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A day in the life of a Caius Medic

  • 15 November 2021

Gonville & Caius College has a strong medical tradition, with 25 undergraduates in each year group. Grace Amedor (Medicine 2019) shared a typical day in Michaelmas Term of her third year on the Caius College Instagram page, and it is reproduced here. Read more about Medicine on our subject pages.

A glass of milk, a laptop screen and a bread roll on a plate on a table under a window with striped curtains

Wake up @ 8.30am. I’m lucky enough to not have any 9ams this year! I’ve got two lectures today, so I’m pre-reading for them whilst having breakfast.

10.50am: and walking to the first lecture of the day along King’s Parade! All my lectures are easily within walking distance of my accommodation this year 

A laptop screen in a tiered lecture room, with a projector screen mounted on a wall

11am: and first lecture on Neural circuits and Behaviour. As a third-year medic, I’ve opted to major in Physiology, Development and Neuroscience (mainly neuroscience one)

Tree Court in Caius College

12.30pm: Back to College for my twice-termly tutor meeting. Each member of Caius College is given a tutor whose role is to help you with personal, welfare or financial support.

A person smiling with three bowls of food and a glass of water on a table

1pm: out to lunch with friends! 

Two computer screens on a desk as an online lecture is followed by a student

3pm: Time for my second lecture of the day on The Family. This is a module provided by Psychology which I have opted to take as a minor subject.

5.30pm: Now for some fun! Some friends and I head to play table tennis at Kelsey Kerridge Sports Centre

7.30pm: We’re back in College for our 'Formal Hall'. It’s basically a three-course meal that we have to wear our College gowns to

An academic paper on a laptop screen, with the laptop keyboard visible

9pm: Doing some wider reading based off today’s lectures. Can’t go without this in third year!


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