Charles Gounod: Sacred Choral Works

​Catalogue no: CRC 2848

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This recording, containing only a small fraction of the corpus, does not attempt to provide an anthology or representative sample of his work, but rather focuses on his small-scale sacred choral works, including several which feature soprano soloist, Joanna Burton.


1. O salutaris hostia in A flat for soprano solo, choir and organ (Chants sacrés 1876-8)
2. Regina caeli (5 vv; Chants sacrés)
3. Le Vendredi-Saint (4-6 vv; 1865)
4. O salutaris hostia in E flat (4-6 vv; Missa angeli custodes, 1873)
5. There is a greenhill far away, arr. for soprano solo, choir and organ by John E. West (1914)
6. Ave verum in E flat for choir and organ (Chants sacrés)
7. Miserere mei Deus for solo quartet, semi-chorus, choir and organ ad. lib. (1880)
8. Prière du Soire (4-6 vv; 1866)
9. Ave Maria Bach/Gounod arr. for soprano and violin solo by Henry Leslie (1873)
10. D’un coeur qui t’aime (double choir; 1851)
11. O salutaris hostia in C arr. for soprano & violin solo, choir and organ by Geoffrey Webber (2005)
12. Offertorium for organ solo (1876)
13. Per sanctissimam virginitatem for equal voices (Chants sacrés)
14. O salutaris hostia in E flat for equal voices (Chants sacrés)
15. From thy love as a Father for soprano solo, choir and organ (The Redemption, as published in The  Musical Times 1886)