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Dr Simon Wolfgang Fuchs


Magister Artium (Eberhard Karls Universität, Tübingen), MA (Princeton University), PhD (Princeton University)

Research interests

I am interested in how the Islamic scholarly tradition is debated and negotiated in modern and contemporary Muslim societies. My research in particular revolves around the travel of ideas between the Middle East and South Asia, religious authority, sectarianism, the Islamic schools of law, and the relationship of Islam and science. Fieldwork over the last couple of years has led me to Pakistan, India, Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon. My work draws on materials in Arabic, Persian, and Urdu.



Proper Signposts for the Camp. The Reception of Classical Authorities in the Ǧihādī Manual al-ʿUmda fī Iʿdād al-ʿUdda (Würzburg: Ergon, 2011)

Simon Wolfgang Fuchs and Stephanie Garling (eds.), Religion in Diktatur und Demokratie – Zur Bedeutung von religiösen Werten, Praktiken und Institutionen in politischen Transformationsprozessen (The Role of Religion in Dictatorship and Democracy. Studies on the Importance of Religious Values, Practices, and Institutions during Political Transformations)(Berlin: Lit, 2011)

Peer-Reviewed Articles

“Third Wave Shiʿism: Sayyid ʿArif Husain al-Husaini and the Impact of the Iranian Revolution in Pakistan,” Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society 24,3 (2014): 493-510

“Failing Transnationally: Local Intersections of Science, Medicine, and Sectarianism in Modernist Shiʿi Writings,” Modern Asian Studies 48,2 (2014): 433-467

“Do Excellent Surgeons Make Miserable Exegetes? Negotiating the Sunni Tradition in the ǧihādī Camps,” Die Welt des Islams 53,2 (2013): 192-237

Ḥosayn ʿAlī Montaẓarī,“Religious Government and Human Rights (Ḥokūmat-e dīnī va ḥoqūq-e ensān),” trans. Simon Wolfgang Fuchs, Die Welt des Islams, 52,1 (2012): 69-102