Set Upon the Rood

Catalogue no: DCD34154  

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This CD of new music for choir and ancient instruments features seven richly conceived new pieces and four members of the European Music Archaeology Project: Piper Barnaby Brown, who joined the choir for In Praise of St Columba, the lyre-player Bill Taylor and ancient brass specialists John and Patrick Kenny who introduce the listener to the mysterious sound-world of the Carnyx.

"Suddenly sound and music exist in a single sonic continuum and the effect is exhilarating – both ancient and fundamental but undeniably modern... This is a disc that will leave you bewildered in the best possible way, assaulted and seduced by deeply unfamiliar sounds." Gramophone


1 Noli Pater James MacMillan (b. 1959)
2-7 The Deer's Cry John Kenny (b. 1957)
8 Cantata Stuart MacRae (b. 1976)
9 Crux fidelis Bill Taylor (b. 1957)
10 Cantemus Francis Grier (b. 1955)
11 Iste Confessor Stevie Wishart (b. 1959)
12 Set Upon the Rood Stephen Bick (b. 1993)