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Daniela Dora


MA in German and English Literary Studies (Regensburg University)

Teaching certificate for German as a Foreign Language (Regensburg University)

Research interests

My research interests are tourism and travel literature, intercultural aspects of literature and gender studies.

In my PhD research at Ghent University and Luxembourg University, I examine the intricate interconnections between literary discourses and concepts of tourism. I am particularly interested in tourist ways of perceiving and writing about the world that manifest themselves as particular narrative strategies in the literary medium. I focus on 21st century German-speaking authors depicting travels to India such as Josef Winkler, Martin Mosebach, Ilija Trojanow, Hans Christoph Buch, and Felicitas Hoppe. Situated at the intersections of literary and socio-scientific discourses, my work follows a multi-perspectival theoretical approach, focusing on aspects of identity as well as social, cultural, ethnical and gender-specific differences.


As the DAAD Lector for German at Gonville & Caius College, I support students through supervisions and teach the courses “Use of German” and “German through Audio Visual Media”. 

In the past, I have (co-)organized several workshops on teaching German as a Foreign Language:

“A Compass for Teaching German” at the conference “Didactics of Tertiary Languages”, Antwerp University, Belgium 2014

“Travel Literature in German as a Foreign Language Teaching”, College of Higher Education VIVES, Bruges, Belgium, 22/10/2014

“The Fall of the Wall. Texts for Teaching German”, KANTL - Royal Academy for Dutch-speaking Linguistics and Literature, Ghent, Belgium, 02/04/2014

“Study day for German teachers” on travel literature in German as a Foreign Language, Saint-Louis University, Brussels, Belgium, 12/10/2015. 


Articles/book chapters

Dora, Daniela (2015): Die Word-Café-Methode im DaF-Unterricht. Beispiel eines Workshops für den Literaturunterricht. In: BGDV-Rundbrief: Fachzeitschrift für DaF und angewandte Linguistik, 27, pp. 3-18.

Dora, Daniela, H. Heimböckel, E. Kreutzer et al. (2016): Interkulturalität als Herausforderung. In: Interkulturelles Labor. Luxemburg im Spannungsfeld von Integration und Diversifikation. (Études luxembourgeoises/Luxemburg-Studien), Frankfurt a. M., pp. 202-222.

Dora, Daniela (2016): Reiseblogs im DaF-Literaturunterricht. Eine Unterrichtsanregung. In: BGDV-Rundbrief: Fachzeitschrift für DaF und angewandte Linguistik 28, pp. 21-32.

Dora, Daniela (2017): Pilger, Voyeure und Touristen Zum Verhältnis von Reisen und touristischer Praxis in Ilija Trojanows An den inneren Ufern Indiens. Eine Reise entlang des Ganges. In: Zeitschrift für interkulturelle Germanistik 8.1, pp. 75-90.

Dora, Daniela (2017): Der Erzähler als Tourist und Ethnograf. Ilija Trojanows literarische Reportagensammlung Der Sadhu an der Teufelswand. Reportagen aus einem anderen Indien. In: Germanistische Mitteilungen 43.1, pp. 75-92.

Dora, Daniela (2017): Die Suche nach einem anderen Indien. Antitouristische Abgrenzungsstrategien und Selbstkanonisierung in den Indientexten Ilija Trojanows. In: Hajo Diekmannshenke/Stefan Neuhaus/Uta Schaffers (ed.): (Off) The Beaten Track?: Normierungen und Kanonisierungen des Reisens, Würzburg. (forthcoming December 2017)

Edited books

Dora, Daniela, B. Paelman and C. De Pau (2013): Ich hätte eine Frage … Wortschatz, Redemittel und Grammatik. Gent.

Dora, Daniela (2015): BGDV-Rundbrief: Fachzeitschrift für DaF und angewandte Linguistik 27.

Other interests

I very much enjoy travelling, learning new languages, and cooking.