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Dr Lisa Kattenberg

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    Research Fellow

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BA in History (University of Amsterdam), Research MA in History (University of Amsterdam), MA in History of Political Thought and Intellectual History (Queen Mary / UCL, University of London), PhD (University of Amsterdam)


Research interests

I am a historian of early modern political culture and ideas, with a special interest in the Spanish monarchy, the Low Countries and the Iberian Atlantic. My research has focused on reason of state, and I have been trying to find out how individuals negotiated the tension between political pragmatism and moral-religious principles in an empire under pressure, both in theory and in practice. I am also more generally interested in conflict and (intellectual) exchange within the Spanish empire, particularly the connections between the Dutch Revolt and the Chilean Arauco War.


Teaching interests

At the University of Amsterdam I have taught several undergraduate skills courses and seminars in early modern intellectual, cultural and world history. I was also involved in undergraduate counseling, supervised BA dissertations, and co-organized postgraduate workshops and a summer school on global intellectual history.


Awards and prizes 

Royal Holland Society of Sciences and Humanities: Keetje Hodshon Award for best doctoral thesis in history completed at a Dutch university during the past five years (2019)

Renaissance Society of America: RSA Newberry Fellowship (2019)

Amsterdam School for Historical Studies: ASH Valorisation Award for public history blog (2018)

Casa de Velázquez, Madrid: Ayuda específica para doctorados (2017)

Royal Dutch Institute in Rome: KNIR Research Fellowship (2015) and Hugenholtz Research Fellowship (2013)



Lisa Kattenberg, ‘The Free Slave. Morality, Neostoicism and Publishing Strategy in Emanuel d’Aranda’s Algiers and its Slavery, 1640-1682’, in: Mario Klarer, ed., Mediterranean Slavery and World Literature: Captivity Genres from Cervantes to Rousseau (London: Routledge 2019), pp. 152-172.

Lisa Kattenberg, ‘Military Rebellion and Reason of State. Pacification of Mutinies in the Habsburg Army of Flanders, 1599-1601’, BMGN-Low Countries Historical Review 131:2 (2016), pp. 3-21.

Rosanne Baars and Lisa Kattenberg, ‘“Het leezen van goede boeken, … is al te noodigen zaek”. Boekenbezit van Amsterdamse kunstenaars, 1650-1700’, Amstelodamum 101-3 (2014), pp. 22-38.

Lisa Kattenberg, ‘Moslims, “morale deuchden” en commercieel succes. Het slavernijverslag van Emanuel d’Aranda, 1640-1682’, De Zeventiende Eeuw 28-1 (2012), pp. 21-39.

Lisa Kattenberg, ‘Fadrique Furió Ceriol en het Spaanse denken over de Nederlandse Opstand, 1566-1573,’ Skript Historisch Tijdschrift 31-4 (2009), pp. 206-18.


Other interests

I am a singer, with a special interest in flamenco. Since 2005 I have been part of Calle Real, a flamenco choir that specializes in the traditional music of the Andalusian province Huelva. Although Calle Real is based in Amsterdam, from Cambridge I continue to be involved in projects and concerts.