The Anthems of Charles Wood Volume I

Catalogue no: PRCD 754

Price: £13.00 (including postage and packaging)

This recording contains anthems principally concerned with the season from Easter to Trinity, and its sequel will focus more on those for the period Advent to Lent and Passiontide. The order has been chosen simply as one that aims to provide variety and contrast, and the organ works that break up the vocal compositions are all taken from Wood’s Sixteen Preludes for the Organ, published in 1912 under the editorship of Stanford.

1. O thou sweetest source
 2. O most merciful
 3. Prelude: Psalm 23
 4. O Lord, rebuke me not
 5. O Lord that seest from yon starry height
 6. Prelude: Martyrs
 7. Jesu, the very thought is sweet
 8. Sunlight all golden
 9. Prelude: Old 132nd
 10. True love’s the gift
 11. God omnipotent reigneth
 12. I will call upon God
 13. Prelude: York Tune
 14. O King most high
 15. The earth trembled
 16. I am risen
 17. This is the day
 18. Prelude: Old 104th
 19. Expectans expectavi
 20. Haec dies
 21. Prelude: Old 136th
 22. Ascension Hymn
 23. ’Tis the day of Resurrection

The Choir of Gonville and Caius sings with fresh tone, a clean style and reliable intonation. We look forward to Volume 2.


The presentation could hardly be bettered; the choir sings with fervour and rich tonal blending, the recording is excellent.

The Penguin Guide to Compact Discs and DVDs (2003/4)


 The Choir of Gonville and Caius sing with fresh tone, a clean style and reliable intonation.  We look forward toVolume 2.

Gramophone, September 2001


Dedicated and expressive performances.

Music and Vision (, May 2001


This music is enhanced by the superb singing of the Caius Choir which displays the work of their collegiate predecessor in the best possible light (I particularly enjoyed the controlled high singing of the sopranos in O Lord rebuke me not, being pure in tone and absolutely in tune).  I look forward to the appearance of Volume Two.

Cathedral Music 2001


The performances are very pleasing - the Choir of Gonville & Caius College are obviously a well-drilled and dedicated group.

Classical Source (, 2001