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Dr Tom McClelland

  • College positions:

    External Director of Studies in Philosophy

  • University positions:

    Lecturer in Philosophy

  • Subject:


Philosophy BA (Clare College, University of Cambridge), Philosophy MA (University of York), Philosophy PhD (University of Sussex)


Research interests 

My research covers a range of topics in philosophy of mind, psychology, metaphysics, aesthetics and the philosophy of business. Right now I’m focussing on how the skills we acquire alter our perception and guide our action. I’m particularly interested in what this means for our perception of artworks. This builds on my recent work about ‘affordances for mental action’.


Teaching interests

Besides topics in philosophy of mind, I teach in metaphysics and epistemology. I also teach in aesthetics with a special focus on philosophy of film.



What is Philosophy of Mind?, monograph forthcoming with Polity Press.

“Seeing the Forest for the Trees” forthcoming in Philosophy and the Mind Sciences.

“Suffering and Affordances for Mental Action” forthcoming in D. Bain, M. Brady and J. Corns (eds.) The Value of Suffering, Routledge Press.

“Self-Representationalism,” forthcoming in U. Kriegel (ed.) The Oxford Handbook of the Philosophy of Consciousness, Oxford University Press.

“Four Impediments to the Case for Mineness,” forthcoming in M. Guillot & M. García-Carpintero (eds.) Consciousness and the Sense of Mineness, Oxford University Press.

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Other interests

Woodland conservation, Cinema, Tottenham Hotspur