Rest in peace. Rachel Morgan

Positive influences come in many forms, but you were undoubtedly one of the brightest stars in a galaxy full of inspirations. Sleep well, Professor. Warren Chandler

Such a loss. An inspiration to so many people from all walks of life. A true star amongst so many false idols in today's celebrity obsessed world. He made us believe that anything is possible. Thank you Mr Hawking. Rachael Hogan

So sad to hear of Stephen's passing. Read his books and followed his popular ideas with interest. Hope there will be someone to follow in his steps and make the universe an interesting place for the rest of us. Stephen Casey

I'm not clever, but A Brief History of Time made me think very deeply. Professor Hawking leaves a legacy that many people appreciate, even if they don't understand! Dominic Hill

A magnificent man whom we talk about with our children many many times. Thank you for your knowledge, wisdom and amazing way of making life fun, interesting and exciting. Enjoy the stars...Emmins Family Chichester, West Sussex. Joanne Emmins

I send my heartfelt condolences to the family, friends and colleagues of Professor Hawking. I was privileged to have once met him. He personified the word 'courage' and his legacy will long live on. Kindest regards. Tania C, Cambridge

I will miss the comfort of you being there. You made life infinitely more interesting with your ideas. You will be greatly missed. Mary Lattimore

Amazing man, amazing mind. Opened the universe for us. Gary Scott

I first saw Stephen in a TV program about black holes. At that time one of his students acted as interpreter. Stephen gave him 2 cones joined at the apex and started to talk about the 'Event Horizon'. After a moment he stopped talking, looked at the cones being held by his student/interpreter and told the student he was holding them up-side-down. A typical example of Stephen's sense of humour. His books opened science to people who had never been interested before and I am sure many nonscientific people will sign this book and remember him with great fondness. I really wish I had had the chance to meet him. He should have won the Nobel Prize, the problem is in deciding which of his work is more deserving. I am sure he will be proud to be interred next to Sir Isaac Newton. RIP Stephen Hawking CH CBE FRS FRSA Robin Mortiboys

Humankind has lost a great man and a great mind with your passing. You will be missed by us all, whether we knew you personally or not. You bought Physics to the masses. Rest in peace. Claire Sandell

Fly high Mr. Hawking! This world has lost a great man and a great scientist. You leave us all your knowledge, your wisdom and your amazing sense of humour - for which we should all be grateful - honoured to have lived in your time! Nat

You were the inspiration to not make the decision to turn my disabled son's life support off when he was just 10 days old, I wrote to you some years later telling you about it, I did not expect a reply but you sent me one which I still have today, it was some time after the reply that I found out that my son was born on the same date as you the 8th January, some coincidence. I was extremely sad to hear of your passing my family will always remember you. Heartfelt condolences to your family, friends and colleagues. RIP. John Payne

A truly inspirational man. Rest in peace. Rhian Davies

The world became less magical when Mr Hawking left us, but he and his findings will never be forgotten. Rest in peace, Stephen. Emma-Louise Hague

A wonderful man who will be sadly missed. The world is a poorer place without him. Dave Pomfret 

The world will certainly be a darker place without you, a true great. RIP Stephen Hawking I'll always 'Remember to look up at the stars'. Karen M

Profoundly moved by the loss of this dear, brave, genius of a man. His courage, strength, moral purpose and sense of humour through such pain and adversity lives on as well as the groundbreaking theorems of Science he is so famous for. I hope our children grow up always wondering and believing anything is possible in this crazy unpredictable modern world. Stephen Hawking, may you rest in peace and your legacy live on forever. Bec Shirtcliffe 

Thank you Professor Hawking for your amazing work and your inspirational leadership of the scientific community. My thoughts and prayers go to the Hawking family in their hour of loss. Sent with love and profound respect. Nick Bloomfield

To a brilliant mind, a true inspiration and an even better human being. Thank you for your genius and I'm glad to have been alive while you were. Rebecca 


You were so inspirational and so sadly missed. Susan Edwards

An outstanding mind and a true inspiration to all. You dealt with your condition with great humour. Thanks for all you did for science. RIP. Dave Ockwell

Thank you, Professor Hawking, for helping this enquiring mind to understand the universe and for inspiring so many others to do the same. Marc B.

Shall not be forgotten. Brian Mussard

Thank you Stephen for illuminating us on many of the mysteries of the universe. Thank you for showing the World what is possible, and changing our views of the universe. Thank you for explaining in simple terms how the universe works. Thank you for your humour. Hope you got your winnings from Lt. Commander Data, Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton! Rest in Peace, Genius. Adrian Jones

I am sorry to see another bright light go out. Glen Toogood

Don't know where to start, Professor Stephen Hawking has been a constant force in my life since school days. 9th grade, I read a meagre attempt of a translation of a brief history of time and obviously understood nothing. Second attempt was in uni 2nd year and some help from my then physics professor I understood the intricate brilliance of this out worldly man. He is the sole reason I have attempted or shall I say dare to have attempted studying astrophysics. Always wanted to attend a lecture of his but as unlucky as I am could only waited 5hrs just read his original phd thesis in Cambridge library. From his egalitarian ideology to his cosmic brilliance had helped me a lot through out my depression back in 2008-09 when I was constantly jostling with the idea of leaving primitive theologies and he alongside attenborough, paul dirac helped me understand the life in general better with nonchalant yet simple approach to a factual living, being humble as an egalite. He was the closest to a divine figure or a celestial overlord I had in my life. His comment in Larry king after the release of grand design "Science is increasingly answering questions that used to be the province of religion,"The scientific account is complete. Theology is unnecessary."-has always been an inspiration and conversational quip for me in irrational debates. He was given 2years to live which turns out to be 50 plus which begs a philosophical conundrum whether space-time has different meaning to Hawking's life term.(He probably would hate this statement as according to him any philosophical fallacy is inaccurate and suffers from non-conformity).To finish it off, a death of a true god for me as Sagan said "we are made of star stuff" I fervently hope somewhere in the galaxy m82 professor hawking is floating in a most peculiar way as remnant of a star. Zubaer Eshon

A man of immense vision and courage, a person to respect. You will be greatly missed. Ian Jebbett

Sleep well amongst the stars. Lynn Starling

What an amazing person you were in so many ways, your courage was the most outstanding thing about you, and you achieved so much as a result.....RIP. Malka

Professor Hawking opened the tons of knowledge about time history, interpretation of cosmological observations, gravitational wave to general relativity to us. His knowledge and generosity will help coming generations to learn and understand the universe and galaxies around. He has simplified the universe for us. Grand salute to the great scientist. Amrut Desai

RIP Professor Hawking. Humanity owes you a great debt for your wisdom. Dr David Bartle

Had the privilege to be on this rock floating through space with you over the years, watched every TV show you had ever made and still have me pondering questions about the universe today, and I sure will have for the rest of my life. Such an amazing man, rest in peace in up in the stars. Wayne

A wonderful man and a great inspiration for all disabled people. Ailsa Irving

A man, a legend and a hero. Humanity takes a huge loss with your passing. RIP Professor. Thank you. Felipe Fernandez

A true inspiration, thank you. Let the universe that you dedicated your entire life to opening up stay strong; mankind is simply a guest that is passing through. Emma Taylor

An absolute inspiration who defied all odds to change the way we view our universe. You will always be remembered. Megan

Rest in peace Stephen. The world has lost a true genius. A man who not only expanded the average 'mans' understanding of science and the universe but one of understanding that disability is no barrier. You WILL be missed. David Wheatley

You made a 'big bang' in the cosmos, through your path-breaking work. May you shine bright among the stars, in the space-time continuum! Peter Noronha, India

RIP to one of the most brilliant minds I have had the privilege of seeing. Dr. Trucit Vora

Thank you so much Professor Hawking for what you have done for people like me who are disabled. You are a game changer. It’s because of you I am now at University. Rest in Peace. Rebecca Jay Dutneall

I am no scientist, I am a writer but even still you have been one of the greatest inspirations in my life and in the life of others. As the world enters into a new age without your guidance and your experience we will be missing something powerful, supreme and guiding. For your work, for your life, for your legacy may you forever rest in peace. May you stay forever young. Molly MacLean

Hope humanity survives, RIP professor, hope you enjoy watching us mature. Mohan Sai Gajula

I truly and humbly thank you for being such an inspiration to humanity, your intelligence was incredibly fascinating and enlightening. Without a doubt the world is a poorer place without you. I am saddened by your passing Stephen, may you enjoy eternal peace in heaven. Brian Price 

There are no words big enough to express the sheer wonders & amazements of our Universe, that’s been given to us by your beautiful & omniscient mind. They say that angels are among us to bestow knowledge & enlightenment. They gave us their finest when they gave us you. Shannon Fox

Professor Hawking, you have got to be one of the most incredible and the most inspiring people ever to walk this planet, I am truly blessed and proud to be one of the people to have lived and breathed on this planet at the same time and space as you.  Your level of achievement is incredible and what you have done is un-quantifiable for so many people, not just for those already living but those not even born yet, in so many ways, not just because of your research and discovery, but your enthusiasm for life despite the many physical limitations you had.  You were absolutely unstoppable, and you had such a great sense of humour to go with it! So thank you so very much for all you have done for all of us & that now, where ever you are, you have access to all the answers you ever wanted to know!  Thank you and lots of love.  You were awesome.

It was a pleasure to meet you at school a few years ago you were such a nice guy. Such a sad loss for everyone my thoughts and prayers go to your family. May you rest in peace Stephen. Thomas Bourne

What a star and inspiration! Now passed forever beyond the event horizon. RIP. Ron Slucky

A great man, an inspiration for humanity! Pans Pansdorf

Professor Hawking revolutionised thinking about the relationship not only between space & time but also between academia & society. His was a once in a generation presence that will be greatly missed. David Perry

A great inspiration who will be sorely missed. Wish world leaders had his integrity & dedication. Michael Matthias

Rest in peace Professor Steven Hawking, a great man who did a lot for me, such a great guy, you will be missed so much. Philip Morris (Hereford)

RIP, great scientist and truly great loss. Farooq

Absolute legend. Will live on forever in our thoughts. Alec Weedon 

What a great gift you have been to the world. To share your many gifts shows others that all things are possible despite seeming obstacles. My sympathy to your loved ones in their sorrow. May these messages carry the love of healing. Mary 

One of the greatest minds this world has ever known. Truly inspirational. Rest in Peace Mr Hawking. Angie Stagg

My condolences to the family of a great man and mind, for those of us who 'wonder' Professor Hawking was an inspiration, who also had a marvellous sense of humour and made learning for so many, possible in the way he was able to explain. RIP now out of pain, we were privileged to have had you in our world. Judi

Absolute genius. One heartbroken teen shows how much of an inspiring man you were to everyone old and young. Shine bright. Paula Smith 

An extraordinary mind, an extraordinary man, an extraordinary life. Rest peacefully Professor Hawking. Phil Peek

My deepest condolences to Professor Hawking’s family. He was the rarest of human beings; brilliant and tenacious yet approachable and humble. I will continue to read his books with a mixture of awe and bewilderment. One day I may even understand them. Above all, I live in hope and positivity, as was his legacy to the world. Nicola Gaunt

For so many people you were an inspiration with an ability to find logic and reason where others would just see wonder. For my family you showed disability is no boundary and that life can be embraced and experienced regardless of any obstacles. Because of that my child with Autism is planning to emigrate once he has completed his school years, thank you Stephen, you gave him wings we couldn't. Jenny Reeves 

Thanks for everything you gave me and showing how a single person can beat the odds. Jon Kersey

Incredible man, incredible mind, an inspiration to us all. I had no idea how much he had informed and influenced both my young boys, 13 and 11. They were both visibly upset when they heard the news and spend the whole of dinner telling my wife and I about him. "The world has lost an outstanding scientist and man" G Conron age 13. Martin Conron

A genius & total inspiration who showed me, my children, the world & many future generations just what amazing things can be achieved in one lifetime by one man regardless of the challenges put in his way. Julie, Isaac & Jessica Ellis 

A remarkable man who showed others with disabilities what it was possible to achieve. Chrissie Holland

A great man - an inspiration to the world. Tricia T

How you could do what you did with such physical affliction is beyond me. May you rest in peace. Michelle Bolger

His mind and his sense of humour made him a giant of a man. Niels Jensen 

Such a great man and a great mind. I feel we could all lose our way because of the loss of his watchful eye and guidance. Rest in peace Stephen. John Curry

An example to us all. Paul James

Stephen Hawking was a great man with many ambitions. Even if he had ALS, he found ability in the disability he had. Jefferson

Humanity can only move forward when we understand the fundamental nature of what makes us human. Thanks for giving us a glimpse of where we've come from. The wonder you've inspired will live forever. James Beer

Vous êtes le Newton et le Einstein de notre époque. Que votre esprit continue à briller et à explorer parmi les étoiles. Maryse

Thank You Prof Hawking for enlightening us on our universe... Your contributions will always be remembered. James Myl, Malaysia

Rest in peace. God bless you forever. Zinette Tariq -Ali 

A truly inspirational human being, thank you. Neil Harrington

Rest in Peace Professor Stephen Hawking. Deepest condolences to your family and friends. Cecilia Love

An inspirational man who I now need to know more about. I need to understand his theories. A modern day Einstein. Gary Thompson

A truly brilliant mind, you enlightened mankind. Your perseverance despite overwhelming challenges is an example to all that no matter what life throws at you, it's possible to achieve great things. You inspired me to pursue a career in physics, with your books and lectures being invaluable tools in my studies. Your unique sense of humour made even the hardest topics a joy to research. The world will miss you. Thank you for everything. May you rest in peace. Stephen Lloyd-Brown

You will forever be in my heart, every time I look up at the stars I will remember you for the amazing human being that you were and for helping me to better understand the universe. Kyle

Rest in peace and know that we will never forget you. Mariusz 

We may have not had the chance to meet in person but your kind words in correspondence inspired me to achieve the impossible and to break down barriers. With upmost respect, sincerest kind regards. / Paul Milton B.A. Honours, Independent Ambassador for Arts, Dyslexia & Disabilities, Parochial Church Council Member

I had the fortune to meet Stephen Hawking in the Master's Lodge of Gonville & Caius College during an event where the college choir, of which I was a member, were singing. It must have been around 1996 or 1997, but I was awestruck to be standing next to this extraordinary man, and I hardly plucked up the courage to say many words. So, it is with immense sadness to hear of his passing, but also of immense pride to be able to say that I studied natural sciences in the same College that he did, and was an undergraduate at the College he spent so much of his life, and which he loved so much. An incredible man, who has inspired so many around the world, not only with his scientific intellect, but also fortitude, wisdom, and courage. Charles Aitken

A great human and a great scientist has passed away. But I believe he would not have wanted us to waste time in mourning his demise. Instead he would have hoped that we keep looking for the unknown. Rest in Peace Professor Hawking. Souvik Paul

Generous, inspiration, intelligent and far. Gilbert Roberto

Smart, scientific, brave, winner and writer. Isaac Cortez

Inspiring, hard working, intelligent, perseverer. Theresa Chu

Persevering, intelligent, inspiring. Gone not forgotten. Ivan Salas

Incredibly inspiring, creative, smart and determined. Caroline Lamadrid

Intelligent man, with a kind heart. Lisa Trejo

Inspiring, brilliant, interesting, perseverance, humorous, wise. Tim Pham

Persevering, intelligent and strong. Nestor 

He lived life to the fullest. Cindy Cao

The man with a brilliant mind. Jan Lara

He showed intelligence, creativity, and inspiration. Jody Lieu

Survivor, family man, author, intelligent, scientist, humorous. Amirah Owaida

Dad, husband, brother, book lover and genius. Susan Ta

Stephen Hawing was a great scientist. Kevin Carrillo

A brilliant man, inspiring, smart, made black holes. Cool, funny. Christopher Torres

A Genius who preserved through fate. Vitoria Mendez

Extraordinary, intelligent, amazing, role model, funny, inspiring. Erika Deleon

The man who became a singularity. Camilo Rivera

Intelligent, inspiring and admired by others. Tossa Doan

A discovery that inspired many people. Intelligent, nice, science, physicist, inspiring, remarkable, excellent. Noor A.

