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Gonville Research Studentship

The College intends to award at least one Gonville Research Studentship per year.  These awards will be for one year in the first instance, with the possibility of renewal for a further two years if pursuing a doctoral degree and subject to satisfactory progress in the first year. Gonville studentships are funded through the generosity of benefactors and alumni of the college. Candidates for either Master's courses or a PhD in any subject (other than clinical courses or professional courses such as the MBA) and of any nationality are eligible to apply, but priority will be given to candidates aiming to carry out research leading to a PhD. The studentships will cover University and College fees and will include a maintenance allowance.

The final value of the Studentship will be determined after consideration of the successful candidate's income from other sources. Students are expected to apply for national or international studentships or other research awards for which they may be eligible, for example, awards from the Cambridge Trusts or CISS (Cambridge International Scholarships).

Candidates will be expected to be of outstanding academic ability. Tenure of a studentship is conditional upon the elected student being accepted for admission to the University by the Board of Graduate Studies (BGS) and to have named Caius as their college of first choice. Candidates must also complete a studentship application form: pdf document or word document. Preference is given to those who put Caius as their first choice college.

The award of a studentship may be conditional upon the candidate's obtaining satisfactory results in his or her final degree examinations. All successful candidates will have the right, if unmarried, to live in College accommodation in the first year of residence and for up to three years, if registered for a Ph.D. Married students can usually be accommodated in a College flat.

The completed form should reach the Admissions Office by 1 March of the year in which it is proposed to begin study, by e-mail to: