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Events and helpful resources


Here at Caius we host various events throughout the year – from our annual Women in Economics Day to various subject days and lectures – and we are excited to build up our events programme further. You can read about a few of our annual events below. 


Caius BME Conference - 10 July 

Our BME (Black and Minority Ethnic) Conference gives attendees the chance to gain a true insight into what studying at Cambridge – and at Caius – is like. Last year, 60 students attended the conference; they reported they had enjoyed their time with us and felt much more confident and comfortable in applying to Cambridge. The day includes information and advice on applying to Cambridge, and – most importantly – an opportunity to meet and talk with current undergraduate students. This free event is open to Year 12 students attending state schools and sixth forms within our link areas. 

We are pleased to announce that the BME Conference that was cancelled in March due to the Coronavirus pandemic, will be taking place virtually on Friday 10 July. All sixthformers who were due to attend the cancelled conference will receive an invitation to the event.


Caius Medicine Access Day

In January 2020, we welcomed aspiring Medicine students into College, for a day aimed at demystifying the application process and providing an insight into life as a Medicine student at University. Students on the day got to hear from current students, as well as attend mini supervision sessions and a sample lecture from one of our Directors of Studies, Dr James Fraser. This free event was open to Year 12 students attending state schools and sixth forms within our link areas. 

An article about the 2019 event can be found here:


Women in Economics Day

We were delighted to host the fifth Women in Economics Day on 25 September 2019. This free event was aimed at female students in year 12 and 13 who are interested in economics, whether or not they are studying economics at A-Level. 

This year's theme was 'How Women Made the West Rich', outlining how bringing women and their bodies into economic discussions can transform the way we think about the big questions economists face: Why are some countries rich and so many others still poor? Why has inequality been on the rise in certain Western countries? What is the appropriate balance between the state and the market? And why are economies prone to boom and bust? 

An article about the event can be found here:


Helpful resources


Supra-curricular activities

Strong applicants to Oxbridge and other competitive universities have often explored their chosen subject through wider reading and enrichment work outside of their A-Level studies.  Here are some great places to find resources for supra-curricular activities:


Useful links and further information