Smart, inspiring, educated, Stephen Hawking. Joseluis Robles

Stephen Hawking: smart, intelligent and funny. Karla Mendoza

He was a great scientist and hard worker. Michelle Alvarez

A charming brilliant scientist, Stephen Hawking. Aldo Regino

Stephen Hawking aspired for evolving universally acceptable single theory on the origin of the universe. Though he couldn't realize that in his lifetime, he has put it before the entire world as an 'eternal challenge'. Hawking never dies. He would be with generations yet to come on the globe, and on other planets if any. Hawking will live until the day the sun and stars die, sometimes, even after that. Dr KJ James, India

Great man. Great mind. Humanity is poorer in those difficult times. Rest In Peace from Greece. Panagiotis Alevropoulos

I came across A Brief History of Time when I was considering another branch of science. You showed me the way to the best science there is & I will always be grateful. Then to see you give a lecture and talk about curry... Inspirational! Remaining curious. Thanks Prof. Dom Moloney

You were truly inspiring to me along with thousands of other people. It saddens me greatly that I never had the opportunity to meet you. You were an amazing man that accomplished so many things, I hope one day to achieve even a fraction of what you did. Rest in peace. Aimee Roberts

Rest among the stars Professor. You were a teacher to every kid who loves science. Manh Do

A great man has left us. Thanks for all you have done for this world. Ad Brouwers

Thank you, Professor Hawking; first of all for the remarkable contribution you have given to the Scientific Community, and for your numerous effort to share such knowledge with common people as well. Second, for your amazing and inspiring life's attitude; there are not enough words to describe how brave and stubborn such example is, and it always will be. Thanks as well for your numerous, wonderful smiles. Thanks, from the very bottom of my heart, Professor. Francesca Nicotra

Bharath MN

Miss you dear Professor..... Thank you for all your service to mankind..... Askar Ali L, India

What a man!! You defied all the odds and made me interested in Science. Rest in peace. Eje

My deepest condolences to Professor Hawking's family. I am totally heartbroken at the loss of my hero. I never knew him, yet will miss him so much. This planet is a colder place without him. Shine on Professor Hawking, like the bright star you have always been. Karen Brown

"Possible". Matthew Diserens

My sincere condolences to the Hawking family. Thank you, Professor Hawking, for sharing your ideas and knowledge with elegance, grace and humour. You helped open my eyes to the Universe and beyond. Leslie

That a man has meant so much, in so many ways, to people he never met, is unusual. That he did it by science, and by being a true example of human greatness, is rare. That he did it in spite of obstacles that others can't imagine, is unique. Beyond being a scientist, an author, a teacher to millions, he showed us where greatness comes from, and where it doesn't. My heart goes out to those who knew and loved him. I can't share the depth of their pain, or extent of their loss. However, I do join them in grief. I didn't know him, but I feel like I did, as if I have spoken with him, about the universe, about humanity, and many other things. As one among millions, I loved him for what he shared with us all. As one among millions, I will remember him. Erik Jensrud

While studying at Cambridge, I was running late for a lecture one day. I was rushing down Trinity Street on my bike when I saw from a distance a group of people coming up the street in the wrong direction. I remember getting a bit annoyed since Trinity Street was meant to be one-way only and they were blocking the road. Turns out it was Prof. Hawking with his teddy bear in tow. Thank you sir, for being who you are and showing all of us that we can do whatever we want as long as we set our minds to it. I know from speaking to fellow students and academics that you have touched the lives of so many of us who were/are at Cambridge. Thank you and you will always be missed. Jess

Thank you for bringing us many things into the world, I have enjoyed reading about you and watching your movie! Rest In Peace Prof. Hawking. Lanre Adeleye

What an amazing, brilliant and courageous person. The world has been the richer for having you in it. Your life was a triumph and you will never be forgotten. Kelly Brett

You have now met God. Christine Greenberg

I read Mechanical Sciences at Downing in the late 1960s and am sure I can recall seeing Stephen Hawking around the city. The breadth and depth of his thinking were so impressive and so was his amazing ability to communicate his thoughts not only to his peers but to such a wide body of people. May he rest in peace and may we all follow his exhortation to look up to the stars. Thank you, Professor Hawking. Barrie Walters

To the Hawking Family,
I have been thinking of you over the past few days and wondering how you are dealing with this loss. I never met Dr. Hawking but he seemed like a force of nature despite the illness. I think you really must be hurting and I am so sorry for your pain. Ten years ago, my mother died and I made a promise to be there for others who go through a loss. The pain was so intense.  Dr. Hawking seemed like one of those people who has always been in my life just because he existed. Like his spirit touched my life and I didn't even know him. But I am feeling that loss too. You have my heartfelt condolences.  Thank you for your time. Heidi A. Dietrich

Professor Hawking will always be our inspiration not only by the passion for knowledge, but also by the resilience in life and in the struggles that we may possibly carry in our minds, to be a better people regardless of the trials or difficulties that the path may have. Our most sincere condolences for the Hawking family, because this absence for you will always be greater than the one he leave in the rest of us. RIP. Dámaris & Sergio Gómez

Thank you for showing us what a life can be. I will always remember to look up at the stars. X.Hu

So sorry that you are no longer around as you were such an inspiration to everyone. I teach maths but I often made reference to you and your quotes. Anyway,  my sincerest sympathy to your family and friends. May you Rest In Peace. Gerard Clerkin 

Thank you. Sharyn Mackey

Thank you Prof Hawking, for stirring up my interest in mathematics when I was in Secondary School, it has changed my life ever since. Chern Haw

A true gent and genius will be missed by many goodnight sleep tight. Eileen and Chris Stephens

My family and I have thoughts and prayers with the Hawking family and friends. Stephen was indeed a true inspiration and genius and may he rest in peace with the other scientists in Cambridge. Samantha Stephens 

Thank you Stephen Hawking. You inspired me to look up. I did. The adventure through the Star solar system is just beginning. I trust that on the journey, I will spot you somewhere in the ether and say hello. Kathryn Al-Najjar

Thank you for sharing your life..and knowledge with the world. I have a motor neuron illness, but it never stopped me from a life in science. You will always be an inspiration to me -- especially with your wonderful sense of humour! Enjoy exploring the universe, Dr. Hawking!! Abigail Westwood

You made a great contribution to science, the world will miss you. Mr. Irving Courtley Jones

Humanity needs more legends like Stephen Hawking to show light to future generations. Vijay Pundir

I'm sorry the man had to live in such conditions for 55 years. I am not an atheist but I can tell you that a lot of atheists know a lot more about the Bible than a lot of 'Christians' and have never read it. I want to assure you that this man will never burn in a so-called everlasting hell fire - this is from Satan and not from God. I don't have enough hate in my heart to want anybody to suffer and it is non scriptural to preach such idiocy. Jesus is a savior - not a part savior. The time will come when there will be no more sickness, pain or death. James McClure

There is much sadness in my heart at the news of Professor Hawking's passing. The man was an inspiration to dyslexic high school drop out like myself to push myself to achieve greater things in this short life we have. The difficulty of reading A Brief History of Time was a brilliant brain trainer for me. A remarkable man. My most sincere condolences goes out to his family, friends, and the world in general. RIP Professor Stephen Hawking. Kim B, Aust

You have always been a great inspiration and I share your love and enthusiasm for this wonderful city of Cambridge. Lindsay 

Professor Stephen Hawking, in every aspect of his wonderful life, was constantly changing the meaning of the word "impossible", day by day erasing it from the dictionary. He proved that the borders designated by human body are nothing according to the breadth of mind. Thank you, Professor. The world of science will never be the same. Adam J. Bialas, MD, PhD

A great mind that will forever be remembered for its brilliance and tenacity. I remember reading A Brief History of Time when it came out, a struggle for my mind to comprehend but it made me look at life much differently. Ross Wittig

You've done well sir. Thank you! Cosmin Barbu

Cambridge will be a much poorer place without him. We will miss knowing that he is here in the city, using his amazing talent to throw light into the darkest parts of the Universe and his voice to stand up for the less fortunate in society. R.I.P. Rowena Baxter

Stephen Hawking was a great man whose ideas changed the way we look at the universe. His physical body may not be with us but his ideas will be talked about for hundreds of years to come. He is up there with all the other great minds of the past but what sets him apart is what he had to overcome in his life. Stephen Hawking Rest In Peace. It's a brief history of your life. David Elliott 

You will be missed Stephen, truly. It broke my heart when I found out of your passing. I have always looked up to you ever since I was a little kid. Your  quote, which is one of my favs of mine ''remember to not look down at your feet but look up at the stars''. You're a beautiful man, thank you so much for contributing to the scientific community and helping humanity to progress in science and be more understanding about the Universe. You have given me hope and you will continue to give me hope and many other people long after your passing. You will not be forgotten, one of the greatest minds that has ever lived. Rest In Peace, Goodbye Prof. Stephen Hawking. Christopher James Boardman

Samantha Stephens from Belfast

I am honoured and blessed to known Stephen, attended his several lectures (First lecture that I attended was in Lady Mitchell Hall in 1999) and also wrote about him in Bengali language. My heartfelt condolences go out to Stephen's family. I will surely miss the presence of a truly lovable and a brilliant theoretical Physicist and Cosmologist. A star went out but  it will cast its shadow like a microwave background radiation around infinite space and infinite time. Dr Kanan Purkayastha

Professor Stephen Hawking made the scientific method so human and heroic. His mastery of scientific thought, and commitment to applying it in all aspects of life - social, political, spiritual, and vocational - makes him stand out amongst giants. A once-in-a-generation mind like that will be sorely missed. Especially during this period where history is in such flux. A world without Prof Hawking feels like a different era. We're poorer for his loss. Clement Moylan, Selwyn Cantab. 

I have always been inspired from you Mr. Hawking.. You are a Legend and always will be.. They say " People come and go" but...You left your remarkable journey to inspire millions worldwide. Thank you for your contribution to Science.. Love.. I wish I would watch your back.. Kabir Ohekar

I first met Stephen when we were both summer school students at the RGO in Sussex in July 1961, when he was still able to play croquet (I have a photograph - see I remember that he was the only one of us brave enough - and clever enough - to argue with the Astronomer Royal, Sir Richard Woolley - and Woolley loved it! It was a shock when I next met him as fellow research students in Cambridge in 1965-66 and he was already needing a stick to move around - but as brilliant as ever. I have rarely met him since, but have followed his work with interest and admiration - he was a remarkable man, who contributed so much to our subject, and showed that it was possible to overcome adversity. Robert Smith (University of Sussex)

As an amateur cosmologist and contemporary in age. I hope that other such great minds in the the multiverse are carrying on his work. Louis Blaine

It's truly a great loss both to the scientific community as well as humanity as a whole. I was never fortunate enough to meet him, but through his work (which it will take the rest of my life to fully understand), interviews and general wit and warm nature. I feel like I knew him like a friend. Whether there is an afterlife or not. His legacy will outlast us all and will help direct the next century of scientific discovery. The world has truly lost one of the best of us. Rest Well! Rhod Evans

Thank you for your outstanding contribution to science and for your inspirational life. Anne Whichcord

Thank you for what you gave to the scientific community, but thank you from me. I was never good at science in school, but as for people like yourself that made it fascinating and accessible to me I have been able throughout the years to watch many shows and documentaries, and that the way you have explained so much has helped me to think much more about what is beyond our world and dream about what could be 'out there'. You truly are an amazing man! I will always look up!!! Rebecca Gray 

I grew up reading and watching the great Carl Sagan. As an adult I was equally inspired by the genius of Stephen Hawking. We need visionaries like him. He will be a great loss to the modern world. RIP. Alistair Barbour 

My absolute admiration and respect for his life and his work. He will be an inspiration forever. Hernan Gonzalez

Such an amazing gentleman, rest in peace. God bless you. Mr & Mrs Clark

The world is going to miss you, Stephen Hawking, it was a fun ride with you around! RIP. Angelos Papadopoulos

My condolences to the Hawking family, I feel I will miss Professor Hawking’s presence in this world for reasons I cannot explain. Liana Magrath 

Vielen Dank Mr. Hawking für Ihre Arbeit hier - ein brillianter Geist verlässt diese Erde. Vielleicht gibt es ja doch ein "Leben nach dem Tod" - Sie werden es jetzt wissen. Ruhen Sie in Frieden. Karsten Franke

Thank you Professor Hawking, for everything you did for us. Anne King

You were an amazing man who defied the odds and had an amazing journey through life. Thank you for the inspiration and all the hard work. And thanks for the great sense of humour. I especially loved your TV cameos. Tony Kull


It indeed is a once-in-a-lifetime experience to say that I lived in the era of Stephen Hawking. You became one of my teenage heroes. I was so excited when, after many years of my post-teenage academic and research endeavors, I joined the University of Cambridge as a Researcher. My mom immediately told me "Huh now you are gonna meet him in person right!" Well I haven't had a chance to because of course it was not easy; you were after all a huge celebrity. And also a Prof.; like I thought what do I say when I meet you- I am a big fan of yours (there are billions!), or nice to meet you Stephen (or Dr. Hawking), or what? I was about to date a girl who was a doctoral student in your department, and the first thing I asked was could you help me meet Prof. Hawking. She said she never met you either (sigh)! Anyway you will be eternally missed after “A smooth exit from eternal inflation"! Naz

 I remember when Professor Stephen Hawking went to Padua University; it was an incredible lesson from a great man, now he is with his marvellous stars of the universe. Arturo from Italy

R.I.P. Your work made complex science appeal to the masses. Thank you! M. Zulu (Zambia)

感谢您为人类作出的杰出贡献!希望您在星辰宇宙中继续指引人类前行!Weapen Chau

Stephen Hawking was such an inspiration; although I didn't know him in person he was my inspiration. I'm dyslexic and he inspired me to keep going. There is now a brighter star shining in the sky and free exploring the universe. My condolences to all his family and friends and university colleagues. Raech Andrews BA (hons) PGCE in special and inclusive education 

Dear Professor Hawking,
You were a kind heart, a fierce mind and a brave spirit personified. You are an inspiration to many and will always live in our hearts and minds for the inspirational phenomenon that you were. I hope to see you among the stars everyday. You will live on. Aastha Dhaon

It is so sad that we have lost one of the greatest minds of our generation. It will be so hard to vet another gentle soul like him. May the stars shine a path for you. James Muchiri

There are so many things that could be said about Stephen Hawking. Maybe his example was one of the reasons why I wanted to become a professor one day (but I'm still a doctoral student...). Three come into my mind:
First, he could have had, and was expected and recommended, to have a limited life with lots of professional assistance, and to focus on simply being alive. He insisted that whatever his physical state, his life must resemble a life of an ordinary person. He was a researcher, professor, father, husband, and other things, regardless of being bound to a wheelchair.
Second, like great minds like Einstein, he didn't stick only to theoretical research, but was interested in its implications, contributed to public discussion, and even opened his highly theoretical field to anyone interested in it - because it would be wrong if only trained physicists understand the beauty of what he is doing.
Third (and related to the previous one), he built bridges both in his private and public life. As detailed in the biography by Kitty Ferguson and the feature film "The Theory of Everything", he was an atheist but married to a Christian woman and surrounded by colleagues and friends who were believers. He discussed science and philosophy with them, offered his opinions and reasoning, and respected others' views as well. In public life, he met several Popes and participated in the Pontifical Academy of Sciences (I don't remember in which role). He wouldn't shy away from expressing himself, and didn't expect anyone else to. Mikko Tuomela

Dear Professor/Sir,
Here are my condolences on your disappearance from us. RIP in the heaven. I am from Andhra Pradesh & Telangana, INDIA. Many people love you here for your theory on black holes and the BIG Bang theory explanation and your recent published paper on life. Love you dear sir. Hope your family will sustain their life & energy without you in BTWN them. I will pray to GOD/LORD for that cosmic will be delivered to your family. I request you to re-born again on this planet and help to find new planet like Earth for the next generations to survive. Thank you. With Regards, Bala Ratnakar Koneru, IT-Professional & Book reader, India

I was deeply saddened when I got the alert telling me that Stephen Hawking had died. I have followed his work since the mid-Eighties. I became interested in quantum physics when a chemistry instructor mentioned that light could be both a wave and particle. This was a mind blowing concept. In looking into this, I came across "A Brief History of Time," and became fascinated with his work. I had hoped I might get the chance to meet Professor Hawking. I share a small connection to him. One of my closest friends studied at Oxford under Roger Penrose, so that puts me at two degrees of separation from Professor Hawking. I find it fascinating how we can be connected to others like that. I also loved Professor Hawking's wonderful sense of humor. Please accept my deepest sorrow and condolences on your loss. Jennifer Usher

Thank you for making life understandable. You will be missed. Wendy R Blume

I just wanted to say, goodbye Professor Hawking, I will very much miss what little I know of your work, and while you may be gone now... I would hope that everyone who works in academia can try to make your legacy live on. I too have tried to study applied mathematics and physics just as you have, and like you I have much curiosity about the universe we live in. To anyone reading this message, please do visit Gonville and Caius College Cambridge, as this is a fantastic place to study and it was Professor Hawking's College for 50 years, it is very pretty and I would highly recommend it. Finally while I know that I am nowhere near as good at mathematics as you were Sir, I would very much like to follow your footsteps in science, and hopefully one day contribute to it as much as I can. When I look up at the stars, I will remember you, and I will remember what you said about curiosity. P.S. To Gonville and Caius College Cambridge, I would like to apologize for what I have said to you in the past, and I would very much like for Professor Hawking's legacy to live on... hopefully by people still studying in the same area as him. Thomas N Toseland

I may not be the cleverest of people but I am fascinated by our Universe and our place in it. Your work and words touched my life and I am so very sad to say goodbye. Safe travels across the cosmos. Emma C. Australia

