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Caian knowledge exchange expert addresses Japan conference

  • 15 December 2017

Caius Senior Bursar and Life Fellow Dr David Secher, an expert in technology transfer, this week addressed an international conference on boosting collaboration between universities and business.

Tthe 2017 Conference for Presidents/Vice-Presidents and Technology Transfer Officers of Universities and Research Institutions, held in Osaka, Japan, has the theme of ‘Creating an Enabling Intellectual Property (IP) Environment for Technology Development, Management and Commercialisation’. Its aim is to learn from commercialisation ecosystems around the world and involves speakers from the UK, USA and Singapore alongside those from Japan itself. 
Dr Secher addressed the conference on the topic of ‘The Role of Universities in National Innovation’ and joined panel sessions to discuss the Entrepreneurial University and the role of university management in technology transfer.
Dr Secher is a global ambassador for the UK’s world-leading knowledge exchange profession. In 2002, as Director of Research Services at University of Cambridge, he founded Praxis with Lita Nelsen, then Director of Technology Licensing at MIT, to provide specialised training for the emerging technology transfer profession in UK universities. Both continue their involvement as Patrons of PraxisAuril, which represents over 5,000 university business collaboration specialists working more than 200 universities and stakeholder organisations around the world.
The meeting is organised by the WIPO, Osaka Institute of Technology (OIT) and with the assistance of the Japan Patent Office (JPO).
PraxisAuril (formerly PraxisUnico) has trained over 595 international delegates over the last five years, in countries including: Singapore, Brazil, Bern (Switzerland), Egypt, India, Japan, Mexico, Malaysia, Chile, and Thailand, and trained 300 Chinese delegates in the first year of its 12-day programme.

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