Romaria: Choral Music from Brazil

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'Romaria', a word suggesting pilgrimage, crowds, and processions, evokes much of what is special and distinctive about modern Brazil - its mix of people, its extraordinary vibrancy, its faith. 

This survey of modern Brazilian choral music reflects all of these qualities, as well as the natural wonders of this amazing land. This recording comprises sacred and secular works dating from the 1950s through to the present, in a programme developed in conjunction with experts from the University of Sao Paulo's music department. This collaboration also led to the reconstruction of the rainforest soundtrack that originally accompanied Henrique de Curitiba's inventive and unusual piece Metaphors.

'You may not have realised your life lacked a disc of modern Brazilian choral music, complete with rainforest soundtrack and talk of hummingbirds, alligators, pollution and clothes-washing. This enchanting album may convince you otherwise. Everything [the choir does] merits our attention, especially this' The Observer

1 Metaphors Henrique de Curitiba
2-6 Carimbó (Folksong Suite - excerpts) Folksongs from Pará, arr. Ernst Mahle
7 Romaria Osvaldo Lacerda
8 Jubiabá  Carlos A. Pinto Fonseca
9-11 Antiquae Preces Christianae Ernani Aguiar
12 Cor dulce, cor amabile Heitor Villa-Lobos
13 Oráculo J. A. de Almeida Prado
14 Ave-Maria Cláudio Santoro
15 Moreninha se eu te pedisse Folksong from South-East Brazil, arr. M. A. da Silva Ramos
16 Ismália Nibaldo Araneda
17-21 Missa breve sobre ritmos populares brasileiros Aylton Escobar
22 Magnificat-Alleluia Heitor Villa-Lobos