Professor Stephen Hawking remains a real HERO, maybe the only one in a century or more, deep in the future for sure, for me my family and many many others. Juan Manuel Anchondo-Adalid

 Stephen was a great loss to everyone. He was a great man and lives out his expectations in life. Will continue to remember him. Rest in Peace Stephen! Michelle Schultz 

I bought Stephen’s book of the brief history of time. I’ve never finished it because it throws up so many questions in my mind. It’s good to think that a man like Stephen was able to captivate a non scientific person like me, and leave wanting more. Truly a man of the universe and of the people. R.I.P. Glyn Smith

A Bright Light; A Distant Star. I was humbled (sorry) by your father's mere existence. / I laugh with his strength, and cry with my weakness. / I'd give a shiny two dollar bill to have him back. Condolences. Charly Knauss

The world had not only lost a great person but a true scientist, a influencer, a inspirational person and so on. krushnam badami

Thank you for your service to humanity, you translated the mechanics of the universe, into terms everyone can understand. My sister watched Into the Universe, and it sparked an interest in the cosmos. This gave us a common interest, which led to many enjoyable discussions. For this, I would like to express my personal gratitude, thank you. Lindsey Pride

Dear Professor Stephen Hawking,
Thank you for everything that you have taught us, for sharing your wisdom with the world and for never stopping to learn. You're one of the richest and most inspiring souls that have walked this earth. Your legacy will go on. May you rest in peace. Ana B

You were, are and will forever be such a great man and one of the most influential figures of the scientific world, you will be greatly missed, forever admired and always looked up upon, rest in peace spaceman. Aidan C

Thanking Professor Hawking expanding mankind's knowledge of where we are in relation to space. All the best to your loved ones. R. Gaston 

RIP dear professor. You were an inspiration to many and will be missed. T. Laswell

Stephen's death came as such a shock. I nursed him for 2 incredible years so I knew him extremely well. My heart goes out to Robert, Lucy, Timmy and all Stephen's family, friends and colleagues. They are all in my prayers. Ruth Lambert (Rev'd)

My dear friend,
We never managed to meet in the end but you and yours touched our lives directly. Your magnanimous generosity has changed my son Ryan's life beyond recognition and that of future generations. Thank you from every atom of my being. May you sleep the sleep of a true humanitarian hero. GM/RM. Gregory Martin 

It was with great sadness that I learned that Professor Hawking had passed away in his home. He was one of my few heroes. And will be so, forever. I've read his famous book in 1989, when I was in college in physics (University of Porto, Portugal) and ever since I've been following Professor Hawking's life and achievements in Science. Rest in peace, even if God has nothing to do with our Universe. That would be the greatest joke of all? Well, maybe Stephen is playing cards with Him, right now! RIP. Agostinho Fernando Dias de Oliveira 

You will be missed. We need you more than ever. Welcome to the Great Void. William A Jarvis Jr.

Not the strength of arm but the strength of your mind is what turns the world. A great man and imho the greatest mind living in my time has passed leaving a gap never to be filled in 100 years. My deepest condolence for the family. I know your pain and sorrow. I do not know you but my heart is with you. Michael Reusch

Professor Hawking was one of the major geniuses of the 20th-21st Centuries. He and his groundbreaking work will be tremendously missed worldwide, including throughout my country, the United States. Diana Grilli

Sorry to hear of Professor Hawking's passing - I read both of his Brief History books and found them to be a source of entertainment, information and inspiration - He lived a rich life and I am grateful that he chose to share it with so many. Albert A Gregorio

Three generations of Jacksons saw Stephen lecture on black holes. Max, the youngest, was 13 at the time. From that evening on, Max knew for certain what he wanted to do. He was inspired to go on and become a theoretical physicist. Thank you Stephen. You will shine on as one of the brightest stars of this universe. Beautiful Cambridge already feels different without you around; missing you already. Roger Jackson

One of the most advanced minds ever to have existed, up there with Newton, Darwin and Einstein. Astonishingly not hampered by the physical infirmity that paralyzed him for 55 years. He looked for a different explanation of everything other than religion, and to his satisfaction, found it. He will be very sorely missed by the entire world. Ronald Cohen

 Professor thank you for telling me to look up the the stars it changed my life. William P Witowich

We have lost a man who never let his illness contain his unique thirst for the truth in our universe, or dilute his incredible sense of humour. With his loss, the words of Monty Python, which Professor Hawking performed, seem even more true - 'hope there's intelligent life in space, 'cos there's [now none] here on Earth'. Rest in Peace. Stuart Lloyd

My name is Jeannie and I am disabled. I look up to him because he was one of us. I am sorry he's gone. Belva Jean Hall


A person that departs from this earth never truly leaves, for they are still alive in our hearts and minds, through us, they live on. When talking about Stephen, we can not refute that argument, thank you for all the work you have done for humanity. Joaquin Peraza

I saw a sensational lecture by Professor Hawking 6 years ago, and I have been inspired to pursue theoretical physics ever since. A truly remarkable example of what can be achieved. Max Jackson

Stephen Hawking has always inspired me throughout both of our years of disability to never stop pursuing the secrets of the universe. Truly he was one of the most amazing people of all time. Joshua Miller

Now that you have gone, where will we find inspiration? Wherever you go we will follow, and build on the knowledge you have given us. Farewell! Thomas Pearce

Thank you for showing the world that you can live your dreams and have a successful life despite the challenges that are placed before you. You will live forever in your writings and teachings. Have a great journey. Matt L. Rudiger

As an educator I have admired Professor Hawking for many years, not only because of his determination in seeking scientific truth, but also for his amazing willpower to overcome his physical challenges. He was an inspiration to me and I was always glad to use his example with my students to encourage them to persist in the light of difficulties. I send my sincere sympathies and condolences to his family and many friends and colleagues who had the privilege of knowing and interacting with him. Derborah Richmond

Dear Professor Hawking's Family,
Your Father will always remain in our hearts for his courage and brilliance of intellect. He gave powerful insights to the world about our universe, and was supported by a loving family. May you find comfort at this time In realizing how much he is and you are loved.
With great affection, Mrs. Edite Annus and family in Leipzig Germany

Dear Family of our brilliant Professor Stephen Hawking: Even if it is hard to lose him, you have to feel happy because you had the privilege to be part of his family even if sometimes was not easy. Even if I am not a scientist, your father gave me a huge example to follow not only for his brilliant mind but also for that strength to live his life as happy as he could. Feel always happy and proud.Thank you always. Livier

Dear Professor: A week before you left us I wanted to send you a message through facebook and didn't. I want to thank you so much for your huge strength that gave us strength, for your smile that makes us smile, for your awesome mind that makes us to do much more for us and this wonderful planet. I am not afraid of the dark holes because of you and even if i did not have the honor to meet you in person, you gave to my life a lot. Thank you always. We will miss you. Claudia

Rest in Peace Dr Hawking. You did your part to make the world a better place. You enlighten humanity by illuminating the wonders of black holes. You inspired us with your courage, wit and humanity. A life well lived. Robert J. Diaz

Thank you for your dedication and perseverance, while we all may not help to unlock the mysteries of the universe, we all can take heart and try to live with the same compassion, curiosity, dignity and strength that you championed. Thank you and God bless your family and friends during this time. If there is life after death, I hope it is no less fascinating and mysterious than our current universe- just so you won't get bored. Goodbye Professor Hawking. Shane Padula

Fare Thee well Professor, S. Hawking. O. M. S. Shallo

I celebrate Stephen's life and his testimony as an academic and human being. I enjoyed his books, interviews, articles, documentaries and doctoral thesis. Thanks, Stephen, for being a gift, a reference and and inspiration. Juan Manuel Torres Vega

Thank you for inspiring the many who were chained to the ground to chase the stars. A city upon a hill for those who have lost faith, but then fought on to success and achievement. Connor E. McClung

Thanks for making the world a better, brighter place. We'll miss you! Kelsey Gasner

Please accept our condolences on the passing of a great scientist who had smart answers even for day-to-day aspects of life. He will remain an inspiration to people from diverse backgrounds and also to people physically restricted by diseases. His quotes will be remembered the rest of our life and by people after us. Pushp and Shashi Kapoor

 My heartfelt condolences to the family and colleagues of Professor Hawking. I've no doubt that his work and his legacy will resound through the ages. Tony Rowley

I will forever miss your brilliance, sparkle and humour. Never to be forgotten. Rest in Peace. Sarah Turner

My heartfelt condolences to an amazing man who was my inspiration and it saddens me that I will never get to see a lecture of his. But I followed his work from a very young age and brought me and my step dad closer talking about his work. It was a sad day when I heard. My sympathy to his family and friends and also his students. Rest at ease your work will help you live on. Jessica Abernethy

Thank you for everything! The World will miss you. R.I.P. Tomi Motaln

So very sorry for your loss. He will be enormously missed by all. When you look to the heavens his star will be there. Michelle Marie Terriault

Perhaps he now at last knows his Theory of Everything, after the limitations of this world. RIP Stephen Hawking. Jim O'Reilly

I will really miss Steven. He is one of the reasons why I got off the streets here in Canada, and went back to school and to become a mathematician. AD ASTRA. Jean-Joseph Portelance

Although we are far from time and space, you will always be in the most complex and bright place of our heart.Just like space...We will miss you so much. Selin Salkın

My sincere condolences to the family and friends with the passing of Mr. Stephen Hawking. Mr. Hawking was a scientist, a visionary, and a role model for those who work in the field of science. His work will continue to inspire for decades to come. He is now with the stars that he studied and free of his earthly bonds. Thank you Mr. Hawking for your brilliance and your humor. Best wishes. Wendy Hunter, BA

I have tears for you, your family and friends. I will miss you. Harold Raleigh

It was always a thrill to see you about Cambridge over the years: you changed our universe, and yet you were always around our city somewhere. You're missed by everyone who had the privilege to be anywhere nearby. Hugo Tyson

I am proud to be an alumnus of the University that educated, nurtured, learned from, and shared the life of Professor Stephen Hawking. I was last up to Cambridge in February this year. I will remember him as one who inspired me to think all things large and bearers of hope. From Chicago, Rev. Ronald P. Stake, LL.M. (St Edmund's College, Cambridge, 1978)

Professor Hawking's genius, insights and perseverance will continue to guide generations to come and he will be recognized as a titan whose contributions defined and re-defined how we understand the universe. To all family, friends and those inspired by Professor Hawking, the most heartfelt and sincere condolences. Mirto Collazo, Jr. PhD

You are already acknowledged as being one of the great scientific minds of the last one hundred years. In years to come, I believe you will be seen as one of the great theoretical physicists in history. You’ve inspired students of all levels with your work, and no doubt will continue to do so - the world is worse with your passing into the universe you thought so deeply and spectacularly about. Paul Needs

The world will remember you. John Messick

Peace be with you Professor - you were an inspiration to the World. Thank you for all your contributions to Science. Tracey Coppellotti

Goodbye Stephen Hawking, who inspired so many! Had I not found your book in my grandpa's library, my life would have taken a different path... Tobias Wauer, Emmanuel College

Thank you for sharing your beautiful mind to make us wonder beyond our home world. I particularly enjoyed your wicked wit sparring with John Oliver. I wished you God speed on your next adventure or exploration, Stephen. Michael Escober, Philippines

Stephen's inspiring enthusiasm for physics and life itself transformed countless lives, mine included. RIP Starman. Gianamar Giovannetti-Singh

Thank you for being you and giving us so much. I hope your questions have been answered now. Rest in peace. Jacqui Whewell

Thank you for inspiring so many. What you’ve achieved will never be forgotten. Carol Cole

Thank you, Stephen, for bringing science to life for me. Your book on Time opened a whole new world to me and your success on overcoming your physical challenges and allowing your mind to open up to questions bigger than all of us was an inspiration. I hope your legacy is to inspire an army of devoted scientists to continue to rise up from the lofty perch you have left them. Rest in peace. Wally Parker

The world has lost another great mind. Rest in peace Professor Stephen William Hawking, your impact on the scientific world will always be remembered. Sha-kayla Thomas

Thank you. Grey Musilli

My most sincere condolences to Stephen's family, friends and colleagues, he was the most amazing man. He was always special to me because we were both born on exactly the same day in January 1942. Keith Sandars

I graduated in 1966 and I can remember seeing Stephen walking through the front court of Caius which was my college. He was then only slightly affected by the illness which he fought right through his remarkable life. Sincere condolences to all his family. Roger Coombes

An inspirational academic, teacher and scientist. He will be missed. Barbara K

A truly great and inspirational man. Always had a twinkle in his eye! Pamela Horne

To a man who showed the human race that the mind is able to withstand failings of the body. His inspiration will live on in others who take up the mantel and rise above the pusillanimous. Stephen Squires BSc FGS

With the greatest respect and appreciation of your research, writing and battle against ALS. Graham Farren

Thank you for the great inspiration that was your life and your mind, Professor Hawking. An amazing man and staggering intellect that I am grateful to have known, even if only as a stranger from afar. Rest In Peace, my Friend. M.C. Anderson, Fall City, Washington, U.S.A.

Dear Professor Hawking,
Growing up, I always found fascination in the starry sky above my head. Your science popularisation books have inspired me into pursuing a scientific education. I was very saddened to hear about the end of your journey, but I am glad I had the chance to walk mine following your steps. Andrea Attipoe

So sad to hear of your passing Stephen Hawking remembered always. Lin Clarke 

Thank you for inspiring my son into science. Simon Ward (Caius 1980)

What a sad time, how can such a great intellect come to an end? Not just an intellect, but a living, breathing being who had the same needs that we all have, struck by such a terrible disease but determined not to let it stand in his way. We salute you. I cannot understand maths and physics, try as I might, but I know that the answer to it all lies there and that your work will go on. 'God' bless you, and do not rest in peace, but go on searching. Inogen Stockbridge-MacKenzie

We have followed you since we were children and I have talked about you to my children. You will be missed as your life has been one to follow as an example of how to overcome adversity and how to live your life. We will miss all that you have done and know that you are whole again with God. The Gaertner Family

Thank you for keeping my head up - nothing has ever been so beautiful. R.I.P. George Holding 

Sleep well, carry on dreaming into infinity. A wonderful Man and a magnificent contributor to humanity. Back to the stars and the stuff we are all created from. Paul Freeman 

Thank-you you amazing and brilliant man from myself and my 3 children. Especially my youngest Harleigh who is 9. He has followed you for yrs and your theories have always been hot topics within my family. The world has lost its brightest star but we know your energy and thought will remain with us. R.I.P. Tara Flynn

Stephen Hawking is the reason why I enjoy anything to do with Space, his knowledge was incredible and will live on forever. Lisa 

A true inspiration to so many people, bringing complex science to the masses. Rest in peace. Emma Davies

This is a man I have always looked up to over the years. He has been a true inspiration to me and many others all around the globe. It just proves that no matter what your disability is, this should never stop chasing your dreams. Thank you Professor, now you can explore the universe. Simon Cornford

A great man who gave his life to science, defying the odds to help humanity better understand the wonderful world in which we live. He will live on through the very many people he inspired throughout his life. Joshua Handley

Peter Beverley

Thanks for having been in this world, and with all of us. Your constructive-criticism has caused many new ideas, and it was so inspirational to have been with you! Gerhard Heise

You belong to the universe. Sang Linwei


Dear Prof Hawking
I can't quite describe the feeling I had the first time I saw you in hall. It was just one of the many magical moments Cambridge gifted me and I'm sure you have featured in thousands if not millions of moments like those for others. On behalf of us all thank you. I hope you rest in beautiful peace and thanks for the free glass of wine. Rebecca Davies, Gonville and Caius (2014-2017)

As a confirmed non-scientist since my school days, Stephen Hawking has inspired me, over the years, to become more interested in the sciences, especially in Cosmology and Quantum Physics. I was very sad to hear of his death and send his family my sincerest condolences. How proud they must be of him! Patrick Russell

The knowledge you shared allowed me to understand the stars that I am so very fond of. Thank You for reminding me that there is always hope. I will forever regret that I did not get the privilege to meet you in person but when I look up at the stars I know you will be there. Lucy

In February I received a letter from the Professor's assistant Anthea Bain. That is how I came to contact you. Today (March 14, 2018) I received post about the Professor's death and I immediately cried. Prof. Hawking was my idol. To whoever reads this I send my condolences, love, prayers. Peter Roither

You were a brilliant mind with a kind heart and a great sense of humour; I've always thought of you as my hero. Your books have a home on my bookshelf and are among my favourites - they helped me become interested in and understand physics, even though I had always struggled with the subject at school. You inspired me to think more about the Universe and our part in it; I'll always remember to look up at the stars and remain curious, because of you. Thank you and rest in peace, you'll be sorely missed. Joanna Maestas

Stephen Hawking, a phenomenon, a high flyer, a scientist reaching for the stars! Thank you for sharing the knowledge, the vision with everyone. Thank you for your sacrificed lifetime. It was a fantastic time travel in the spirit, instructive, powerful and inspiring. A great person has left the world. Thanks, scientist / physicist Stephen Hawking. Rest in peace. Thanks also to all who supported Professor Stephen Hawking in life. God's help to the relatives. My deep condolences. Marthina Klüppelberg, Germany

He will stay my idol. He explained to me the theories of many things. I'll miss you Professor. Thank you. Andrew Lipowski

We will remember to look up at stars and not down at our feet...  It was such an honor to live in the same epoch as you did. R.I.P Professor Hawking. Ivana S.

