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Counselling and welfare provision within the College

There are many people you can talk to at Caius if you need advice, support or help, no matter what the issue.

The Tutors

Each student is allocated a Tutor - a member of the academic staff whom you can go to with any concerns, whether to do with your academic work or any other aspect of your life. You can also choose to another tutor, for example you might specifically wish to see a male or female tutor, and there is always a designated duty tutor available outside normal hours.

The GCSU/MCR Welfare Team

The College's student union (GCSU) has a range of welfare officers who are trained to offer support and advice. The GCSU Welfare Officer can be contacted by email at, while the MCR Welfare Officer can be reached at The LGBT+ officer can be contacted at

The Peer Support Team

The Peer Support Initiative is coordinated by staff at the University Counselling Service. A peer supporter is not a counsellor but is a student (graduate or undergraduate) trained to know when referral to a counsellor or other help would be appropriate. 

The College Nurse

The College Nurse, Natasha Kear, is available to help with any problems which are causing concern or distress, whether major or minor. She is based in the College's own Health Centre, located in the Old Courts. 

The Dean

The Dean, the Revd Dr Cally Hammond, has an open door for confidential help and counsel of any kind, guidance on matters of Christian faith, enquiries about confirmation and vocation, and confession.