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What will I pay?

All UK universities charge fees, but Cambridge has one of the most extensive bursary schemes available at any UK university, both for home and overseas students. We are committed to the principle that no UK student should be prevented from studying here for financial reasons. We also - unlike most universities - offer accommodation throughout your time at Caius, which makes your costs easier to plan.

Whichever university you choose, there are two costs that you'll need to consider - the cost of your tuition and your living costs.

Tuition fees

As at most English universities, the tuition fee for UK and EU students studying for their first undergraduate degree at Cambridge is £9,250 per year for all courses. Cambridge offers an exceptional undergraduate education and experience and we represent incredibly good value for money. No UK or EU student has to pay undergraduate tuition fees upfront or while they are studying.  Instead, they can take out a government student loan that defers all payments until after they have graduated and are earning over £21,000 per year. More details about tuition fees for UK and EU students are available on the University website

For students applying from outside the EU, arrangements are different. Full details of international fees and bursaries are available on the University website.

Privately-funded students are required to pay for each year's tuition fees, a term's rent and other fixed charges in advance.

Overseas students must also pay the College fee, which will be £8,617 for the 2017-18 academic year. Home/EU students are not affected – the University pays for the College fee of any student who is eligible for public funding (ie all Home/EU students, regardless of whether they take out a loan or not).

Living costs

Your personal costs will of course depend on your lifestyle, but the University estimates that most students spend approximately £8,960 on their living expenses and social life each year. The provision of reasonably-priced, high-quality, accommodation to all our undergraduates throughout their courses, together with excellent dining and social facilities within Caius and the wider University, mean that you really can keep costs down. On top of this, students are provided with world-class libraries, IT facilities and support for their research. 

The Cambridge Bursary Scheme offers an unlimited number of bursaries to UK and EU students. These bursaries are a 'gift' and, unlike student loans, do not need to be paid back. This generous bursary scheme aims to ensure that students can meet the cost of their Cambridge education, regardless of background. Students will automatically be assessed for the Cambridge bursary when applying for the government loan.

Details of financial support for students from outside the EU are available on the University website.

Once students are admitted, we ensure that they are given the academic and personal support necessary for successful completion of their course at Cambridge. If students do find themselves facing unforeseen financial difficulties, tutorial support and advice will be given. Hardship support may also be given to students in genuine need.

Costs at Caius

The charges paid by Caius undergraduates in the current academic year are listed here. You will pay rent, which is dependent on which room you have. Freshers are given a choice from three rent price bands, and from the second year rooms are chosen by students, with a ballot deciding priority.

Establishment Charge - This fee is your contribution to the College's overall fixed costs. Most Colleges charge such a fee, although some call it a Kitchen Fixed Charge.

Minimum Dining Requirement (MDR) - We strongly believe in the value of members of the College eating together regularly, so we set a minimum number of meals (a three-course dinner in the evening in Hall) you pay for in College per term, of which some can be used for guests.

Insurance - All undergraduates are charged an insurance premium of around £11 in Michaelmas Term. This covers your belongings, including bicycles, for the full academic year.