Having lost the opportunity forever to have a look at your face and listen to your voice will be a lifelong regret! Suying Wang 

亲爱的斯蒂芬·霍金教授,您是天上最灿烂的那颗星,是当之无愧的人类之光!感谢您对整个人类和宇宙的贡献,我们将永远缅怀您。Jessica He

Stephen Hawking was truly a courageous inspiration for us all. The world is lesser for his passing. Jean Garren

Dear Lucy, 
Just wanted to send you my very sincere condolences. Your father was a pivotal figure for thousands of people - but you were his daughter. And I remember so well, just around the time that his book came out, you were performing at the ADC, then in London with The Heart of a Dog. And how proud both your parents were. It is the good memories that will always stay with you. I don't have your current contact, but maybe, sometime when you have your 'head above water' we might re-connect. Condolences and very best wishes. Jenny Culank

More than ever our world needs "big brains" and humanitarians like Professor Hawking. He inspired so many people as a scientist, an advocate of the NHS and as a disabled person. Perhaps most importantly, he embodied what it means to always keep looking and thinking, the consummate intellectual who did not sit in an ivory tower but reached out to the universe. K M R

When the matter has begun to annihilate
The spirit has taken the rein.
The navigator of the spaceship
While, it is moving around the cosmos
From one galaxy to another
With breakneck speed
Much higher than the speed of light.
And one beautiful day, got to observe the black hole
That black hole is going to be exploded, eventually
Generating innumerable new ideas
That are raining on earth
Millions are scrambled over to pick them up.
Another millions, who are yet to born
Will come here to pick them up
And bow their head with respect and awe
For the owner of the spirit
On this blue lane of this universe
Here once lived, professor
Stephen William Hawking. Subrata Das

Made of stardust; because of the big bang. You have achieved so much for us, for the entire world, for that we are grateful. This is a good bye as you are joining stardust again. You will live in my heart forever. Nalaka Malalagama

I was one of Stephen's PhD students (not one of the brighter ones, I should add). My favourite memory was the time I accompanied him on a trip to Caltech, outside L.A., in 2003. One beautiful sunny day, we went for a drive, with his team, into the mountains, where we had lunch. On the way back, we stopped at a lay-by with a panoramic view. When we got out of the car, Stephen said to me "this is where Hubble discovered the universe is expanding". I had no idea we were next to Mount Wilson observatory. Thank you, Stephen, for everything you taught me about physics and life. Vlad Vaganov

Sir Stephen Hawking, who was one of the most genius men in the universe has died. The man who gave us the idea of black hole and even the end of universe is no more. Sir you were an inspiration for the youth and your achievements and ideas are unforgettable. Syed Umair

We have truly lost a beautiful mind. Thank you Mr. Hawking for inspiring the rest of us to reach for the stars. I admire his tenacity, imagination and his incredible intelligence. There will never be any one like him. My condolences go to his family. His legacy is infinite. Angela Hedges

Fly back to the stardust from which you came, Stephen. Every once in a while, someone enters the world and humanity is left in a better condition because of it. Your brilliant mind is no longer here to develop new theories, but your past discoveries will never fade. We will miss you forever, Stephen. Sincere condolences and much love to his family. Christianna Jahn

因为考试不能第一时间留言 但我还是想说 谢谢你教授,让我了解了宇宙的美妙 。我不会伤心,因为我知道你只是去了属于你的宇宙世界,我相信,在那里,你不会被身体束缚,你可以无拘无束的研究浩瀚星辰。我也会越来越好,仰望星空,不再只顾脚下 马佳雨

You have been such an inspiration to the world. Rest in Peace among the stars and I will look for an extra bright one in the sky. Sheena Capon

Thank you for reminding me the importance of life. Every time things get on top of me I now remind myself to 'Look up at the Stars'.. they really are amazing, aren't they?! Lucy White

RIP Professor Stephen Hawking. Thoughts and Prayers are with the family on your sad loss. Sarah Jane Chubb

I was deeply saddened by the news of the passing away of the great astrophysicist Stephen Hawking. Thirty years ago he awoke my - at the time dormant - interest in astrophysics. His work made it possible for me to understand the universe - as much as that is possible, for which I am truly and deeply grateful to him. Slobodan Rivosechi, Croatia

Thank you so much Stephen, you have been (and are!.....) a very beloved friend to me! All my sentiments to the family. Flo

A very wonderful man and a great inspiration. I have always looked to the stars and thought how small we are. I remember opening the door for him at the Babbage Lecture Theatre. Michael Starr

En recuerdo de todo lo que he aprendido. Alfonso Muoz

Thank you Professor Hawking for all your incredible work over the years. You inspired, delighted and humbled us for so long. Ad Astra Sir. Cristina 

Thank you Professor Stephen Hawking for teaching me that there is no boundary to human endeavour. I have been following your work for much of my life and have been greatly inspired by not only your work but also your life's story of perseverance. Your story taught me that no matter how bad life may seem there is always something you can do and succeed at. It matters that I don't just give up. Tanisha Malalagama

Our most heartfelt condolences on such a sad, sad loss.  May you rest peacefully and continue to inspire us ..... Such a beautiful soul, you will be greatly missed. Gillian and Adrian South (Dublin and Cambridge)

A true inspiration. Deserve a place in the stars. Clare Shedden

A man who wanted to know the beginning of time. Probably the most difficult mystery to resolve. I had the chance to serve you a few years ago and I would like to state that you were one of the most polite fellows at Caius which defines the kind of person you were. R. I. P Professor. Victor Segu Massana 

I hope that you're now in a better place and that you have found the answers to all your questions. We all miss you. Thank you for your inspiration. Greg Makowski

Exactly a month before, in February, Professor Hawking joined us in the weekly seminar at DAMTP. We discussed the discrepancy in weak gravity and CMB observables - the crucial tension of Cosmology this day. Now we are left without his mental support, but with the vivid inspiration to never give up, to be curious. Aram Gurzadyan

380/5000. One of the great minds of theoretical physics has gone. He leaves us dumb kids alone in this world. There will never be such a person again. I wish him to travel to the stars and to his black holes. I'll always think of Professor Hawking, when I look at the stars. May you find peace among the stars. My sincere condolences to his family. Christoph Pfeiffer

He has inspired me for decades. Rest in Peace Great Man. John Doidge UK

You're a good teacher. Sophie

Thank you, Prof. Hawking for making science more accessible to the general public. Your story and the ideas you've imparted have changed many of us, and will continue to inspire scientists for generations. My sincere condolences go to your family and friends. Your spirit will live on in all of us until there are no stars left in the cosmos. D. Bautista

Professor Hawking, you have been and will continue to be an inspiration to many people around the globe. Thank you for your incredible contribution to our world on many levels and in many ways. RIP. Peter W

A true legend. Your name and work will be talked about for many, many years to come. A wonderful mind and a legacy that will live forever. You can now walk amongst the stars and be one with the universe. RIP Professor Hawking. Blessed Be. Tracy Turner

"All' alta fantasia qui mancó possa;
ma già volgeva il mio disio e'l velle,
sì come rota ch'igualmente è mossa
l'amor che move il sole e l'altre stelle"
Dante Alighieri. Divina Commedia. Paradiso XXXIII, 142-145.
In memoriam Professor Hawking. Familia García Paredes. Galicia, Spain.

I was and remain very moved by Professor Hawking's strength and determination. My father was diagnosed with ALS in 2001 and passed on March 25, 2011. My dad saw that even though he was physically handicapped there is no reason to stop growing and strengthening the mind. He liked watching Professor Hawking's documentaries and lectures. My heart is out there for the family, any person that has ALS are the strongest people anyone will ever meet. Tiffany Oeser

Thanks for your passion for science that made me learn and investigate more about the universe. People talk glibly of heroes and inspiration but you really were a true definition of both. Your contribution will be long remembered and rightly so. Rest in peace. Jo Baines


I salute thee for displaying the indomitable human spirit to conquer pain and suffering in quest for knowledge. Like the ancient Rishis of India who ventured into universe to expand human minds, You Sir will go down for modern inquisitive mind as a leading light to guide them in their missions. Pradip Pandya (INDIA)

After seeing so many people writing condolences to Steven Hawking, I was deeply touched. So many lives have been changed by you, and like Albert, we will see the effects of your great work continuously for decades to come. You might be separated from us, but we will never be parted in our hearts. Sunny Ching


For a man with sheer determination and vision for the human race. Professor Stephen Hawking will remain, spoken in the same context as Albert Einstein. He will not be forgotten, his views have changed the world and will continue to through space, time and even a black hole. We’ll miss you Professor, and we’ll always look to your ideas for our future. Thank you. Joshua Stewart

Hope you can be happy and still alive by another way. Now you don't need to worry about the cat. 李元安

Your leave is a loss of the world, however, as a person, you’ve suffered so much from the disease but still have given so much love, knowledge, inspiration to the world, even more than what you’ve gained from it. Now, you’ve fulfilled your mission, you can finally live peacefully freely in the universe and feel no more pain from the body. You belong to the universe, from where you came and always love. We will miss you forever. Levina Lin

Thank you for the great contribution you have made to science and to motor neurone disease. Thank you for explaining black holes etc in layman's terms so that the ordinary people can understand. You inspired me. Pat Glenie - Renmark, South Australia

Stephen was amazing and gave us all a reason to be curious about the universe. Thank you. Randall A. Stein


RIP Stephen. Inspired our family to look to the stars. Claudette Sidebottom

You were one of a kind and I’m sad to hear about your death. Milka Horvat, Paris Yousufzai, Taraneh Yousufzai 

Amel Sultani

Ebraheem Sultani 

Mr Stephen Hawking you were a treasure a gift to this earth, universe and cosmos. A genius that gave others a better understanding to the "mysteries" of this universe. I am privileged to have lived in a time when our universe gave the opportunity for many gifted people to have existed in your lifetime. There is a great personal sadness that we a league of humans witness the end of a gifted pioneer in the science field with your passing. As the universe expands so do our lives and the delicate nature of all things past and present. The cosmos has a time when we all will forever be committed to it but the time one has to exist concurrently with beautiful minds are truly forever fixed. Stephen Hawking you are free and we are indept to your contribution, skill and foresight to give others a bright sunlight of knowledge of the understanding to our complex universe. Rest in peace. Stephen Torok

Dear Sir,
A million thanks to your contribution to science. You will be remembered forever as one of the greatest scientists ever existed in our humanity. May you rest in peace. J Y Lee

Words cannot express how much Stephen Hawking meant to me. Growing up as a small child my curiosity and will to learn lead me to Stephen Hawking's work, and he became an instant role model. Now in my 18 years of life, no one has had a bigger impact on my life. Stephen Hawking's outspokenness gave me the courage to come out as an Atheist. When I got the news of his death I was shocked and went into denial. After it finally hit me that he was truly dead I broke out into tears, and even now four days after I still break out into tears. I feel like I lost a big part of me when he died. I will miss him a lot, no one will ever mean as much to me as he did. Ira Wagers

RIP Stephen Hawking. You were a inspiration to me and to the world. Where ever you are now the world and the cosmos are a little dimmer now that you are gone. Mich Verrier

I never had the opportunity to meet you personally, but you were an inspiration for me for the last 25 years. Rest in peace Professor Hawking. Stefan Schmidt

A truly inspirational Icon. Rest In Peace. Vale Professor Hawking. Mark William Hodgson

Thank you for making me understand and love cosmology and theoretical physics even though I am a literature professor and not so into science... I will always remember to look up at the stars and not down at my feet... Rest in peace the Greatest Man. Ivana Šarčević

A beacon of hope in people's hearts, radiating intellect and determination. This star will never burn out. Mrs Nasreen Din-Marashli 

Stephen Hawking will remain a great inspiration and a wonderful example of how to find a purpose in life. Marja van den Akker

Thank you Professor Hawking for being a symbol and an inspiration to us all. You will be missed. Igor

Thank you for an inspiring meeting in time. I. Cornel

An amazing mind and a huge inspiration to my son who is now a mathematician at Cambridge University. RIP. Samantha Ward

Dearest Stephen W. Hawking. I was first introduced to your work while waiting for hospital-surgery in 1977, this when reading your 1977 Scientific American article of that year, Quantum Mechanics of Black Holes. Much later, I learned more while studying your text, Large Scale Structure of Space-Time. That text, your work and your life, have served as inspiration to me ever since. You will be missed, but always remembered. Gary A. Schoenagel, Jr.

I was the Caian who spoke, on your behalf, to the King's College porter at the rear gate during the summer term of '84 because  he was going to send you back through King's and not allow you to progress through the rear gate to your then home. You have always inspired me because of your humanity alongside your genius and perseverance. I feel honoured and privileged to have seen you on so many occasions. Your life has made the world a better place. Thank you. Alexis Goddard 

Stephen, your spirit gave me so much hope when I faced tremendous adversity. I will live the remainder of my life doing what you inspired me to do. I will follow your inspirational advice for the rest of my life. Thank you for teaching us all. We love you! Julie Gillice

"Brownian Motion"
Some being
Some soccer
Being kicked around all the time
A glass of water on the table
Half filled
Half empty
A kitten under the chair
It does not want to listen
Swimming without getting anywhere. Stefano Saba

An amazing man. RIP Stephen. Ryan Pitts 

A great inspiration. An amazing mind. So sorry I never had the opportunity to meet Stephen. Rest in peace. Dave Whitehead

I am a professor at two Argentine universities FIUNLZ and FIUTNBA. I have worked as an engineer for 50 years, I always saw Professor Stephen the image of the most prominent scientist in history, if I complete the machine to travel to the past, it will be my first sight without him noticing so as not to alter the timeline. Ing. Miguel Antonio Ojeda Moreno

If you do find out that we, as souls, leave forever, please from where you are, look out for us, stupid humans. Write the equation of peace and whisper it back to us. I hope that on your way ‘home’ you took a ride through the milky way and across, perhaps near the universe outlining or even further? Perhaps into a black hole and out just like radiation... perhaps, and hopefully, now you see the answers you so tirelessly sought. Perhaps now a supernova. You were our star and by being gone it was impeding the resulting black hole we now have. Thais D Muller

Is it really so empty over there? Kresimir Sintic

Although I never met Stephen I knew of him. Being a fellow wheelchair user, I fully understand the struggles he had in life, to achieve half of the things Stephen did is a inspiration to me. You will always be missed but never forgotten. You are now free to roam amongst the stars and free to roam the other universes. Energy never dies just turns into a different form. Gurj


See you in the past! Alessandro Romano

Prof. S. Hawking’s passing away deeply saddened us. We are admiring his (older) gut ideas on quantum information loss, which would enable the elderly Universe(s) to develop progressive dementia (cf glücklich ist, wer vergisst…). Kind of future “2nd thermodynamics”, involving complex iteration theory, Julia set’s fractal dimensions and connectedness loci (for a proper treatment of periodic and chaotic processes) is likely to prove SH eventually right one day… . Genius SH, RIP. Franz J. Culetto, Private Research-Associates, Austria, and friends

In paying a tribute to Professor Hawking, thanks for the legacy you left behind for us, the lifelong inspirations you brought to us, and the knowledge of the universe you revealed to us. We shall remember you forever. Ching Ching Cheng

I'm very sorry to hear that! But I believe that Professor Stephen Hawking never left us! He must see the changes of the times in a corner of the world.And your contribution to the world is immeasurable. We will always remember you and thank you for coming to the world.

