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Degree certificates and academic transcripts

How does the University certify degrees?

Every graduate is given a degree certificate immediately after graduation in person, or by post after graduating in absence. Extra copies can be ordered from the records section of the University's administration at the Old Schools. Full lists of everyone graduating are handed out to guests at Congregations, and are also published subsequently in The Reporter.

How do I get a degree certificate?

Once you have been approved for a degree, it is necessary to graduate at a Congregation. These are held eight times a year, and people can graduate either in person or in absence. The certificate is handed directly to people who graduate in person, and posted to others within a week. You can wait as long as you like after completing a degree before graduating. Please note, however, you do not actually have the degree (and so should not use the title) until the Congregation.

Can I have a degree certificate before the graduation ceremony?

You can only graduate to a degree once, whether it is in person or in absence. You do not actually hold the degree until you have graduated, so there is no degree certificate that we could provide before then. Both Caius and the University can provide transcripts confirming that you are eligible for the degree as soon as you are qualified. Contact the Tutorial Office at Caius or the Students Records Section at the University Registry.

How do I obtain another certificate if I lose one?

To obtain duplicate certificates, you need to contact the Student Registry.

How do I obtain an academic transcript?

Both Caius and the University can provide transcripts. Contact the Tutorial Office for a transcript from Caius. Alternatively, have a look at the advice from the University.