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Dr Thomas Simpson

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    Research Fellow

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BA (London School of Economics), MSc (London School of Economics), PhD (University of Cambridge)


Research and teaching

I completed my PhD at the University of Cambridge in 2015. My PhD research focused on frontier regions of British India during the nineteenth century and combined diverse approaches, including history of science, historical geography, and imperial history. I have published elements of this research in the Historical Journal and in a forthcoming edited volume, Visual Histories of India.

My current projects include writing edited volume chapters on ideas of human origins in nineteenth-century South Asia and on ideologies of governance and science during colonial expansion into north-eastern India. My future research will examine shifting spatial ideas and practices throughout the British Empire around the turn of the twentieth century, looking at mapping, border-making, and the birth of geopolitics.

My past and upcoming teaching and lecturing experience covers a wide range of topics in the History Faculty and the Department of History and Philosophy Science, including the history of early modern and modern empires, science in a global context during the nineteenth century, nationalism, intellectual history, and visual history.