The world lost one of its biggest talents ever. Not only did he inspire generations of scientists, but with his charismatic character he appealed to all kind of audiences. He managed to achieve unprecedented heights even though it seemed the world was against him. His scientific achievements will be remembered for centuries to come. Thank you Stephen Hawking. Mircea

You are in my thoughts and prayers. With our affection and deepest condolences. We share in your grief and send you our love. Professor Stephen Hawking leaves a legacy of his ground breaking knowledge of science for many people around the world including myself to be inspired is the fascinating field of science he was so passionate for. Moshin Dharas (Cambridgeshire)

A great man, a remarkable man, a Time Traveler who made opportunities happen. RIP. Mandy

Death can never take a good man away, for in the hearts of the people he inspired, the legacy remains and continues through generations. To the bereaved family of Stephen. Our most sincere sympathies and heartfelt prayers. From Win York and all the Bethany Homestead family. Winifred York

You have and always will be an inspiration to millions. I so wanted to meet you. Sleep well, your pain is over. Mandy Gage

A sad loss of the brilliant mind. His ideas rewrote the way I understand the universe. My thoughts are with his family. Let us follow him to the stars... Robert Billing MA

Yanpei Xie

Words fail to describe the wondrous impact this man had on the world and on science. He will be sorely missed. Andrea

Hello, Professor Hawking!
When I heard you died, I was in school and the first reaction was that I did not believe this news. However, after many reports were reported, I could not calm my heart. I greatly admire you. Your death is a great regret for humanity. We will always remember you! You are in heaven, soaring in the universe. You just took off this body to understand the deeper universe.
Your Chinese student DHH
您的中国学生 DHH HaohaoDuan

You are the superhero who taught us nothing is impossible and even in the most hard times in my life I felt inspired only because of your words. You taught us to see upward always. Humanity lost its brightest star. I went to the college your academic home, the day you left us. Now we will look at the sky and remember you and will search you in the stars. You will be missed for ever. You left us in such a time when humanity needed you the most. I will not say rest in peace because you taught us no life after death so now you have fun with the stars and you will find all the answers of yet unsolved questions that you had in your mind. Soma Bhattacharyya 

May he Rest In Peace - such an inspiration to all and will always be an inspiration. My heart goes out to the family. Dananda 

Teach the angels your knowledge. Rip. Stella Clarke

Your knowledge and courage know no limits. Your contributions to the world will never be forgotten. Rest in Peace. Melissa Van Tilburg from Sydney, Australia 

Professor Stephen Hawking,
I'm sorry to hear it. I can't believe it. I have begun know you since I leant an article when I was in my primary school. I like your humour and wisdom. Maybe you're back to the universe.Thanks for your contributions to our world. Yuan Chen

A massive loss to the world of science and to the world itself. Thank you for inspiring us all with your strength and knowledge. RIP. Harshad Priti Arun Anjali Patel

You are such an inspiration. Rest in peace. Veronica Franklin

"Heart felt condolences". Such a loss for mankind. End of an era. Mathew Alias

愿您在另一个世界继续做你爱的事情,感谢您为人类所做的一切,我们会记得 仰望星空,那浩瀚星河, 从此有了您的光芒, 追念 阿然



霍金先生,走好。柳予安Liu Yuan

三月十五日,那天中午传来消息,我没在意,我想怎么可能,您应该长命百岁才是,没想到这一天真的这么快就来了。我是中国人,感谢您,也许只有您才能称之为最璀璨的那颗星。那个世界没有病痛,您可以安安心心的研究,时间永留简史。愿安,霍金教授。See you,Stephen Hawking. Hope you can be happy forever. It's our luck to have your existence. 张子晗


May the stars be with you. Sophie Peng

Brighter than the star. Thank you, Professor. Sarah


Would like to follow your steps. 刘开河

I have followed your work and enjoyed your guest appearances on various shows. You and your contributions, your knowledge and sense of humor, will be greatly missed. Your work will be praised and debated for centuries, and that is your greatest gift to the world. Thank you. Dan George

Dear Professor Hawking,
The tons of significant scientific breakthroughs you brought to us will remain the most precious treasure for humankind. And your book, A Brief History of Time, deeply inspired me when I was a little child. Thank you so much for making hard science so interesting and accessible. I’ve never imagined that one day I’ll have the greatest honour to be in the same institution with you— in fall I’m going to start my mathematics course at Cambridge, and your spirit will continue to encourage me seeking more exciting mathematical and scientific facts. You’re always with us. R. I. P. Letong Hong

您是伟大的,感谢您为人类做出的贡献 王骏奇

My heart aches since Professor Hawking's passing. He is a special man who not only defied all odds due to his "human spirit", but he is an intellectual in which we may never see such universal knowledge again in this generation. Did not do it for the prizes and medals. Did it for his own curiosity of the Universe. May you rest well, Professor Stephen Hawking. And may you finally soar through the cosmos to find what you are searching for. Mankind thanks you, and dearly misses you. Tiffany L

Professor Hawking, your passing has profoundly impacted so very many people. As a Caian who actually lived upstairs in L block from your family and shared sherry and afternoon tea on occasion, I know your influence went far beyond academia. To sit in a room with you, enjoy your humor and be fortunate enough to be blessed with your radiant smile and sparkling eyes, is one of the highlights of my time at Cambridge. As the parent of teens, how wonderful that my daughters have an inspirational man of science to idolize. Thank you, Prof Hawking for your amazing contributions to science, to humanity, and to our beloved college. I wish peace and comfort to your family. Julie Dendle Jones

I have never been to the UK but I have known about you Prof. Stephen Hawking - a great star in a science sky. Now you left this earth & fly to the sky you will see & talk with millions of stars!! Hope you enjoy & rest in peace! Condolences to your family. Huong Nguyen, Pharm

Yu Yi

A very, very much respected and revered human being. Anthony Kirkpatrick

It’s still unbelievable that you passed away...You’ve never known my existence, yet you cannot imagine how much influence you have on me. Thank you for coming to our world, and hope you enjoy the journey amongst the stars. Shiya Sun

The closest I got to even a glimmer of Professor Hawking's life, was The Theory of Everything, and even this tiny bit was a limitless inspiration; his love of life is contagious and I feel the better for the inspiration. Thank you Professor Hawking for your curiosity, wit and life! Andjela

Shiya Sun

Those we hold close to our hearts never truly leave us. Sharing in your sorrow with love and friendship. RIP STEPHEN HAWKING. Karthick Raja M

The master fell and learned sea star Shen. You made a tremendous contribution to human exploration of the vast universe. People's understanding of black holes is also refreshing because of your contributions. We believe that the soul is the backbone of the body, and the day of death is also the time of recovery. May you be united with your loved universe, and continue to send distant glory in a place where humanity has not yet been able to reach. Zhao yue xiao 

How incredible you were and always will be. I recall you being in the audience for the last night of Monty Python and I felt really honoured to have been in the same room as you. Living near Cambridge, I always hoped to see you around to see your devilish smile! Thanks for what you leave behind. Diane James

您的去世令我很震惊‘先生万古.你是我们人类历史中的明星 常寒宇

Thank you Stephen, if it wasn’t for you I would have never been inspired to pursue a career in physics. I can not thank you enough for this. Your legacy lives on in all the people you’ve inspired over the years. You may have gone, but your ideas will live on and evolve for all eternity. Rest in peace. Thomas Bailey

Thanks for your inspiration Stephen. May your journey continue in the cosmos, the reflection of our minds. Roy Jilley

You will never be forgotten, your memory will always live on, rest in peace Stephen. Laura

You were a shooting star. Deep respect. Heartfelt sadness. Farhad Nadjm

With thanks for your erudition, bravery, and wit. Susan Wabuda

Thank you Stephen for inspiring so many of us to share our passion for physics with our students, and to our families, and to engage with the general public, without whom we would have not had our support AND fun. It was awesome to teach engineers in your building at Gonville & Caius - another of your substantial legacies. Stephen Hoath

You taught me to look at the stars - now you are amongst them. Rest in peace. Gert

Thank you for being an inspiration to humankind. You have shown the world that anything is possible, even when the hurdles seem massive. Sam Hunt 

While alive, reaching the star in your heart; while deceased, spirting into a part of the universe. 與天地同壽,與日月同光。Yam Ho (Ryan) LEUNG 

For someone nearly incapable of physics you were amazingly capable. Thanks for changing our lives! Svein Engelsgjerd

I sincerely hope that Stephen and Carl are getting answers to the questions they were asking. Condolences to the University of Cambridge, his family and all who ever knew him and marveled not only at his genius but his tenacity as well. I for one will always be looking up at the stars to find his. Bob Howell

Professor Stephen Hawking, a Cambridge landmark, an academic legend, a world renowned Scientist, a gift to the world.  We who live in Cambridge have had the chance and privilege of seeing you around. But nothing could have prepared one for your surprising visits to St Laurence's Parish in Cambridge some quarter of a century ago. Our children then still remember it today with the same awestruck feeling. The fact being that most of us were, and that is just how you made yourself accessible. You gave your all in your field to the world. You challenged the challenges of life with a smile and left us an example of how to live. Rest now in Perfect Peace! Rosina Abudulai

A great man. He made the universe affordable to all, in the simplest way. Thank you. God bless him. Bernard Marche

Rest in peace Professor. Kata Kardos

I have long admired Professor Hawking, his brilliant mind and ability to persevere in the face of his medical handicap. I, along with other Americans, greatly appreciate his willingness to speak out for peace and to urge people to fight global warming. Condolences to his children. His loss is felt throughout the US and the world I"m sure. Valerie Eisman

Your star will shine in perpetuity! Rest in Peace! Kyriacos Kyriakides

Only 8 years old, Stephan Hawking's death made me cry like no death before. His books and life inspired me. I will miss him. Hope he is happy now and sees now all the secrets of the Universe. Kai Krönert (Switzerland, Age 8)

I was so sorry to hear of Stephen Hawking's death. My condolences to his family. He has accomplished so much in his life. He's accomplished more from his wheelchair than many others have who can stand on their own two feet. He will be sorely missed, by the scientific world, and by the world in general. Ginger Comstock

Although I was born in China, a country thousands of miles far away from Cambridge, I read your astounding story from books at a very early age. At that time, I myself did not even realise the story, like a seed, was already unconsciously buried in my heart, and after two decades it has been in full blossom, following your steps to conduct research at Cambridge. Your persistence and courage always sheds light on my road to seeking the truth in science, no matter how dark ahead. Chaochao Lu from St John's College at University of Cambridge

My son knew about you when he was three; he told me about black holes. You became someone with whom my son and I could learn about science but also someone who could be naughty and make jokes and who didn't have the word "can't" in his vocabulary. Thank you for helping us know there are no boundaries - I hope you meet Marilyn Monroe on some distant shimmering star. Travel far dear Pofessor Hawking. Caroline Hammond

Such a brilliant mind that has no doubt inspired the next several generations of scientists, Stephen Hawking will be remembered for years to come. Rest in Peace among the stars. My condolences to the Hawking family. Lewis Jackson

You inspired so many with your knowledge and integrity. Thank you. Nicola Dunklin

Stephen was a great man and he has inspired me to overcome what challenges life gives me, I'm 12 years old and Stephen has shown me that I can face my challenges and not to be afraid to try new things. Cameron Glazier 

Incredible, marvellous, wonderful - Forevermore. Gemma

The world has become a bit darker since the passing of Mr. Hawking. My condolences to his family and friends. Nieke E., Belgium

Prof. Stephen Hawking was a legendary figure with great contributions to science. In his demise the scientific world lost an exceptionally brilliant physicist with admirable grit and resilience. He stands out as an everlasting inspiration to the younger generation of scientists. Prof. Dr. D. Swaminadhan, Chair, World Intellectual Forum, India

Feel sorry not to see him even once. I chose Gonville & Caius mainly due to Hawking. He will be much missed. 陈志坚

My idol, I hope you are happy. Langlish

The world saw 1 man with great challenges do what everyone said could not be done and then go far beyond the limits proving he was the most intelligent man in his time. We will miss you greatly rest in peace as we follow your leads in science. Michael Nowosad 

L ang l

As a wildlife biologist, I had to learn everything I know about physics from your programs and books. You showed me that nothing can stop you from achieving your dreams, if you have the will and determination to succeed. Travel Well, Professor. Reece Thornley 

I'm Vietnamese. It’s great because Professor Stephen Hawking loved my country. He is legendary and the most extraordinary scientist I have ever known. It is very sad to hear that Professor Stephen Hawking passed away. Today, a brilliant mind has just become a bright star in the sky of the universe. He arrived at the place he had studied. I would like to express my sorrow and deepest condolences to Gonville & Caius College and the family of the Professor. Rest In Peace, Professor Stephen Hawking.
Tôi là người Việt Nam. Thật tuyệt vời vì Giáo sư Stephen Hawking đã yêu quý đất nước tôi. Ông là một nhà khoa học phi thường và huyền thoại mà tôi từng được biết. Vô cùng thương tiếc khi hay tin Giáo sư Stephen Hawking qua đời. Hôm nay, một khối óc rang ngời vừa trở thành một vì sao sáng trên bầu trời của vũ trụ này. Ông đã đến nơi mà ông từng nghiên cứu về chốn ấy. Tôi xin được gởi đến trường Gonville và Caius cùng gia đình của ông lời chia buồn sâu sắc. Mong Ông yên nghỉ. VanAnh Cao Do

心随外空 任俊

Professor Hawking,
Thank you for your amazing inspiration in so many ways to so many around the globe. We salute you, sir. May you rest in peace. Sincere condolences to your family and friends. Noele Rakowski

Deepest respect. Thanks for all the fish. Beth Jacques

Professor Hawking lead me to the world of physics and made me decide to be a physicist, I will miss him. I am really sorry to hear the death of Professor Hawking. I am from China, I am sorry that my English is poor. Xu Yifei

Our paths crossed many times outside Harvey Court. Professor Hawking would be heading towards college and I would be going to Sidgwick. However, the most indelible memory I have is of Caius May Ball 1993. On the dance floor next to me, Professor Hawking was twirling and swirling, dancing with abandon, and I kept looking on in awe. An incredible and inspiring life. RIP.  Priya Shah (Caius 1991-1994)      

(Chinese) 又一颗科学界的巨星陨落了,当听到您去世的消息,我感到非常惋惜,还想有朝一日偶遇博士,但您却离开了我们...
(English) Another giant of science fell down. When I heard the news of your death, I felt very sorry. I thought I would meet doctor someday, but you left us. Goodbye, Dr. Stephen William Hawking. Your name will go down, all the way to heaven (that you are an atheist?) never hurt. Illness imprisons your body, but can never stop your endless exploration of science, farewell
(Français) La star de chute et un de la communauté scientifique, quand vous entendre est mort, je le déplore, et qu'un jour, j'ai vu le Dr vers, mais vous ne nous quitter, au revoir, Dr, Stephen Hawking, William.Votre nom sera immortel, bon voyage, que le ciel sans douleur.La maladie emprisonne de ton corps, mais il ne peut empêcher l'exploration de l'apprentissage tout au long de votre département, adieu. Chen

Stars change, the mind remains. May your soul rest in peace, rest in the universe. Joyce Xu

Thankyou. Abigail McGibbon 

Rest in peace, Professor Hawking. Thank you for your significant contributions to the scientific community—without you, mankind would not possess as much knowledge as we do today. You will be dearly missed. Sally

From a child... Who grew up reading your book... Thank you for taking me to the wonders of the universe... You will be forever with us....Pranshu Chaurasia


I hope you become a star, proud to swim in the vast stars.
I hope you become a star and guide us in heaven.
I hope you become a star, and the boundless universe forever. PuWen Chang

很高兴能和您生活在一个时代 您的著作我都读过 虽有晦涩难懂的地方 但是 依然值得敬佩 愿你在天堂的够安享未来 继续研究 Be light of heart. Xu Jianzhuo

Thank you for your contribution to science, Professor Hawking. You will be missed. Mith Maily

W3 B0TH K33P W47CH1NG 7H3 574R5 -4L4N Alan Crivellaro

I send my condolences to all affected by the death of Professor Stephen Hawking. Given his immense intellect and contribution to science, everyone is the poorer for the loss of this intellectual giant. Alan Whiteside OBE

Professor Stephen Hawking was an inspiration to me since I was young; he is a true symbol of the triumph of mind over matter. Thank you for everything you did for human beings. Rest in peace in this Universe, Sir, and have an amazing trip in another galaxies/black holes. Vĩnh biệt Giáo sư Stephen Hawking. Vinh-Chau V Nguyen




Professor Hawking was my idol an inspiration to all may his spirit rest in peace. Jaiden Gett

It feels as though we are left in the vacuum of his absence but was it not he who said, "black holes are not as black as they are painted"... He shared his mind, his wit, his humor, and his undying perseverance to the world. Humanity is better for it. Thank you Professor Hawking for all that you gave. May your light continue to shine for generations to come. Laurel Buening

Stephen Hawking was an inspiration and it is difficult to imagine a world without his seemingly invincible spirit. His determination, achievements and sense of humour in the face of such adversity are so encouraging to us all. I will always feel grateful and proud to have studied at his college. Rest in peace. Suzy Duggan

I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain. David Wilson

Rest in Peace. Lucien 


I believe you continue to study in another world and hope that you can reach us! Ritadeng 

I am a Chinese senior three students, although I am not very old, but I really admire and like Professor Hawking, at the University of Cambridge, I found this site can express my admiration for you and thanks. My English is not enough so that I can write so many of the point. The first time I was interested in Professor Hawking is a brief history of the Times. The contents of the book are very abstruse, for me is a Bible. But I think it's kind of interesting that Curiosity drove me to learn more about Professor Hawking's life history. Since then, I have had a deep admiration for Professor Hawking, but also he led me into a different way of physics. When I was in the low tide, is Professor Hawking's words inspired me, let me study in the exam. At school, when I learned that Professor Hawking had died, I was in a total shock. Thank you, for we have done so much for you, you have done the ordinary people unimaginable things. You said you want to understand the whole universe, I believe that you there, now also in a place to see the world bar ... 谭儒元

