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Professor Peter Mandler appointed new Historical Association President

  • 05 May 2020

Professor Peter Mandler, Bailey College Lecturer in History, and Professor in Modern Cultural History, has recently been appointed President of the Historical Association.

The Historical Association (HA) is the UK’s voice of history, supporting teaching, learning and enjoyment of history at all levels. The HA believes history should be available and accessible to everyone; their plethora of print and digital publications bring together the latest guidance on teaching history in primary and secondary settings, and a network of branches around the country brings together members of the public to hear talks and lectures and discuss historical subjects. 

As President, Professor Mandler will support the HA as a Charity as well as being part of the governing body. It is a three-year term of office, starting later this year when the current President steps down.

Professor Mandler said about his appointment: “It would be daunting enough to take over from the much-loved Tony Badger under normal circumstances, but doubly so in the current crisis. Nevertheless, we historians take the long view and we can confidently predict that history and history education will be as much if not more in demand during and after the pandemic as before. There are opportunities to bring our sterling resources and our great communicators to wider audiences and by new means, and I look forward to working with the staff, the officers and the membership to make the most of those opportunities.”


Image: Peter Mandler, taken by Yao Liang