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Caius rugby Cuppers final 2017There are opportunities for both men's and women's rugby at Caius.

Gonville & Caius Rugby Club is one of the College's major sports clubs, with more than 30 members playing and training regularly in the men's squad and the women's offering a great place to learn the sport or develop existing skills. We accommodate all ranges of abilities and have a mix of all years including several graduate students. The College regularly has players representing University teams.

The team has improved considerably over the past few seasons and is now one of the strongest amongst the Colleges. As well as being established in the top division of College rugby, the College reached the final of the prestigious inter-collegiate ‘Cuppers’ competition in both 2017 and 2014 (the 2017 final against St John's is pictured on the right; image by Imran Marashli/Varsity). We also organise a very well attended old boys' game and run a tour at the end of Lent term. The last two trips have seen us go to Madrid and Edinburgh respectively.

Our women's team warmly welcomes beginners to the sport - we team up with Queens' College as women's rugby is still developing in Cambridge, and by getting together we can build strong squads. However, there is now an inter-college league and the sport is developing fast for women. We are also one of Caius’ most successful sporting clubs. Last year, our team won the college league, and the joint Queens-Caius team had strong representation at University rugby level, with three varsity players, two for blues and one for seconds.

University rugby at Cambridge is played at a very high standard, with the Varsity match for men and women played at Twickenham every December.

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