Rest In Peace, Professor Stephen Hawking. The cosmos will never be the same without you. You may have died but your image, your glory, and your legacy will continue to live on forever in the highest echelons of human achievement. The Isaac Newton of our times has left us but the greatest thinkers of the future will only feel the thrill of looking back on the decades of scientific knowledge that your existence has illuminated and invoke your name in the same way that we now invoke the names of the giants of science, in great reverence of the brilliancy of wit that it will forever symbolize. I tip my hat in great gratitude to the lines of thought you encouraged, the spirit of scientific inquiry you embodied, and the culture of science that you have inspired, and I recognize the bleakness of a world without your example. Rest In Peace, Great Dreamer. May you live on in the stars that you dared dream of. Mohammad Shaban 


Sabyasachi Dutta, writing on behalf of my mother Mrs. Minati Dutta. My mother is a person of science and has dedicated her entire life to education of the under-privileged in Kolkata, India. Dr Hawking has had a profound impact on her life and she considers him one of her inspirations. In a way my mother and Dr Hawking fought of the same cause, progress. His demise has left her heart broken and she is saddened deeply by it. Condolences to Dr. Hawking's family. The world has lost one of its prized sons. Minati Dutta

The words that come to me when I think of Professor Hawking are intelligence, humanity and strength. His brilliance was neither because of, nor instead of his disability, but he was. I secretly hoped and almost believed that he would defy time and live for eternity. Please continue flying like a superman, professor. Yoko Shibata

I wish Stephen Hawking will live colorfully like which he likes. Carrot

My sincere condolences. At 18 I first read a brief history of time. Science written in a understandable way. My daughter of 14 loves physics and math and his book will be passed on to her. And I think lots of dads will. And someday with all the curiosity of ours and children's children all the secrets of the universe will be solved. They will look up at the achievements and perseverance of Professor Hawking as great example. Etiënne Haneveld (Netherlands)

Now, you are the real king of space. Wandering in the universe, I wish you walked so slow that we can follow you with our eyes. From the stars we came, and to the stars we return. T.R

Thank you for all you have done for science and humanity. Freddy Baert

Even though you didn't believe in life after death, I hope you overtake the black holes and fly to the numerous galaxies you were dreaming in all your astounding life. Fanis Zacharis


I'll continue his theory. Prof. Hawking light my way to science. Herman Marius Zendrato

Suddenly knowing that Hawking died today, I remember when I was in high school, I was attracted by "A Brief History of Time," watching over and over again, imagining the remote and mysterious universe and slowly tasting the book's philosophical thinking about the universe. Physics itself is an interesting subject, and Hawking makes it more interesting. Wherever you are, we hope you've found peace. The interesting soul will shine forever in the depths of the universe. Liwen Du

Dear Professor Hawking,
Thank you very much for everything that you have done for physics and for the whole world. You always will be a hero for me. R.I.P. Lilla

Thank you for giving me hope when I'm most confused. I will always remember you. Thank you for my example. Doria Liu


親愛的霍金先生,我們會跟隨你的腳步,繼續探索未知的宇宙... 謝进然

When I was a little boy, I knew Einstein and Hawking, two great physicists. Thank you, Professor Hawking. Your books have planted the seeds of science in the heart of a Chinese boy. Yikun


Professor Hawking, maybe in another space, you are still alive and very healthy, keep doing what you love. Best wishes. Alice 

向霍金先生致敬 白衆傑


Dear Professer,
I am a student from Fudan University, and I am one of  your Chinese fans. To begin with, I want to say that your spirit will always encourage me to pursue my dream - and you will be much missed. R.I.P Chengqianhao, Fudan University

Stephen Hawking was a true genius of very rare capabilities; a remarkable man of courage through facing a significant personal adversity; and an insightful scientist who popularized astronomy, physics, and other sciences to a level that few others have ever achieved. He brought greater understanding of the universe into our lives. His humour was infectious especially with those he met. He will be remembered across time and space well into the future. Diane Hughes

Rest in peace and enjoy your meeting with "The Creator of everything". Do ask Him everything and anything so that you won't get bored out there. Ariff

I believe you're just going to another Universe. Joy Yang

A theory of everything about you:
a brief history of life's ambitions,
outline the boundless bright starry sky.
The stars will always be around you! 刘盛钰

To the greatest man and mind ever lived. Because of you, I view space and time differently. Haq

I will try my best to study and devote to making contributions in physics. ZeJian An


I am not your fans and l am not very familiar with your research area. But l want to say, you're just like a flag in my heart representing a belief of the magical universe. Best wishes to you forever. Olivia

I know your name, your story and what you did for the human being. Now, you could run to the galaxy-where you devoted your life to explore. Good luck, the son of the truth. Yilin Zhu

Being diagnosed with motor neuron disease at age 21, and being given only 3 years to live, to many would sound so demotivating, leaving us with nothing to do but count the days. For one man, this was not the case. This man did not believe or let his sickness and disease ever stop him from studying and researching what he absolutely loves. He had a drive, a motivation that kept him going for the last 76 years, a drive that not even paralyzation and losing the ability to speak would stop. Stephen Hawking. A man that should serve as a role model for all, and that has trailblazed the path for future astronomers and physicists to walk through. Stephen’s ability to make light of such dark situations, and his ability to become the best at who he is should serve as an example for everyone in the world today. This is the problem millions of people in the world struggle with today, and we fail to find a way out of it. Buy by people like Stephen Hawking, we learn how to cope with the hardest. We learn how to create a mural of our own liking, and symbolize every single brush stroke as an accomplishment and sometimes an obstacle, but we draw over those obstacles and learn to make the most out of every second of life that we are granted. Stephen Hawking, you taught me that I have the power to do anything I set my mind to. And as cliche as it sounds, it is applicable in every single person's life. Stephen, the milestones you have made in Physics and the grounds you have laid for the future of Astronomy and Physics show us just how possible the impossible is. You created a notion in which the problems we face day to day, serve no significance in the vast arena which is the universe. This is exactly what I strive for, and strive to show the world. The media consumes our minds, taking away from our creativity and taking away from our ability to sense our place in the universe and grasping the fact that their is so much more to explore. Stephen Hawking, you laid the grounds in which I and many other aspiring physicists and astronomers can walk through, you describe the intricate design and workings of the universe like no one ever has, you serve as a hallmark to humanity and the earth with your ability to cope the hardest of battles, you inspired me, you sparked a light in my mind to pursue my passion in Physics and to shine light on the universe, and not on our insignificant day to day problems. “There should be no boundaries to human endeavor. However bad life may seem, where there is life, there is hope.” Stephen Hawking, may your knowledge and spirit forever remain with humanity. On behalf of all humans, thank you and may you rest in peace. Shayda Moezzi

小的时候在课文里读到您的时候,以为您已经去世了。。。因为在我心目中,当代是不可能有这么伟大的科学家的。后来才发现,没想到和伽利略、爱因斯坦一样伟大的人,竟然还和我一样存于世上,这该是怎样的幸运,羡慕那些曾经当面见过你的同学。生命之花已凋谢,人 生也避免不了这样的结局!愿您的灵魂与时间永存!杜臻

"Professor Hawking, may the Hope that you bestowed upon us with your extraordinary Intelligence and Resilience, continue to inspire future generations of Scientists and Thinkers and Believers, and may your Legacy perpetuate as you continue your own 'Brief History of Time' from our World onto the Stars above." Anand Bobby Ladwa, Caius 1993-1996, Hong Kong

Heart felt loss of a dedicated genius. To an infinity and beyond beginning venture ahead. Magfe M Lio

Wherever you are, you are always the legend in humans' heart. Xiabin Li

See you. XiaoLong Shu

Dr. Hawking finally lived as what he expected himself to be. Embracing life and humor. Keeping moving on rather than complaining about destiny. Even though he has gone, the spirit will be memorized forever. Esme Gao

Dear Professor Hawking,
May you Rest In Peace. You are the treasure of mankind. Claire Yang 

Dear Stephen
Thank you for your smile, resilience and your greatest contribution to the cosmology research. A great mind will be greatly missed/ You are now among the stars. My sincere condolences to your family. Veronique Pere-West

We wish we could see you again. We know we will never see you again. But your gravity is still there. I am grateful that our light cones have overlapped with each other, and you have changed our orbit forever. Even if we cannot see you again, you are also the reason why our galaxy never fell apart. It's the eternal composition of our universe. Ruoxi Xiong

Dear Professor Hawking, I admire your courage and perseverance. I hope you can rest in heaven. 葛昱杉

We will miss you for ever. Derena

Many the Buddha bless you to be away from any pain. Dan Li


Heart felt condolences to the family of Professor Stephen Hawking. A remarkable life lived by a remarkable human being. He will be sadly missed. Jeff Maidment

希望霍金先生不再受疾病缠绕 李回归

Vale Stephen Hawking, you are the brightest star in our universe. Antonietta Farrugia

Your contribution will be remembered. Thanks for your work which enlightened us. Ji Wang


盖将自其变者而观之,则天地曾不能以一瞬,自其不变者而观之,则物与我皆无尽也。我们也许在遥远星球的眼里 一切才刚开始。希望四维度的自己能不后悔今天的决定,希望五维度的自己,能和您一样探索世界。因为毁灭 才有创生 万物皆在发展。 霍金先生 也许化作了 更美好的 生灵 星辰 海洋。 他在另一个维度发光发热  也许他超越了肉体 而精神却回归宇宙空间 用微弱的波 静静反馈聆听这个蓝色星球。 我一直坚信这个宇宙 会有智慧生命的存在,希望您已经见到他们,也希望我能赴您09年的约,好好讨论一下有趣的生命和见闻。Finally you are free Mr.Hawking. Best wishes and have fun on your space trip! Live long and prosper! Shmily Song

科学不分国界,科学超越国界,您让我们知道了科学是怎样,科学还应该是怎样,愿仰望天空能看到您所代表的那颗星. 沈润杭

I studied your theory at university, I learned its beauty and difficulties. I learned to see the world with different eyes. I understood my life differently. I understood that the universe is inside each of us, more than around us. I understood that a physical limit is not the end of life, but the beginning to understand and see life in a different way. I understood that greatness lies in simplicity. You did not talk, you did not move and yet you spoke more than all of us, and you moved ideas that are and will always be the true engine of our existence. Thanks Stephen. Philip Baglini ( LondonONEradio)

We are all born curious, but when answers become more valued than questions, we forget how to ask. Professor Hawking has taught me to never stop questioning the world around me. A lifetime inspiration. May the stars carry you through the brightest path. Thiago Elert Soares

Visiting College and seeing Professor Stephen Hawkings’ name on his study door sent a shiver down my spine. A great man who will never be forgotten. May he rest in peace, free from the physical constraints of so much of his life. Liz Conibere

He never leaves us if the stars still in the sky, the universe still expands. Xiaowei Lily Chen

You are my star. Junkie Hou

I dedicate this to Stephen Hawking and his family:
Dear to me is sleep: still more, being made of stone,
While pain and guilt still linger here below,
Blindness and numbness--these please me alone;
Then do not wake me, keep your voices low.”
"My expectations were reduced to zero when I was 21, so I consider my whole life as a bonus". The genius is resting in peace in the heaven, his second home after the University of Cambridge that always supported his neuron motor disease, and example for the rest of the world. Ms Susana Juanes Martin

A missing Chinese girl, wish you are happy on another planet. Lu Meng

Professor Hawking was one of the first people to inspire me to revel in the wonders of the physical universe, and the first to show me that it can be fun to learn about physics. I will be forever grateful and will do my very best to uphold his legacy by going out into the world equipped with the life lessons I learned from him. As a humanist, I rarely make pilgrimages, but I am nonetheless considering coming to Cambridge from near Skegness next week to sign the physical book. That's how much Professor Hawking means to me, more than almost anyone else I've never met. I regret now that I never will, and yet know that by keeping him in my heart I have done the next best thing. Eleanor Green

Thank you for being so inspirational. Encouraging our young and old throughout our world to explore and experience its uniqueness. For portraying strength, determination and not giving in to a life long degenerative condition MND, offering others the ability to believe in overcoming difficulties and reaching for the stars! Catherine Craigmile

When reading Professor Hawking's quote "Look up at the stars" this morning, I was full of tears because it was so beautiful and warm and heartening. For the last few weeks, I was constantly in fear because of the changes happening in my country. These lines brought courage and hope to live on, to keep struggling for a better future.
Here is the full quote: "Look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see and wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be curious. And however difficult life may seem, there is  always something you can do and succeed of. It matters that you don't just give up."
RIP Professor, maybe you've just departed for the next great adventure. Thank you for everything you've kindly given to mankind. 谢谢 Clary Wong


Gonville & Caius lost a legend this week! His room (as a fellow) wasn't very far from my 4th year college room at Caius. Occasionally, I would see him at a Super or Formal Hall, looking cheerful as ever. I will always remember him for his incredible contributions to science – making complex theories and concepts more accessible to the masses. He’ll also be remembered for his spirit and unbounded pursuit to gain a complete understanding of the universe, despite the obstacles he faced. May he rest peacefully as his legacy and brilliance live on! Sachin Tandon

We have to thank the universe for loaning us such a wonderful human being, a colossus whose mind and vision, spirit and determination drove him to seek the answers to our most complex questions of time and space in the face of such great adversity. But more than that he showed his humanity, often  through humor and grace, sometimes by his appearances in the media and through his books and talks. My deepest respect and admiration. RIP to a legend, Professor Stephen Hawking. Steve Leach

Thank you for inspiring a new way of thinking and discovery. A great loss. Rest in peace. X Sarah Last & Mark Skeen 

A truly remarkable man with a great sense of humour by the sounds of it. The world will not be the same without him. RIP Stephen Hawking. Tina Roberts

A great loss to the world of Science and Cambridge. RIP. Linda Crook

We’ll remember you. Rest In Peace. Murong Cheng

Overcoming his grave disabilities he enriched the world's understanding of time and space and expanded our understanding of how our future might be. A true hero of our generation. Dame Rosemary Horton

I read a brief history of time when I was thirteen years old. Since then I've felt a feeling of wonder whenever I look at the stars. You put into words, what others never managed to. It is a great, great feeling knowing a mind like yours, that understands the mystery, wonder of the universe, and the brilliance of humankind. Living in a rather shallow minded (at times) world, it is an honour to know you.  I speak in the present tense because to me, despite your passing, what you represented and the way you lived your life will be a motivational force for the rest of my life. Alongside my late father, I haven't met anyone with that level of intrigue to the world. Thank you. Jeremy Ward

You may have left us but the way you have impacted humanity & our endeavour to understand the universe is second to none. You were a truly inspirational man which younger generations for many many years will come to benefit from your life's work. You have earned your rightful place in history and will never be forgotten. Forever in our hearts. Rest in peace. Nath Thornton

Thank you, Professor Hawking, for all you taught us about life. Martina 

Stephen Hawking was a huge inspiration to me and millions of others. Science will miss his stature as a wonderful communicator to inspire the next generation. I feel a huge sense of privilege to have been a member of the same great college. RIP Mike Daw

Professor Stephen Hawking will always be in our thoughts and hearts. His accomplishments, both personal and scientific, will forever be an inspiration to us all. Thank you for everything. Vidhi Guinish

A life lived to the fullest extent possible given his circumstances. What a testament to the indomitable human spirit. Ying

Thank you Sir Hawking for your outstanding contribution in the fields of Maths and Science. It is my dream to be able to do postgraduate research in Cambridge someday. You have been my ultimate inspiration and will always be. May your soul rest in peace. Barnana Das

Shining example of hope despite drastic disability and your proficiency with the speech machine has inspired many, one of them being my daughter who uses technology to speak. Rest in peace. Margaret Hynes

Thank You, for all you did to make us think about things just that little bit more. William Knight, Melbourne, Australia

Rest in well-deserved peace, Professor Hawking. Fabiana Vendola

An inspiration to us all. Michael Gage (1961)

Dear Professor Hawking,
You are not dead and will never be dead. From this time on, I believe you are starting a new journey to Jesus Christ and will find your answer about the rest of the universe, which you have spent most of your life pursuing. Thank you for what you have contributed to the world! Quyen Tran

 After a long time studying the stars you became one, many we will see disappear before we forget you. Ignazio Leotta

Liyu Chen 

There was nothing better than you. 万丈星辰不及你。Sue

YNWA Mr Geraint Jenkins

From one Caian to another, you will be missed. Jonathon Dean



Professor Hawking, thank you. Ran Hui

I'm really shocked. When my classmate told me this, I just couldn't believe it. Mr.Hawking,who is a symbol of the 21st century. I wish you can keep exploring the stars in the sky. My Hawking, goodbye and thanks. Ying Wang

