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Darlington Studentships

The Council of Gonville & Caius College invite applications for Richard Darlington Studentships. These studentships have been endowed by the family of Richard Darlington and are intended to help gifted students from Somaliland universities to undertake advanced work at Cambridge. They are open to candidates who are not already members of the College but who propose to register as postgraduate students in the University of Cambridge and follow an approved Master's postgraduate course.  Students wishing to apply for a second BA may also be considered.

The value of the Studentship will be determined after considering successful candidates' income from any other sources. Students will be expected to apply for national or international studentships or other research awards for which they may be eligible, for example, awards from the Cambridge Trusts or CISS (Cambridge International Scholarships).

Tenure of a studentship is conditional upon the elected Student having been accepted by the Board of Graduate Studies (BGS) for admission to the University. Candidates must be graduates of any university in Somaliland by the time they intend to take up their award. They will be expected to be of outstanding academic ability.

The award of a studentship may be conditional upon the candidate's obtaining satisfactory results in his or her final degree examinations.

All applicants must make a separate application to the Board of Postgraduate Studies. Deadlines for receipt of applications are different for each programme of study. Please consult the relevant Faculty website for these deadlines. You must apply to BOTH the Board of Graduate Studies AND complete the application form for the Darlington Studentship.  Candidates who wish to apply for a second BA should apply for undergraduate admission in the usual way.

Both applications must be completed before consideration for the Darlington Studentship. A Darlington Studentship will only be confirmed once the successful candidate has been offered a place at the University of Cambridge.

The completed form (pdf) and references should reach the Postgraduate Administrator by 31 March of the year in which you intend to begin study, by e-mail to: In awarding the Studentship, first consideration will be given to candidates who nominate Gonville & Caius College as their College of first preference in their application to the Board of Graduate Studies.

Richard Darlington and the Gacmadheere Scholarship Fund

Richard R. Darlington was born on 9 January 1919. He was educated at Harrow, and came up to Gonville & Caius in 1938 to study the Geographical Tripos, though his studies were interrupted by the WWII, and he therefore took his BA degree in 1948. He was an officer in the Somaliland Protectorate’s contingent that fought in Burma during WWII. Admiring the bravery and culture of the Somalis in Burma, Darlington decided to settle in Somaliland after the war and switched his career to education. He spent most of his working life in that country. He started his educational mission as the first headmaster of the Amoud Secondary School, where he stayed some time before he was asked to run the then newly built Sheikh Secondary School, and is regarded as having turned them into some of the finest secondary schools in the region. He was awarded the MBE in 1956 and the OBE in 1962. He was regarded with enormous affection by many Somalis, who gave him the nickname 'Gacmadheere'. He left Somaliland for Wales in 1971, just two years after the coup d’état staged by Siad Barre, and died in April 2007.

During his lifetime Mr Darlington contributed to an account with the Charities Aid Foundation and the Executors of his Will were authorised to determine an appropriate way to distribute the proceeds of this account. They decided that the funds should be used to assist with the education of students from Somaliland.