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Meet our Schools Liaison Officer

My name is Rebecca Bradley - I'm the Schools Liaison Officer at Caius. My role here is to build and strengthen links between the College and schools in our link areas in order to encourage talented students from all backgrounds to consider Cambridge as an option for their university education.

Having grown up in the North West of England, where I was entirely state school educated and the first in my family to even consider going to university, I understand first-hand how daunting the application process can be – let alone when applying to an institution such as the University of Cambridge. I was lucky enough to earn a place at Homerton College, Cambridge where I read Law, but before starting I never expected to actually find a place for myself within the University; like many, I considered it an institution that was entirely out of my league. Yet, somehow, I found exactly that, and if I can find a home within Cambridge then I know that many others out there can also.

Within my role as Schools Liaison Officer I therefore want to work hard to give students of absolutely all backgrounds a real sense of what Cambridge is looking for and what it can offer them. I am happy to visit schools to deliver talks and presentations on a variety of areas – from applying to University generally, to providing workshops, to speaking specifically about Cambridge and its application procedure. Equally, I can host visits to the College itself; providing college tours, delivering presentations and potentially arranging visits to University departments and museums.

My goal is to de-mystify the applications procedure and the world of Cambridge University in general. There is no set ‘type’ of applicant that we are looking for; there is no need to have come from a certain social-economic or educational background and nor does anyone have to fit into a certain ‘mould’. We are looking for people who are simply enthusiastic about learning, passionate about their course and who have the intellect and drive to succeed. Please do use the ‘Working with Schools’ pages on the website for further information, including finding out where our ‘Linked Areas’ are and for submitting requests for visits. For any more general queries please email

I am eager to reach out to, and build links with, as many schools as possible within Caius’ link areas and am particularly enthusiastic to hear from schools who we may have never had contact with before, so please do get in touch!