R.I.P Thao Ngo

See you in heaven, Professor. Sylvester Yan

Pienso que el Profesor Hawking enseñó mucho más que Física, enseñó con su ejemplo, cómo hay que vivir la vida. Mis más sentidas condolencias a su familia, amigos, compañeros y alumnos. Franklin Moisés Mejía Hurtado

I am not a English speaker, so there may be some grammar mistakes. But I believe the Professor won't mind. When I was a child, I read A Brief History of Time. Since then, I have been used to looking at stars when I get into trouble. I feel so sad and can't believe that person who taught me the beauty of the universe has gone. I hope we can meet in the past. Edith Ni

"I might dream of the universe and then wonder if the universe dreamt of me." - You are certainly one of the most magnificent dreams the universe has ever dreamt of. Have a good night, Prof. Hawking. Sheenagh Gelberg

Mr. Hawking also belongs to the universe. Mayora



You are a great guy! My English is poor, but I think I learned a lot from you. Liu Wei


I'll work as hard as you. 李孟璇

十多前年读过霍金教授的书并一直珍藏着,虽然其实基本没怎么看懂,但也让我对物理和科技有了更多的好奇心。Kala Lee

Thank you for everything you did for humanity. Rest in peace, Professor Hawking. Mihailo Knežević

I don't think I'm sad. I still haven't realized the fact yet. I had never imagined of Professor Hawking's dying, to me he was just like a permanent existence, never got caught by time. Suddenly it occurred to me that there isn't such a brilliant and special mind anymore! His uncovered thoughts will never die, some other great mind may speak their views. But never will a Stephen Hawking tell us anything new anymore. He got a whole universe in his brain, but left the world wondering. R.I.P, wish you enjoy your freedom both mind and physical. 朱子薇

Stephen Hawking was an inspiration to me ever since I was young. His marvellous discoveries about black holes and his wonderful theories have been absolutely revolutionary in the fields of cosmology and theoretical physics. His legacy will forever live on in our hearts and minds. Rest in Peace Stephen Hawking. Jack De Angelis

Thank you. Thank you for all you did for human beings. Lizzie


May the force be with you. Levine


Professor Hawking, you are the light of my life. Once I thought maybe I can see you one day. But this will never happen. Miss you. Yi Meng Wang


I still remember last summer I searched so much information about you, because of the theory of everything and I admire you so much. I found that actually when l was a five-year old boy, I had read your books by chance. That's a book for children, and that is the beginning of my curiosity about the entire world and universe. In some ways, you are my leader to push me to keep walking. It is unbelievable I just watched a video where you explained the cosmic explosion two weeks ago. In these years, when I was confused, I would convince myself to hold on like you. When i did research and studied in Uni, I always warned myself against treating everything seriously and making everything, every equation elegant. Yes,not just simple,but elegant and pretty. Of course, my best friend and l had thought that maybe one day we can meet you in the UK. I would rather believe you went to another world to explore the theory of everything. See you later. Tam Xi

Eternity is not a very long time actually. Hope to meet you again, Professor Hawking, in other galaxies. Zipei Liu

You will live forever in our minds. Huiqiang Feng

Know you from my teaching. Read your brief history of time. It is the most brilliant book I have ever read. Wish you all the best in heaven. Rui

感谢霍金,一路走好 张颖

Sometimes I think you won’t be gone, now I suppose that time does change and people die. Thank you for everything you did, and I want to leave this message for all you have done which brought me strong feelings on life and universe. I wish you well, wherever you are. Goodbye, Professor Hawking. Artemis Y

Thank you for everything you've done for humans. Thank you for your humor, wisdom, kindness and gentleness. I will always remember your name. From now on you live in the universe with the stars. Be happy forever. Hwung Bunny


谢谢你为人类所做的一切 Hwang Summer


I am very sad to hear the news that Mr. Stephen passed away yesterday. He is a very great scientist. I am very sorry I can't attend his funeral. Now I pay tribute to Professor Stephen Hawking. A Chinese student

Dorothy Zhang



You will always belong to the cosmic stars! Goodbye, Professor Hawking. Runxue Qiu


Not happy. 叶逍遥 Ms. Ye

我知道,你只是挣脱束缚飞向了宇宙星辰 宋一浠

作为你灵魂的思想将永存于世。Xiangyu Du

Mr. Hawking's strong will has inspired me a lot. His bravery will accompany me for the rest of my life and remind me that I will never give up and remember Mr. Hawking. Li Zhepeng

I stayed at the English Faculty of Cambridge University as an academic visitor for the whole year of 2017, during which I visited Professor Stephen Hawking's Gonville and Caius College. Sorry to hear about his death, and may he rest in peace. Tai Sun

Thank you for your contributions and inspirations to entire generations. Rest in peace. Eric

霍金是位令人敬佩的智者,他没有死,只是去了宇宙遨游,轮椅太小,宇宙很大 周文杰

Dear Professor Stephen Hawking, in 2012 I walked along the cam river with my teacher and schoolmates, they told me it's your home nearby. I'm so excited that I could be so near a great scientist, brilliant giant. I'm so sad hearing the news that you have gone. You must be the most shining star wandering in the universe now. You are such a great gift god given the earth. Miss you forever with my deepest respect and love. Hui Zhao

An inspiration to all, cherished and loved forever. Thank you Stephen. CJ

Mr.Hawking, I am a college student in Xisu  China. I have read your book for a long time. Thank you for all, I wish you just returned to the sea and ​​stars. Bingyu Wang

您的精神鼓舞着我,感谢您 高娜


As a college student abroad, I don't hear much about Hawking. I don't know what to call him here. But what I want to say is, I really admire him. Heard about Hawking's death, and seeing his photo, I feel like I want to cry, because my grandma and grandpa before their death have survived more than three years of paralysis. I particularly admire hawking's personality, this is far more than the average person's willpower, really left a person very moved. Because of Hawking, my fear of paralysis has abated. One can be killed, but not overwhelmed. Xina

Dear Professor Stephen Hawking,
May you be happy in heaven, you always belong in the starry universe. R.I.P Oscar Lew

Your soul will travel around the spaces forever. Shuxiao Chiu

在另一个平行宇宙里 霍金还活着 王梦兰


You belong to the vast universe, you just go back to your hometown. Song Fan

Professor Hawking is a representation of the scientists that the whole human race counts on for our development and future. To the universe you belong. 您与宇宙同在。Xuran F.

Andy Chen

Thank you for everything I have learned from you. R.I.P. Shen Yuemin

Another great man of The Times...A man who could see Einstein's shadow...It was Einstein who came to pick you up for your birthday. Interesting souls will meet...
There is no Hawking in the world, a brief history of time. Explore another universe and return to the Milky Way. A man who belongs to the universe. CannyGu

You were excellent before, now and forever. Doreen Deng


I treat Professor just like one of my teachers, maybe he wouldn't like a dull student like me.I will remember the Professor until the end of my life. The seasons must be like spring with you in heaven. 李远祥

This winter I visited Cambridge and hoped I would meet Professor Hawking in the market one day, but now I will never hope again. R.I.P Bethel

How are you now Professor Hawking. My English is poor, so I'll use Chinese for the following words. 霍金教授,您知道中国的孩子第一次接触您一定是在小学教科书上。“我的双手还能活动,我的大脑还能思维,我有我爱和爱我的亲人朋友,对了,我还有一颗感恩的心”或许对您的了解不多,但您的离开,总会让人有一丝落寞,一丝恐慌。但您的人生,一定会像圆周率一般不见终极,相信恁一定是换了种方式继续陪伴我们,陪伴宇宙。自此之后,3.14不再只是一个π Yiwen Zhang

He just went to the vast universe. Xin 

Hoping you have a good life in the heaven. Diana

An inspiration to us all. Once a Caian always a Caian. Tony Chick

I miss you and thank you. Jingyi Xia

一代伟人,一路走好 闫冰冰

Be grateful for everything Professor Hawking has made and show all of the world how magnificent a life can be! No words can express my heart but I wish Professor Hawking on another wonderful journey! Jinting Cui

Dear Professor,
I'm your super fan from Guangzhou, China.Your contributions gave me a lot of courage to overcome difficulties in my life and inspired me to explore the secrets of the universe. No matter in my childhood or this year I am 18, you were always a great man, an undoubted hero in my heart. I miss you. 李程璐

Mr Hawking always is a wonderful man in this world. I want to say he was gone but his spirit is still alive. We will miss him and remember him forever! Huilin 

Professor Hawking, I will always remember your guidance and encouragement to me, and continue to expand the known boundary for physics. I will never give up until the goal is reached. You have been thinking about the laws of the entire universe and the future of humanity. Now that you are flying to the sea of ​​stars, you are ready to be in heaven. Your "A Brief History of Time" I will always keep, thank you and I wish you all the best. God bless you. Xu Jiawei

您属于浩翰星辰 R.I.P Penghuijie


Years from now, when all the junk we got is broken and long forgotten, you'll still have your stars. Zhang Zhe

To my most respected scientist, rest in stars, and you will be remembered by all mankind. Yutong Han​

Wish you would come back in some way, thanks for your guides. Zhang Xiang

您是我儿时十分敬佩的科学家,因为您我在小学的成长档案袋里写下自己希望成为一名科学家的愿望,现在我在大学主修遥感专业,也许有一天我也会用我的专业,像您一样,探索未知的宇宙 艾文育

I was shocked to learn that Professor Hawking was dead, and I'm very sorry about the fall of a great scientist. Another chance. I saw a film about Hawking's life, "The Theory of Everything,". I think his spirit and pursuit of the universe are very inspiring to the young students of the present age. As one of the greatest scientists of our age, Professor Hawking's life is undoubtedly successful, and his research will continue to be realized by his students. I believe he will continue his exploration in some unknown world. Only here to express his condolences to Professor Hawking. Future Dr.Yang

我们会记住您,记住您的不屈精神和对整个世界的贡献 王夏

下一次,我希望你能开出永不凋谢的希望之花送给我 叶伟鸿

You are such a brilliant person in the world. It is said that the real death is that no one in the world remembers you. Your contributions and your spirit will have a huge impact on every generation. Thank you. May your soul rest in peace. Penghuijie

Have a good dream. Don't worry. Meixuan Li

您的伟大无需我赘述,生前早已远近驰名。我写下这些文字,只是为了寄托我的哀思 ,与您同生一个时代,我有幸荣焉。
再见,教授 杨柳

愿天堂有你爱的一切,也愿人间你爱的一切能够好好的 贾莉

I'm a junior high student from China, and my dream job is being a scientist like Professor Hawking. When I read A Brief History of Time two years ago, I had this dream.And I tried to work hard to study at Cam one day because I wanted to meet Professor Hawking, but now this is impossible. However, I still thank Professor Hawking for letting me find out who I want to be. He is a great man. Hope Professor Hawking can have fun in the other space.一路走好,愿你在另一方宇宙过得安好 DioneChen

Rest in peace Stephen, you were an inspiration to all of us here in Australia and around the world. Not just for the work you did, but as a human surpassing the challenges life threw at you. May your example shine a light on all of us. My heartfelt condolences to your family and friends. Thank you for everything you shared with us all. Andrew Green

I am very sorry to hear that! The dead cannot be resurrected, don't be so sad, you should use the performance of the spirit of the deceased to comfort him. Liuyuer

My father worked at Caius for over 30 years and I grew up to stories of this amazing man whose intelligence was out of this world but despite having a disability always defined himself by his work, his passions and never by what he couldn't do. The stories of his humour, toes being run over and him zooming around Cambridge always made me laugh when I was young and his words have always inspired me as I've grown up. Thank you for being my hero Professor Hawking, you always will be and I send all my love to your family and friends. You might not have believed in the after life but I'm still going to think of you as the brightest star every night regardless. Michelle Davey

My dearest condolences for family and all close to Mr. Hawking. For me he made the facinating universe understandable. I will always be gratefull for that! Christina Illes-Meinema (the Netherlands)

His disability forced him to be sparing with words, so he developed an amazing concise lucidity we should all aspire to when trying to explain difficult matters. He said once 'If you learn to explain things to others you may find you understand them yourself'. Brilliant! Perhaps now God understands the Universe, too! Mr Chris Heron

You are the wealth of mankind. Yanxia Young

Ground: Hello Steve, we all miss you already, please come back and show your smile again.
Steve: Take care of all my friends, the old time of mine was laid to rest, I just begin a new one of the universe. Chen Jie

Thank you Mr.Hawking. It is you who lead me into the fantastic physics world. Johnson Tau


Sometimes when I look at the sky, I know you are there. Yun

Thank you very much for all the contributions you made in human history. We are proud of you and we all hope you will get peace in another world. Love. Shiqi Wang

Requiescat in pace, Professor Hawking. Greatest physicist of this era whose death is a loss of all of us. Dai (Edith) Shiyu

Stephen, you are someone who is truly remarkable and shall never be forgotten. Your work is admirable, your wit incredible but most importantly your endurance during times of trouble is what motivates me every single day of my life, because I know that you would want that for me and everyone. Rest In Science. Gabriel Blanco

谢谢你教授  当人们遥望星空的时候 我们会想起你  再见 魏翔宇

Dr. Stephen Hawking has inspired the entire world with his work. In fact, reading about his story was able to help me through certain hard times. He will be very missed. Condolences to his family, and colleagues. Michael Morco

Remembering his wonderful soul will forever remain in our hearts. May he rest in peace! Lee Jooyee

Rest In Peace Mr Hawking. Thank you! Stella Chan

Thank you so much for your achievements and contributions for mankind ... you will be missed. Bryan Bilven

It would not be much of a universe if it wasn’t home to the people you love. Antonia

人类群星闪耀时 他为万千星辰意 归去来兮 离开地球也是回归宇宙 他本属星辰大海 只是遗憾再也没有一个智慧有趣的老人陪我们探索宇宙 天国快乐抑或好久不见. 库熠徽

R.I.P fabulous Stephen, you have shown that life is precious and to savour every moment. Sally Clark

I’m sorry to hear this but I believe you didn’t leave the world but you fly to the universe as micromaterial. Dan Feng

Thank you, for your A Brief History of Time. Junfeng Luo

即使一生被禁锢在轮椅上,您对这个世界,依然像一个孩童般热爱,您的热情与坚持,就是我最大的动力,谢谢您 Xiaoyu

Tonight the stars seem brighter than before. A pupil

Jesse Cheung

World never will be the same after such a loss. Rest in peace, great man. Aleksandra Szpejankowska

 谢谢您,霍金,在您的短暂的生命最后时光里,您的所言所想,留给人类宝贵的财富 Lidan

In my mind, Professor Stephen Hawking is the the smartest person in the word and the most respected physicist in modern times. Even if always suffering from illness, he still maintained the strongest curiosity in the universe of physics. We love him and mourn him, but we will not stop our steps to explore the mysteries of the universe. Li Xuejian

祝您星際旅行開心,一路走好 李正

I hope God bless you. Yuan Luming

霍金先生,很遗憾听到您已经仙去的消息,但我们知道您对世界做的伟大贡献一直都被铭记,希望一路走好! 汪培

亲爱的霍金先生,我从小都一直很崇拜您,听到这个惨痛的消息的时候我真的不敢相信,谢谢您为人类做出这么杰出的贡献,我会永远记住您的话和您的事迹,您属于宇宙和星辰,我也会认认真真的学习,但愿天堂没有痛苦,您辛苦了,我会一直想念您 蒋瑞

You gave us a dream. Space, here I come! Jason Chang

Hawking is a rare scientist. I saw A Brief History of Time. At a moment, he resumed his normal athletic ability (imaginary) to stand up from a wheelchair and pick up a pen dropped by a girl who listened to the lecture. That's an unforgettable scene. A person who has really experienced a lot can have such a tender feeling. If you go to another universe, please be tender like you always were. Thank you for your instructions. Surein

May the force be with you. Leucippus

而你却坐在宇宙尽头俯瞰万物理论 裘晟宇


It is so lucky for me to live in same era. Rest In Peace, Professor Hawking. Baoqin Wu

Always hoped I could meet you when I got to Cambridge. I will arrive in September, but you are not there any longer. R.I.P Professor Hawking, we will miss you. Tianyi Yao

马誉轩 China

R.I.P Rose Chen

“You taught me the courage of stars before you left.
How light carries on endlessly, even after death.
With shortness of breath, you explained the infinite.
How rare and beautiful it is to even exist.”
Sleeping at Last -[Saturn]
谢谢您。Grinner Cao 

Thank you for leading me to keep go forward with your persistent spirit. Vivian He

Professor Stephen Hawking, wish you have a great journey in another universe without suffering any sickness and sadness. You are the shiniest star in the galaxy. The world will remember you today and forever. Chao Peng

Funny that D. J. Trump just announced interest in space marines, I deem that you were just summoned to explore the infinity and beyond. And, you are now privy to any new earth-shaking answers about the universe. Thank you for shining a light in the darkness, now you are reborn stardust once again. Joyce Zhu

