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Dr Karenjit Clare

  • College positions:


    Director of Studies in Geography

    Undergraduate Tutor

  • Subject:


PhD (University of Cambridge)


My research interests lie in economic geography with a particular focus on work, employment and labour, gender, sociocultural economic geography, globalisation and global cities.

I have investigated creative labour in the ‘new’ economy and specifically in the contemporary UK advertising industry. I have explored how workers calculate, navigate and make sense of the labour market in which they are immersed and on the relationship between project forms of organisation and ‘new’ and ‘old’ forms of insecurity, risk, inequality and exploitation in this sector.

I am currently engaged in research on the 2012 Olympic site in East London examining gentrification, entrepreneurship and youth labour markets in the era of austerity.


My teaching and lecturing experience at the University of Cambridge, Oxford and Loughborough University covers a wide range of topics including:  understanding the economy, geographies of work, global migration, regional economic development, doing global research and global cities.