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Dr Carl Turner

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    Research Fellow

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BA/MMath in Mathematics, PhD in Theoretical Physics (University of Cambridge) 


Research interests

I am a member of the High Energy Physics group in DAMTP, where I study the mathematics and physics of strongly interacting matter systems. I have a particular interest in the Quantum Hall Effect and its generalizations, as well as anyonic phases of matter. I am also interested in field theory dualities.



I teach undergraduate Mathematics in the University, particularly third-year quantum mechanics and statistical physics courses, and second-year methods courses, and have done so enthusiastically for several years.



A full list of publications can be found here - a selection follows.
* Ð. Radičević, D. Tong and C. Turner, Non-Abelian 3d Bosonization and Quantum Hall States, JHEP 1612, 067 (2016)
* N. Dorey, D. Tong and C. Turner, A Matrix Model for WZW, JHEP 1608, 007 (2016)
* N. Doroud, D. Tong and C. Turner, On Superconformal Anyons, JHEP 1601, 138 (2016)
* D. Tong and C. Turner, Quantum Hall effect in supersymmetric Chern-Simons theories, Phys. Rev. B 92, no. 23, 235125 (2015)
* D. Tong and C. Turner, Quantum dynamics of supergravity on R^3 x S^1, JHEP 1412, 142 (2014)


Other interests

On the academic side of things, I have an interest in machine learning and its applications to creative (generative) tasks like musical composition. Outside of this, I am heavily involved in traditional folk music (playing, dancing and composing), and perform with several ceilidh bands, including local band Dancing Yew. I also enjoy walking, designing useful apps, photography and cooking.