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Graduate accommodation


Caius provides rooms in College houses for all graduate students for up to three years, where possible. The majority of graduate students choose to stay in college accommodation during their course and enjoy the benefits of sharing a house with other members of the graduate community. Caius graduate houses are mainly located together in our Harvey Road campus, just a short bike ride from the main College site and convenient for many departments including the world-famous biomedical campus on the Addenbrooke's site. Further information for Caius graduate applicants is available here: Accommodation Timeline 2020Accommodation FAQ

Our shared houses feature spacious and well-equipped communal kitchens and we've just refurbished the MCR (the graduate common rooms), opened in September 2016. The new MCR is equipped with a new TV (used regularly by the popular MCR film club), new furniture, a new coffee machine and pictures framed from the MCR photo competition (images in the gallery below).

Rooms are usually allocated for a year, from September to September. Continuing graduate students can choose their own rooms in their second and third years. It’s possible to choose to stay in your first-year room, but this cannot be guaranteed. Rents are charged according to room size but approximate sizes and prices for this year (2020-21) are:

Extra Large 25.5m² – 31.5m²  c £715 per month;

Large  20.5 - 25.5m² – c £684 per month
Medium 15.5-20.5m² – c £644 per month;
Small <15.5m²  –          c £587 per month;
Extra small <10.5m²  – c £549 per month

Rents are inclusive of all bills, excluding Television Licence. Each room is priced individually so variants will occur.

Accommodation for couples and families

We do our best to meet the needs of graduates with partners and families. Six new flats in Alice Cheng House, a picturesque spot right next to the Boat House on the river Cam, are available to Caius students. Take a look at the photographs in the gallery below.

We also have eight flats and two self-contained houses on the Harvey Road campus (kitchens and bedrooms pictured in the gallery below). One further flat is located in the West Road campus, making it ideal for those based at the West Site or the Sidgwick Site.

Please also check out details of the Caius nursery, which offers priority places for children of Caius students and staff.

Computing facilities

All student rooms are networked so you can connect to the internet and university network. Wifi is available in all public areas of the College, and computers, printers, photocopiers and scanners are available in the College library and computer rooms.

A sample Accommodation Licence can be found here.

Caius has adopted the ANUK (Accreditation Network UK) Code of Practice for the management of student housing.