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Dr Carly Crouch


BA Religious Studies (Scripps College, California), PGDip Theology (University of Oxford), MPhil (University of Oxford), DPhil (University of Oxford), MA (Cantab), PGCHE (University of Nottingham).

Research interests

My research focuses on the intersection of theology, ethics, and community identities, with a historical focus on the social and intellectual world of ancient Israel and a contemporary interest in the relevance of this work for twenty-first century ethics. I am especially interested in integrating insights from other disciplines, such as anthropology, refugee studies, and postcolonial theory, into biblical studies.

My current research concerns the relationship between Israel and Judah, trying to understand the way that the biblical texts speak to and about these two entities. My long-term goal is to improve our understanding of the nature, origins, and history of Israel and Judah, and to do this by approaching the biblical and extra-biblical texts through an interdisciplinary lens: integrating textual analysis and archaeological data with social-scientific research on the construction and development of identity narratives in response to social and political change.



Crouch, C.L., 2016. Ethics. In: Barton, J., ed., The Hebrew Bible: A Critical Companion Princeton University Press. 338-355

Crouch, C.L. and Strine, C.A., 2013. Yahweh’s Battle against Chaos in Ezekiel: The Transformation of a Traditional Motif for a New Situation Journal of Biblical Literature. 132(4), 883-903

Crouch, C.L., 2014. The Making of Israel: Cultural Diversity in the Southern Levant and the Formation of Ethnic Identity in Deuteronomy Brill.

Crouch, C.L., 2014. Israel and the Assyrians: Deuteronomy, the Succession Treaty of Esarhaddon, and the Nature of Subversion Society of Biblical Literature.

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Other interests

I enjoy reading, cooking and yoga.