Graduation dates

There are a number of opportunities each year for eligible candidates to graduate. Candidates who are suitably qualified by examination, residence and having discharged their College accounts may be admitted to their degrees at any Congregation of the Regent House. These are generally held on Fridays or Saturdays at roughly monthly intervals during term throughout the year. The dates for 2021-22 are:

Michaelmas Term (2021): 22 October, 7 November

Lent Term (2022): 29 January (in absence only), 26 February (in absence only), 25 March (MA only), 1 April (MA only)

Easter Term (2022): 29 April20 May

Long Vacation (2022): 22 July (recommended for Clinical Medics and Masters)

In addition to these ceremonies, which are open to all qualified graduands, the General Admission ceremony (which is only for MEng, MMath, MSci, VetMB, BA and BTh degrees) will take place from Wednesday 29 June 2022 to Saturday 2 July 2022. These are the biggest and busiest ceremonies of the year. You can find out much more about the graduation ceremony, practical matters, and entitlement to proceed to the MA degree on the University's website.

The exact timetable for the day is only published shortly before each ceremony and will be sent by email to all graduands who are receiving their degrees in person. 

Please note, due to the uncertainty of the COVID-19 impact on graduation ceremonies the dates and procedure of the event may change. We will try to make you aware of any changes as and when they occur.