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Caian to lead Law Society in 120th year

  • 13 April 2021

Second year undergraduate Katie Adamson has been elected as President of the Cambridge University Law Society for 2021-22.

Katie will guide the Law Society in its 120th anniversary year – a landmark she is hoping to celebrate with an upcoming Garden Party, the Law Ball and as many in-person events as Covid permits.

The Law Society is one of Cambridge’s oldest and largest student societies, with around 1400 active members. The committee has 16 departments, ranging from Careers and Socials, to Foreign Affairs, Non-Law and Alumni. The society hosts weekly socials and networking events, renowned speakers, an exchange trip with European universities, pro bono work and ‘so much more’. Having been one of the Social Secretaries over the past year, Katie saw how valued socials and schemes to pick up morale were over the pandemic, and she is therefore establishing a new department for Welfare.

Katie is keen to point out that Law Soc offers opportunities which are not just for lawyers. She has friends in Medicine and the sciences who have joined, attending many of the events with her.

“The Law Society has a dual purpose: connecting people to their careers and connecting them to others in Cambridge,” says Katie, who was a Socials Freshers Rep in her first year and then Social Secretary in her second. She met many of her closest friends through the society.

My whole Cambridge experience has been defined by being a Caian and my involvement in the Law Society

“My whole Cambridge experience has been defined by being a Caian and my involvement in the Law Society,” she adds.

Katie grew up in Hertfordshire and is a first-generation university student. She was first encouraged to consider applying for Cambridge by her History teacher at school.

“I went to a state comprehensive, and Caius was our link college,” Katie says.

“The Schools’ Liaison Officer from Caius came to talk to my school, and I was already very interested in Cambridge by that point, but I couldn’t choose a college.

“I had done a few outreach summer schools – like the Trinity Law Residential, and Cambridge Sixth Form Law Conference – and on the Cambridge open day I went round all the colleges and Caius had really nice accommodation, but most importantly, I liked the people. Everyone I spoke to was really lovely, and I could see myself fitting in.

“Everyone really made the effort to speak to you, and the Law academics had specialities aligned to my interests. I realised then and, especially now, that the Caius Law community is very supportive; the approach they take to their students makes a huge difference.

“Everything slotted into place. I liked the people, I liked the location – the College is stunning – it was a good fit and a great vibe.”

Katie appreciates the academic aspect of the Cambridge Law degree, enjoying debating theory as much as applied law.

At the end of her first year, Katie was offered a Training Contract with Clifford Chance, a Magic Circle corporate law firm based in London. Having accepted, she will become a Trainee Solicitor with the firm after her time at Cambridge. To achieve this, Katie applied for their first year SPARK scheme during her first term of Cambridge and went through a rigorous interview process over that Christmas, which paid off.

She has been rewarded for her hard work, talent, and preparation, allowing her time to experience other elements of Cambridge, like now leading the Law Society.

Katie also enjoys being actively involved in College life, having been the Gonville & Caius Students’ Union Publicity Officer in 2020-21, and the Caius Politics Society Logistics Officer.

She adds: “Anyone has the potential to come to Cambridge. As soon as I began to consider it, I realised that it’s not off limits, you can achieve it if you put in enough work.”

Connect with Katie via LinkedIn

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