You were a remarkable individual.  Thank you for opening my eyes. Tim Taylor

Because of you I never gave up. Thankyou. Maria Garner 

致以深深的哀思 罗佳辉

An inspiration on every conceivable level - It may be hundreds of years before we fully prove his theories and in that respect he will sit alongside Einstein and others. How privileged have we been to bear witness to him, his life and his intellect - Rest with your cosmos Stephen. Nick Phillips

Deeply inspired by you Mr. Hawking. You will be a bright star in the sky. Tom Yow

I am not a Physics student, yet this whole information took me a whole day to accept. Maybe people like me cannot tell how great Professor Hawking is in academic terms, but what I do know is that Professor Hawking, no matter when, will always be remembered as the most famous scientist since Einstein, as well as a optimistic person, a humorous person who was always curious about everything and never forgot why he started, a person who loved life so much. I am among the millions who were, and always will be inspired by him. My deepest condolences to Professor Hawking’s family. He has never left us and he will never leave us. He only went to space to celebrate Einstein’s birthday. He can learn so much about the space he loved now. Mavis Zhang

Dear Professor
You have departed from this strange world a little ahead of us. Today 15/03/2018 in Syria is the teacher's day. Therefore, we wish you a nice time on your way to meet Sir Isaac Newton, Sir James Clerk Maxwell, Professor Albert Einstein to tell them what has been achieved after them.
Yours sincerely.
Your loyal student who could not meet you but he does believe he will do that. Mohamad Alkhateeb, Syria - Damascus

Such a sad loss - a great man and a great Caian. We had the privilege of hearing Professor Hawking speak in the College in 1989. RIP in the stars. Ian and Sue Gault  

Dear Professor Hawking,
You have been an inspiration not only to those around you but even to us in the educational sphere in Hong Kong. Thank you for the rich knowledge you have given the world and may you rest in peace. Rachelle Lam 

Not only you changed the way we think about time and space,  you also were an extraordinary human being and a example of resilience.. you'll be missed. Gracias! Margarita Cuesta 

The world is a darker place for his passing, but the many he inspired will follow him and the knowledge will become all the greater for it. Nick Grantham

Go Professor Stephen Hawking, flying through "Black Hole" like trillions of light speed with Big Bang! Prof Dr HKK Yeo

Thank you to Stephen who challenged accepted theories and gave a broader view of the workings of the Universe. All this while dealing with his own fragile body. You always will be a great among scientists. Richard Spencer 

I was an undergraduate at Caius from 1981-1984 & had the pleasure of meeting Professor Hawking several times. His loss is tragic to the college, the scientific community, the world but most of all to his loved ones. Anne Tully 

Prof Hawking, RIP. Your contributions towards physics and mathematics will always be remembered by all scientists and mathematicians in the world. Your spirit and perseverance will always be a role model for all students. Kho Thong Liang

I will look up the sky, RIP. Marian Dirkzwager 

Thank you for the infinite inspiration to explore our cosmos. Your brilliant mind made our world and our universe a less mysterious place. It was a wonderful time to have u alive in this era. We will always celebrate you. You will forever rest with the stars! Rest In Peace Stephen Hawking. Kedi Wagobera Edgar

What a personality...hate that deepest condolences & RIP. Vicky Kumar Gupta from India

좋은 곳으로 가시길 이규태

I deeply mourn the passing of this extraordinary human being. What a life he had..definitely a wake up call for everyone. Juan

It was an honour to meet you especially as you did not plan your conversations! Enjoy your freedom. M V Bright

Stephen Hawking was one of the few people of our age who will be remembered for centuries to come. At a time of pervasive hyperbole, he was a genuine icon, a hero and an inspiration who became a personification of scientific genius in much the same way as Einstein. He was a role model not just because of his brilliant mind, but also his humanity, his compassion, and his indomitable spirit which soared despite his physical limitations. He was, in short, a true star, and our universe is less bright without him. Chris Town

A terrible loss to Caius, Cambridge and the Cosmos. I remember occasional sightings of the Professor en route to Hall, and have always felt proud to have a collegiate link to such a great individual. Requiescat in pace. Jason Saunders (1992)

May you fly above the stars and be free. Trish Van Dalen

Happy trails, Starman. Maria-Luisa June

My deepest condolences to his family, college fellows and friends. His work and his memory will last long after him, maybe that's "Hawking radiation". Edward Ebden 

Because of you and your work, I love looking up at the night sky and trying to take in the sheer beauty of our small patch in the vast cosmos. It reminds me how insignificant, yet incredibly lucky I am to even have existed at all. Thank you, Professor Hawking. x Andrew Reeve

It was a privilege to meet you on several occasions. Your passion to make even the most difficult questions approachable inspired me to be a scientist. Brielle C Stark

As a Caius undergraduate I remember Stephen being pushed in his wheelchair to the old Cavendish Laboratories. Later as a Physics/Astronomy teacher he was an inspiration to students at a time when my subject was struggling to recruit them to A-level. His lectures were a model of simple explanation punctuated with wicked humour. He undoubtedly changed the non-scientists view of the world with his popular books and he represents the best of humanity. Richard Field (MA Cantab. FRAS)

I am very sad to hear of Professor Hawking's passing. I feel honoured to say that Stephen Hawking was one of my maths supervisors when I was at Caius in 1970. This was before he used a voice synthesizer. We learned to understand what he was saying but did most of the talking with Stephen making lucid and apposite comments where necessary. I am sure that all Caians are very sad at the news but proud of what he achieved in his long and successful life. Joel Cliff

A truly remarkable and inspirational man who will be greatly missed. RIP Stargazer. Lyndon Baker 

Thank you for showing us to look beyond ourselves and see the stars. Alice Oates

You have been a constant source of inspiration and strength throughout my career. Your courage and determination to overcome MND and not let it get in the way of both life and work has been incredibly powerful. The scientific community and wider world is poorer for you loss. RIP. Dr. Andrew Sharff

John Mathews

Thank you for everything my friend Stephen. Haridimos Papadimitropoulos

Wai Kwok

An inspiration to all. Sadly missed. Ray Sutherland

A truly inspirational man who had the guts not to give up. Humanity will miss you. Rest in Peace. Ross Spencer

My sister Wendy also lost her battle with MND. A new star in the heavens tonight, as Stephen Hawking leaves behind this earthly realm. Our deepest condolences to his family and his colleagues. His genius will live on. Gaylene McDonald

Deeply sorry to hear of your death - you inspired so many. Newton said he saw further by standing on the shoulders of giants: future generations will see you as one of the giants. John Draper

Thank you for interesting me in science at a young age, a brilliant man with a brilliant mind. M Bailey

Thank you for inspiring me to always look up and not down. Thank you. Ethan Que

It has been an honour to live in the "Hawking's age" - a true genius. To think what more he could have achieved. Philip Raymond MIET

As a researcher, I honour Prof. Hawking's researches and academic achievements; as a human, I admire his perseverance in perfecting his work, pushing the boundaries of his field and the strong will in surviving regardless of his body condition. RIP Sir. Jackie C.

It is with great sadness that I noted the passing away of Professor Stephen Hawking who was a legend during his lifetime. As a Fellow of Gonville & Caius College during 1990-1994, I was fortunate to interact with this great person on countless occasions, and on each occasion, he has inspired and impressed me - by incisive comments, gestures, passion for life and the aura of an electric presence. I remember all the discussion we had during lunches and dinners at Caius High Table, and other places during the summer months.
He took special interest in me, probably because I lived (for one year) in his house at 6 Little St Mary's Lane before moving to Lord Rutherford’s house. I'll cherish for my life this distinguished opportunity. I have many treasured memories of living at 6 Little St Mary's Lane. As an example, one morning I was working in my study on the second floor when I heard a commotion and many voices on the ground floor. When I came down, there were cameras, people, filming... a lady climbing up and down through the stairs...  when I asked her (probably the director of the short film to be made) what she was doing, she told me that somewhere she had heard that Prof Hawking used to measure the progression of the disease by seeing the extent of the stair he could climb...  so she was trying the stairs by herself to get a direct feeling about the imagined process.  My mind was not on the examination of the historical authenticity of the endeavour, but it got filled with a pride about Prof Hawking and about the university where living legends live and thrive.
One day I may be able to put together all such personal memories - not just the intellectual and scientific achievement of a man whose h-index currently stands at 125 about which no doubt countless people will comment - memories of the direct and intangible influence that the sheer presence of a man like Stephen Hawking creates on the lives of ordinary Cantabrigians like me.
Although the death may not have been unexpected, Stephen Hawking has been an inspiration in adversities and this makes the loss particularly poignant.
His life has been a celebration. Undoubtedly his life and work will continue to inspire countless people around the world.
May his soul rest in peace. Prof. Abhijit Guha

Such a great and inspirational man. Another black hole just opened in the universe. Goodby and Rest In Peace. Terry Cartlidge

You were an inspiration for generations, and will be for future ones. You lived your life to the fullest, leaving no place for doubt. You questioned everything, and that made you great. We will remember you for centuries. Mauro Maximiliano Grossi

Professor Stephen Hawking with the power of mind and imagination has managed to have wings to see the impossible. I just want to tell you from Cambridge that I'm sorry about Professor Hawking's death and I can only say that you continue with your legacy and your work of knowing the universe. Live Hawking, live Cambridge, live science, live the teacher's eternal legacy Stephen Hawking. Vinícius

So sad to hear of Stephen Hawking's passing. He seemed capable of going on for ever. His work will. My sympathy to all his family who can be very proud of the way he conducted himself under such terrible conditions. John Cribb PhD Caius 1963-65

El mundo ha perdido a una mente increíblemente brillante y aun extraordinario ser humano...te veremos en las estrellas, profesor Stephen Hawking. Cristina Duarte

My deepest condolences to his family, Colleges, and plethora of associates and friends. A truly cosmic and inspirational man, worthy of lasting praise, repute and honour. His legacy as a true Lucasian and Companion of Honour will endure. RIP Dr Frederick Price MBE  MA (Oxf) MSc MBA PhD 

Dear Professor,
I think of ‘Salmon fishing in the Yemen’ when I feel life is struggling. You’ll be remembered. Rest in peace. X. Jing

Dear Professor Hawking,
I was so fortunate to be a physics student at Caius when you were around. Your work and tenacity had greatly inspired and encouraged me to pursue my career in physics, at the same time, helping the public understand and appreciate science. I hope there will be more and more of us who follow your footsteps in contributing to the wider society through intellectual pursues. Your story will live and inspire generations. We will miss you.
Your fellow Caian physicist, Kitty

The world has lost one of its most curious, and most brilliant minds. Stephen Hawking was an inspiration to the world and as pure a symbol as possible for the endurance of the human spirit. Stephen has now returned to the Cosmos. Darryl Cooper

You were a great inspiration to us, someone who despite his physical condition was able to defy the odds and become an extraordinary human being who showed us all that studying the cosmos can be interesting and clever, intelligent people are funny too. You will be missed. May you rest in peace. Gladys Moreno Sanchez & Oscar Alvarez

Goodbye to a truly inspirational man who lived through disabilities that would have held many back yet he shone like a light for so many. His amazing mind and what he brought to so many defies all odds. He will be sorely missed but will continue to live on in our lives and universe. Thank you for bringing your great work so that we may know more about the universe we live in. God Bless. Shirley Huggett

Professor Hawking inspired my autistic special interest in cosmology. He is the inspiration for my deep curiosity about space and the world around me. His (albeit unknowing) contribution really enriched my life and I cannot thank him enough for this. He had such a fantastic sense of humour. My deepest condolences go out to his family, friends, colleagues and everyone who knew him. He was a truly amazing man, you were incredibly lucky to know and love him. Jeannette (Boe) Dahlia-Harvey

So inspirational & making science so accessible. My two boys (11 & 5) loved you on The Big Bang Theory and it’s the first place they encountered you. My eldest son loves science because of inspirational people like you. Thank you for all you’ve done, making science fun and taking the mickey out of yourself. May you rest in peace and dance with the angels in God’s garden xxxx Kim Phan

You will be the brightest star in our universe. Thank you for sharing with the world your amazing views. You leave behind your own black hole that will never be filled by another human. Lynne Paul

Robert Baker-Glenn

An inspirational man on so many levels. RIP Andrea Eason

Rest in peace Stephen, now your mind and spirit can wander the cosmos free of the encumbrance of illness. Thoughts, prayers and condolences to your family. What a tragic loss to the world. Stuart Rayner

I saw you a few times in Cambridge. You were a real inspiration! Look at the stars and not at your feet. R.I.P StephenTanya Blakelock

The world will miss him but he is now free of the body he was trapped in. No words can really convey at such a desperately sad time. Shelagh Muir

You have been an inspiration for people of all generations, with different conditions and taught the world not to give up. Deepest Condolences and the universe will miss you! Rest in Peace! Samiul Haque

Sending my condolences...  To someone who has inspired a generation of scientists, engineers, technicians and anyone else who has and continues to dream.  Rest in Peace... Kenneth Wagner

Professor Hawking was an embodiment of resilience and Hope. RIP Ayodeji Awoyele

Rest in Peace. Lionel Mann

You have advanced the natural human inquiring mind by articulating and popularizing that fact. Labied Razzaq

A great person and an inspirational figure for many young scientists has left this earth. Wish his departed soul rest in peace. Binod Shrestha 

"Humility, Virtue and Honor" Noelia C. (Spain)

A remarkable man who changed the way we viewed disabilities as well as his incredible scientific work. RIP. Charles Joint

Will be missed. #42. Russell Smith

Truly a brilliant mind that has changed our world and our understanding of our vast universe. His loss will be felt long into the future for all humanity. #RIP Stephen Hawking 1942-2018. Erick McVicker

I was deeply saddened by the news of Prof. Stephen Hawking passing. My heartfelt condolences to the family. During my student's days in Nottingham, I’ve been to Cambridge three times only for a short visit. I love the City very much. Then, I learned about Prof Stephen Hawking from a friend and watched the movie ‘the theory of everything’ and read his autobiography book ‘Stephen Hawking - my brief history’. There’s something special about his unique character attracted me. Be strong, positive, kind, loving, humble, travel, read (learn), funny, curious and many more. 14.3.2018 Prof. Stephen Hawking is gone but all his hard work in academic field and knowledge contribution in Science will be remembered forever. Rest in Peace Professor. With Love from Malaysia. Izatul N. Muktar

My condolence to the family members. Thanks for being to Physics what Grothendieck was to the algebras. Thanks. Peter De Ceuster

Rest in peace Professor Hawking. You inspired so many people and you will continue to inspire so many more. The world has lost one of its greatest minds and you will be missed. Sophie

You've gone through so much in your life Stephen and like everyone else, I think, it was such a shock to find that you died this morning. RIP Professor Stephen William Hawking, 8th January 1942 - 18th March 2018. Jake Ashworth

Today the world has lost one of the greatest persons of all times. Not only a peerless scientist, but also a sage. His contribution shaped our era. Farewell dear professor, may your spirit continue to fly free in the depths of space where he already roamed before. Michele Simone

Farewell to an extraordinary and truly inspirational person. Ian Watson

Thank you for allowing us to share the view from your shoulders, as you glimpsed the view from the lofty heights of the giants that came before. You now take your place among them, well earned and so deserved. Katherine Condren

So sorry to hear about your loss. May you now rest in peace and my thoughts are with your family. It's a very sad loss for Cambridge. Now the queen should reward you with a knighthood so surely deserved. RIP. Mrs Rosemary Sadler 

Professor Hawking was a big part of the reason I chose to come up to Caius to read Mathematics and an inspiration for me. I'll never forget seeing him at college at a buffet supper fending off questions from fellow freshers (talking about you, Lucy!) about finding girlfriends at Oxford or speaking at the University about the big questions of the universe. Wish I could be there to sign the book in person. Cade Roux, Caius '89

Rest in peace Prof. Hawking. Tadej Rajtmajer

​All the best, wherever you are. Andrea

R.I.P Professor Stephen Hawking, you will be missed around the world and in Cambridge. Mr Jame Phillips

You truly were and will continue to be an inspiration. Walk among the stars, always. Abigail Thompson

Had the pleasure of meeting Stephen in 2014 at his office in Cambridge. Our company made the cushions Stephen laid on for his daily massage. He spoke about the price of his sofa and was also very funny too. What an inspiration, truly remarkable man who never gave in to bodily restrictions and should be awarded the highest level of honour by the Queen. Glenn Ward

Rest in peace. You were an inspiration to us all. You will be very sadly missed. Have fun amongst the stars. Jan Macgregor 

Professor Hawking was and is an inspiration to us and our 2 sons. Adrian and Kieron were educated in Cambridge. Worked at Heffers bookshop in the holidays.. Would occasionally see the Professor. Wherever you are now Sir, be whole and happy. David and Monica Devey

​No matter what you believe about who created the universe, we can all agree Stephen Hawking helped us to understand it, his mind was a black hole itself full of information and theories half of us will never understand. His intelligent humour will forever live on. Callie