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Campaign FAQs

Why do our students want to participate in the College’s fundraising campaign?

Students give many reasons for choosing to become ambassadors for the College’s development campaign. Most significantly, they want to give something back to the College. They understand the importance of our campaigns, and the direct impact that your donations have on their educational experience. They are paid for their time and given free accommodation and meals during their shifts. This allows them to stay in College over the vacation, to make use of the Library and other resources for their studies. Furthermore, they acquire valuable skills, which help to prepare them for their future careers. The campaign is a fun and sociable environment, and appeals to students who wish to feel closer to the Caian community. 


Why does the College need to fundraise?

Quite simply the income from students’ fees does not cover the cost of their education. Undergraduate fees (currently £9,250 per annum) have remained largely static for the last six years, whilst inflation (CPI) has increased 7.4%. We no longer receive direct funding from the government and maintenance grants are a thing of the past. In order to protect Caius’ high standard of teaching and small group supervisions, the College has to make up this shortfall from investment income and donations. Each year the Caius Fund raises £600,000, which provides vital income for our essential operations; student support, teaching, research and buildings and collections. Without regular contributions from our donors, we cannot cover the cost of the Cambridge education, our world-leading research and teaching staff.


Can I choose which project my gift will support?

You can specify where your gift is allocated and the person you speak to will be able to give you more information on our specific funds. Alternatively, if you are happy to allow the College to apply your donation to the area of greatest priority, you can do this by opting to give to General Support.

Can I choose how much I give and for how long?

You can choose the amount, frequency and length of your gift. You can also cancel, amend or increase your donations at any time, simply by contacting the Development Office. 

Can I make my gift over the phone?

We are always grateful to those who choose to make a gift to the College during their call. It is quick and easy to make a gift over the phone. Our students can accept gifts by direct debit or by credit card directly over the telephone. The campaign uses the same platform as the College’s online gift form and is therefore just as secure. Calls from the campaign will show as originating from this number +44 (0)1223 763 088, but if you are worried that the call might not be genuinely from the College, you can contact Catherine Quinn on +44 (0)1223 332 393 and she can reschedule your call.


Can I opt out of a campaign?

We hope you will choose to accept the call and engage with our students on the understanding that there is no obligation to make a gift. However, you will always be contacted before a campaign and be given the option to 'opt out'. Please let us know if you are happy to be contacted in future years. You can opt out by contacting Catherine Quinn at, or by writing to Gonville & Caius College, Trinity Street, CB2 1TA.


If you would like to support the campaign, but do not wish to speak with anyone or are unavailable during our calling times, you can make a gift by using our online gift form or by contacting Catherine as above.