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Venn's diagram illuminated at light festival

  • 13 February 2017

The Great Gate at Caius is once again a focal point for the vibrant and playful celebration of light that is the e-Luminate Cambridge Festival. A Venn diagram created in coloured light and picked out by a constantly moving white spotlight is drawing visitors to peep within the gateway. The design is particularly appropriate since John Venn, designer of the classic diagram, was a student, Fellow, President and historian of Caius.

Equally fittingly, the installation has been created by a Caian lighting designer: Rob Mills of Light Motif. The lights inside the gate also pick out the memorial to Caian Francis Crick, joint-discoverer of the DNA molecule, that lies within.

This is the second year Caius has made its Waterhouse Building frontage a canvas for a playful e-Luminate transformation. For last year's festival, it was washed in a vivid pink light, with the Crick memorial boldly illuminated in purple.

The theme of this year's e-Luminate Cambridge festival is "play". The event also dramatically illuminates the College's immediate neighbours - the Senate House and King's College Chapel, as well as many other buildings and spaces around the city. This year's festival also includes for the first time an innovative conference in the Corn Exchange and Guildhalls.

Many thanks to Andrzej Bugajski for these images and video.



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