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First Tapp Scholarships awarded to undergraduates

  • 22 November 2018

Tapp Scholarships have been awarded to two talented undergraduate Law students at Caius.

Daniel Webb (middle) and Rita Lourenco Baiao Dias (second from the right), who started at Caius in October, impressed the College’s Law Fellows and the Admissions Tutors in the course of the Admissions process, winning an award of £4,000 per annum each. The scholarships will continue for each year in which the scholars take a Law Tripos examination, provided that they have made satisfactory academic process.

College Law Fellows Dr Rumiana Yotova and Dr Jens Scherpe jointly commented on the award, saying ‘We are pleased that we have awarded the Tapp Scholarships to Daniel and Rita this year. These scholarships make the exceptional education in Law at Caius available to all.’

The scholarships, which have been set up thanks to the generosity of the Tapp benefaction, support students studying Law at Caius. In 2017 two students supported by the Tapp Studentship – awarded to postgraduate Law students at Caius – won pupillages at a set of chambers amid tough competition.

Read more about the scholarships here.

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