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The Lovers' Well - Robin Holloway

The Lovers' Well Robin Holloway CD image

Catalogue no. DCD34216

​Price: £13.00 (including postage & packaging)

Words have lain at the heart of Robin Holloway's music throughout half a century of prolific composing. Released on the day of his seventy-fifth birthday, this album brings together six stellar performers - four of them associated with Caius College - in celebration of the lyrical and dramatic qualities of his abundant output, as well as its profound symbolism. The Lovers' Well draws on a cycle of poems by Geoffrey Hill whose themes - a Spanish castle, amorous longing, carnal guilt, a wound that will not heal - make it a dark brother to Souvenirs de Monsalvat, a 'waltz-synthesis on themes from Wagner's Parsifal'. Violence is barely contained by the formal games of A Medley of Nursery Rhymes and Conundrums, while radiant beauty imbues two works bringing together all four voices: a mini-cantata on couplets by John Ruskin and a partsong to words by Shelley.

1 The Zodiac Song
2-4 Three Songs to poems by Edward Waller
5-9 A Medley of Nursery Rhymes and Conundrums
10-17 Souvenirs de Monsalvat
18 The Lovers' Well
19 The Food of Love