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Dr Anna Judson


  • BA (Hons) in Classics, University of Cambridge (2007-10)
  • MPhil in Classics, University of Cambridge (2011-12)
  • PhD in Classics, University of Cambridge (2012-16)
  • Thesis title: 'The Undeciphered Signs of Linear B'

Research interests

I am a member of the Faculty of Classics' Mycenaean Epigraphy Group, whose members specialise in studying the writing systems of Bronze Age Crete, Greece, and Cyprus.

My main research topic is the Linear B script, used to write Greek in the Mycenaean palaces of Crete and mainland Greece during the Late Bronze Age (c.1400-1200 BCE). I am particularly interested in the structure and development of the script itself, as well as the ways in which it was used by the scribes responsible for the Mycenaean palaces' administrative documents. My current research project focuses on analysing the Mycenaean scribes' writing practices (such as handwriting and spelling) in order to gain a better understanding of their work and interactions.


I currently supervise on a range of subjects within Classical Linguistics and Philology (Parts 1A, 1B, and II); I have also taught Greek language, unseen translation, literary practical criticism, and prose composition. I lecture for the Faculty of Classics on the epigraphy and interpretation of Linear B, the archaeological interpretation of the Mycenaean documents, and the introductory course for those studying Part IB classical linguistics.


Articles/book chapters

Palaeography, administration, and scribal training: a case-study’, in H. Landenius Enegren & M.-L. Nosch (eds), Aegean Scripts. Proceedings of the 14th International Colloquium on Mycenaean Studies, Copenhagen, 2-5 September 2015, Incunabula Graeca CV.I-II (Roma: CNR-ISMA, 2017)

The mystery of the Mycenaean “labyrinth”: the value of Linear B pu2 and related signs’, Studi Micenei ed Egeo-Anatolici Nuova Serie 3 (2017), pp.53-72

Processes of script adaptation and creation in Linear B: the evidence of the “extra” signs’, in P.M. Steele (ed.), Understanding Relations Between Scripts: the Aegean Writing Systems (Oxford: Oxbow Books, 2017) 

The Linear B inscribed stirrup jars, Kadmos 52:1, pp. 69-110 (2013) [DOI: 10.1515/kadmos-2013-0005]

Edited books

Excellence in Diversity: Visions and Values of Pembroke College,  Cambridge, since 1984 (ed., with M. Wirz, J. Tavener, R. Smith, C. Willaman, & P. Aske; Pembroke College, Cambridge, 2015)


CaLIBRA: Cambridge Linear B Research Archive online database (with T. Meißner and R.J.E. Thompson; University of Cambridge, 2017)

Other interests

I enjoy walking, ceilidh dancing, reading novels, and baking.

I also write about a range of topics relating (fairly broadly) to Classics, linguistics, and other interests on my blog, 'It's All Greek To Me' .