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Julie Deane

  • College positions:

    Honorary Fellow

Studied Natural Sciences at Caius 1984-7. Pursued a successful career as an accountant, including eight-year period in Chicago.

In 1994, became Caius' first Development Officer, successfully laying the foundations on which others built following her departure in 1999. Also worked as Registrary (the first woman to do the job).

Worked again as an accountant and business consultant, before in 2008 founding The Cambridge Satchel Company. Begun on her kitchen table, the company had a turnover worldwide of £13 million per year by 2013, currently does business in 139 countries and is worth some £40 million.

Alongside running her own business, has become a nationally recognised spokeswoman for small businesses and entrepreneurs, recently leading a national committee reporting to the government on the challenges and opportunities for those who want to work for themselves. Continued this work reflecting on the challenges of modern entrepreneurship as entrepreneur in residence at the British Library through 2016.

Strongly supports British craft and small enterprise, and education and training. All her products are made in this country.