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Caian Law students win top pupillages amid tough competition

  • 15 May 2017

Four Caian law students have secured top pupillages amid fierce competition, setting them on the road to careers as barristers.

All three current students who applied for the prestigious positions were given offers of pupillages - the final formal training stage for barristers. Thomas Fairclough (2015) has accepted an offer at a London chambers; Jemima Love (2013) from Zenith Chambers in Leeds; and Alex Shattock (2014) from Landmark Chambers on Fleet Street, London. Andrew Brown (2015), a Caian who left with an LLM last year, has accepted pupillage at Crown Office Chambers in Inner Temple, London.

Caius is a well-known college for law, boasting world-class law fellows and - largely thanks to the WM Tapp Studentship - attracting talent from across the globe. Many who study law here wish to practise as a barrister and to do so must undertake pupillage at a set of chambers. There is strong competition to gain a pupillage, with only about 350 available in England. Often a chambers get several hundred applications for as few as two places.

All four Caians will be doing very different work: Jemima will be practising as a common law barrister with a focus on criminal law; Alex as a public and environmental law barrister; and Andrew and Thomas as mixed civil commercial barristers. In an odd Caius quirk all of them come from the same "College family" (the buddying system we use to help new students settle in). With Alex being father to Thomas and Andrew, and Jemima being Thomas’s daughter, this really is a very legal family!

Alex and Jemima are both supported in their studies by the Tapp Studentship; Alex is studying for a doctorate in public international law and Jemima for a LLM. Likewise, Thomas is funded by the University’s AHRC scholarship to do a PhD in administrative law. All three of them agree that the generous support of the College and University have substantially helped them in obtaining pupillage at excellent chambers.

The Tapp Trust generously supports law students in Caius. WM Tapp set up the trust 75 years ago to support Law students wishing to qualify at the bar or as solicitors.

Dr Pippa Rogerson, Director of Studies in Law at Caius, said: "I am very proud of the successes of Caius lawyers in obtaining pupillages this year. All Caian lawyers who applied obtained a pupillage and can now start their journey to become barristers. Caius students are fortunate to have generous support from the College's WM Tapp Trust to enter such a highly competitive career."

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