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Caius hosts lunch for College tenants

  • 25 May 2018

Family-run farms and businesses, charities and retailers were among those represented at the College’s traditional tenants’ lunch on Monday. Every two years, Gonville & Caius welcomes our tenants to College for a gathering to celebrate our continuing partnership, and provide them with an opportunity to meet with the Senior Bursar, Master and other key figures in College, as well the College’s agents Bidwells and other tenants.

The sun was shining for this year’s event which saw our tenants enjoy lunch and refreshments in the Master’s Lodge and attend a fascinating tour of the College’s archives, led by College Archivist James Cox. 

At the event, Senior Bursar Dr David Secher spoke about how Gonville & Caius’ working relationship with tenants goes back to the days of our second founder John Caius, and the importance of the College’s present-day partnerships with tenants.

Following a delicious lunch comprising of bowl food such as Pulled spring lamb “Shepherd’s Pie” and Antipasti Rigatoni, prepared by the Caius catering team, tenants joined senior members of College on a special tenants-themed tour of the College Archive. College Archivist James Cox presented a selection of records about our land including a farm in Duxford whose deeds date back to the 16th century, and photos of Rose Crescent from the 1800s; in addition to items about the College’s history and notable alumni such as William Harvey, a revolutionary physician who revealed the secrets of blood circulation, and Francis Crick, the co-discoverer of the structure of DNA.

Among those attending the event were the Phillips family who manage the Poplar Hill Farm in Fen Ditton. The family have been living and working on the estate for around 80 years, and were shown records linking their ancestors to the farm during the tour.

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